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3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK Unlocked v3.7.835

3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator
App Name 3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator
Latest Version v.3.7.835
Last Updated
Publisher 3DTuning
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 108 MB
Mods Unlocked, unlimited money
Google Playstore

3.8 Rating (555) Votes

3.8 Rating (555 Votes )
Price: $ 0
300+ models with limitless customizations & car parts on 3D Tuning configurator!
    • Unlocked
    • unlimited money

A Car Enthusiast’s Dream: Pimp Your Ride in 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK

Are you an automotive lover who dreams of turning ordinary cars into performance beasts? Look no further than 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK, which provides endless possibilities for customizing and modifying vehicles to your heart’s content.

With its unlocked Premium version, you’ll have unlimited funds to experiment and bring your mechanical visions to life without restrictions.

Tuned for Total Control: Creative Freedom without Limits in the Modded Version

One of the best aspects of 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK is the complete control and customization it offers through its unlocked mod features. Gone are the limits of what you can do to transform everyday cars into dragstrip demons or show cars. With unlimited money accessible in the Premium modded version, money is no object so you can fully explore your imagination.

Whether you want to install the biggest turbo or swap in the most powerful engine, nothing is off-limits. You can spend hours perfecting every detail, from engine modifications to body kits to interior upgrades. The possibilities are endless for achieving that perfect build.

Modded for Power: Unleash Your Car’s Full Horsepower Potential

A major draw of the modded version is the limitless tuning capabilities it provides. 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK lets you completely optimize your car’s performance through modifications.

With its unlocked mod features, you can install the best aftermarket parts to squeeze every last ounce of power from your engine without worrying about costs. Push efficiency and output to the maximum by choosing the top-tier intake, exhaust, fuel system, and tuning upgrades.

Stack add-ons like multi-stage nitrous systems on top for face-melting acceleration. On the drag strip or highway pull, you’ll leave stock vehicles in the dust. Experience unadulterated speed without any money caps holding you back thanks to the mod’s unlimited funds.

Premium Paint & Body: A Canvas for Your Creativity

Of course, it’s not all about engine mods – you’ll also want your ride to stand out in a crowd visually. Here, the modded version of 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator truly shines, with its capacity for limitless creativity through body customization. Choose from a massive library of custom body kits, wide fenders, spoilers, hoods – you name it. Find rare, exclusive, and one-of-a-kind parts too difficult or expensive to acquire IRL.

Go wild mixing and matching styles until your design is uniquely your own. And don’t forget the most important part – picking the perfect paint color and applying show-quality graphics. Spend hours in the fully-featured paint booth layering custom designs. With the mod’s unlocked budget, money is no object so you can fulfill your wildest automotive art ambitions.

Modded Interior: Personalize the Ride’s Cockpit

While the external styling grabs attention, an equally important aspect is customizing the interior space to your liking. 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK lets you give the cockpit your own distinctive flair through unlocked mod features.

You have limitless funds to source the highest quality leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber, and custom trim materials. Build bespoke interiors with flashy displays, premium audio, roll cages, and more. Enjoy upgraded textures and realistic materials in the simulator’s graphics.

Fully immerse yourself behind the wheel of your dream ride. Leave no stone unturned as you craft the perfect niche detailing, from upholstery stitching to steering wheel design. Make each minute detail an expression of your personality.

Test on Realistic Tracks: Feel the Thrill of Driving Modded Machines

Not content with simply building unbelievable machines virtually, 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK provides true-to-life tracks to test drive your new creations. Put modified suspensions, brakes, and horsepower upgrades through their paces on winding road courses and famous circuits recreated in high fidelity.

Feel the G-forces firsthand on tracks from around the world. Challenge yourself against AI opponents, or swap paint with online rivals. Realistic force feedback transforms your mobile into a rumbling driver’s seat. Shift through enhanced transmissions while battling physics.

You’ll feel completely immersed in the adrenaline and speed thanks to this tuned for action game. Make adjustments and return to the pits for more seat time, all without spending actual cash.

Influential Creator Community: Share and Build Together

Beyond the walls of your own garage in 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK lies a thriving community. Browse an endless library of shared car builds for inspiration – and show off your creations too. Offer your designs up for feedback, and chat techniques with fellow gear heads and sim racers.

Join online clubs and participate in virtual events. Download special community creations not found elsewhere with credits earned through activity. Feel empowered to continuously evolve your skills through peer connections. Leave your mark as a car culture influencer and help spread a passion for the mod scene.

Download 3DTuning Car Game & Simulator Mod APK Android

  • New Legendary Classic Muscle Car! New Popular Modern HD Truck! More Challenges, Prizes & Rewards! Bug fixes & performance optimizations! We hope you will enjoy the update!

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