Akinator Mod APK Paid For Free purchase v8.7.1

App Name Akinator
Latest Version v.8.7.1
Last Updated
Publisher Elokence SAS
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Entertainment Entertainment
Size 64 MB
Mods Paid for free, Free purchase
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (362) Votes

4.6 Rating (362 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of!
    • premium unlocked
    • no ads
    • vip
    • unlimited money
    • Paid for free

Discover The Secrets Of The Akinator Mod APK – Paid Features Unlocked for Free

The Akinator app is one of the most popular and well-known guessing games available on mobile, allowing players to have an AI assistant try and determine an object, person, or character that they are thinking of based on a series of yes or no questions. However, while the standard Akinator experience is enjoyable, it can become limiting after a while due to features like ads and in-app purchases.

That is where the Akinator Mod APK comes in. By using a modified version of the Akinator app that has been unlocked and enhanced, players can gain access to all premium features for free, with no ads or payment requirements. In this article, we will explore all the top mod features included in the Akinator Mod APK and how players can give their guessing game experience a major upgrade without spending a dime.

One of the biggest advantages of the Akinator Mod APK is that it removes all payment walls, allowing players to access all premium content and in-app purchases for free. With the standard Akinator app, trying to unlock features like removing ads requires either watching ads repeatedly or making real money in-app purchases. However, with the modded version, all of these limitations are removed.

Some key paid features that are automatically unlocked in the Akinator Mod APK include:

No Ads

Players will no longer be interrupted by ads after a set number of questions. They can focus completely on the guessing game.

Premium Filters

Exclusive filters normally only available to premium users like “Famous People”, “Anime”, and “Movies” are unlocked.

Unlimited Lives

The standard limit on the number of rounds is removed, allowing marathon guessing sessions.

Bonus Points

Huge stockpiles of in-game currency and bonus points that would cost real money to acquire otherwise.

Custom Avatars

Full access to custom character profiles and avatar customization options.

By unlocking all monetization and making the premium upgrades available upfront, the Akinator Mod APK gives players the full, unrestricted experience without any cost at all. It takes the popular guessing game to the next level.

No Advertisements of Any Kind

Another standout mod feature is the complete removal of all types of in-app ads from Akinator. With the regular app, players have to watch ads or make in-app purchases to disable interruptive pre-game ads and video ads. However, the modded Akinator eliminates this need since all ad modules have been disabled.

This includes ads between rounds of the guessing game, as pop-ups when unlocking new features, and video ads played before, during, or in between questions. No matter what stage of using the Akinator Mod APK players are at, they can be sure the experience will not be broken up by pop-ups trying to monetize their time with the app.

With ad networks and modules fully stripped out of the code, it makes for an incredibly seamless and distraction-free guessing game session each and every time. Players won’t have to keep forced closing videos or waiting out loading screens – they can have an uninterrupted flow focusing purely on stumping the AI player. The ad-free experience is one of the top advantages that makes the modded Akinator app so worthwhile.

Unlock VIP Status Permanently

Beyond removing monetization barriers, the Akinator Mod APK also directly boosts the player profile through an auto-unlocked permanent “VIP status”. In the standard app, VIP is a paid subscription level that provides various perks like exclusive in-game cosmetics and titles. However, with this mod, all users are immediately elevated to the top VIP tier of the community.

Specifically, players will see “VIP” prominently displayed on their profile page. They will also gain access to premium chat badges, special colored names, and exclusive character title tags to showcase their elite status. Achieving VIP legitimately through purchases normally costs real money on a recurring subscription, so this mod simplifies the process and makes you feel like the top dogs in the Akinator world without spending a penny.

It doesn’t just stop at the profile either. Permanent VIP mode also provides boosted gameplay perks like double bonus points for each round, additional hints from the AI, rare character profile designs unlocked, and periodic gifts sent directly to the account. Players truly feel treated like special patrons with all the ultimate mods unlocked for them from the get-go.

Unlimited Money and Resources

Along with unlocking premium features, the Akinator Mod APK makes sure players are never restricted by in-game money or currencies either. Modified values in the game files, basically give each user an unlimited budget to spend however they want. This includes massive stockpiles of both cash currencies plus bonus point systems that boost earnings.

Specifically, players can expect to see 50,000+ game cash and 1,000,000+ bonus points available in their wallets right from the moment they first launch the modded app. To put this into perspective, earning these amounts legitimately requires hours upon hours in the regular free-to-play economy system. But with these values boosted to the maximum, all resources are essentially unlocked for immediate access and spending.

What this allows is maximum flexibility for players to buy whatever virtual items or upgrades they want for their Akinator experience, without worrying about budgets. This includes things like premium character profiles normally locked behind paywalls, new chat themes and badges to collect, bonus hint tokens, and other boosts. Everything can now be purchased in bulk, giving you a truly unchained experience when customizing your profile. Never have to worry about being restricted by the standard in-game economy again with unlimited funds at your disposal thanks to the Akinator Mod APK.

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  • Minor bugs fixed

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