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Age of Apes
App Name Age of Apes
Latest Version v.0.61.0
Last Updated
Publisher tap4fun
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Strategy Strategy
Size 965 MB
Mods Speed Hack, No ads
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (389) Votes

4.5 Rating (389 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Select Monkey Warriors! Win This Brutal Banana War!
    • unlimited money
    • unlimited gems
    • no ads
    • unlimited coins
    • unlimited everything

Rise to Power – The Age of Apes Mod Unleashes Your Inner Ape King

Age of Apes is one of the most popular mobile strategy games, putting players in control of their very own ape tribe. Through careful resource management and strategic decision making, you must guide your simian colony to dominance over the rival animal kingdoms on your prehistoric island home. However, some restrictions in the default game can hamper your progress towards total victory. This is where the Age of Apes Mod APK comes in to remove all barriers so you can fulfill your destiny as the supreme ruler!

Unlimited Resources – Construct, Research and Conquer Without Limits

One key area the mod improves upon is granting boundless reserves of all in-game resources. As an ape chieftain, you’ll require steady supplies of foods like bananas and berries plus building materials like stone and wood to steadily expand your domain. Sadly, the official app caps how much you can hold at once. This modded version does away with such paltry limits to give you infinite riches. Read on below under detailed headings to learn more about these unlimited stacks and how they empower your simian sovereignty.

Unlimited Bananas for Nonstop Growth

As your apes’ primary food source and currency, bananas are vital for sustaining your growing kingdom. Normally, the game restricts your banana stockpile after a certain point. With this mod though, bananas become inexhaustible. Use them to boost construction speed on all projects, recruit scores of new apes, and much more without fear of running out. An endless banana reserve means limitless growth potential for your tribe.

Unlimited Berries to Nourish Your Expanding Empire

Berries provide ape colonies with crucial nutrients while also serving as a valuable trading commodity. But vanilla Age of Apes imposes caps on stored berries too. Not anymore – the mod makes berries an eternal resource stream. Combine massive banana and berry stockpiles to fuel explosive development, from placing new farms to unlocking potent research technologies. Nourish your empire’s growth without worry.

Unlimited Coins and Gems – Premium Resources Are Now Infinite

Of course, no mod would be complete without boundless amounts of premium currencies. Under the effects of this modified APK, coins, and gems transition from scarce commodities to overflowing reserves that can effortlessly purchase anything.
– Coins unlock all construction and upgrades instantly without delay.
– Gems remove the need for waiting on anything, from troop training to industry research.
– Boosts can run perpetually for round-the-clock productivity boosts.
With such riches, nothing can obstruct your uprising domination of the primitive landscape. Spend coins and gems like water as your kingdom expands exponentially.

Speed Hack and No Ads for Rapid Progression

Coupled with unlimited wealth, this mod turbocharges your development even further through its gameplay speed enhancement and ad removal features.

Speed Hack Accelerates Your Rise

Everything from troop movement to construction takes place at 3x normal speed. No more wasting hours waiting – your progress happens in mere minutes instead. Outpace all competitors in your quest for dominance.

No Ads for Uninterrupted Immersion

Additionally, say goodbye to those pesky advertisements forever. Remain absorbed in the leadership of your tribe without commercial breaks disrupting the flow. Fully immerse yourself in your campaign of simian rulership free of annoying ads.

Together, these speed and ad eliminations open the floodgates, empowering your civilization to boom and prosper at lightning pace. Nothing can slow the inevitable as you storm towards undisputed supremacy over the prehistoric terrain and its primitive occupants.

Reign Supreme as the Unfettered Ape Overlord

With all constraints obliterated by the mod and resources pouring in endlessly, you hold the keys to forging an empire unlike any seen before on the island. Construct mega-metropolises, unlock lost magic, and breed an unstoppable military machine. Spread your kingdom across the map while bringing all other animals to heel under your banana hoard.
Transform your visage into a legend that will frighten future generations of your subjects for ages to come. Rise from tribal chieftain to absolute overlord – the apex simian predator that nature solely intended for you to be from the very beginning. Now unfettered, unleash your unlimited evolutionary potential to its maximum and usher in a new Age of Apes!

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  • - New feature, Apex Clash. - New Fighter: Gustave the Arms Baron. Cunning and resourceful, this arms baron is the ultimate anti-hero!

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