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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod APK Unlimited Money Unlocked v3.6.5

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
App Name Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
Latest Version v.3.6.5
Last Updated
Publisher Yodo1 Games
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Games Games
Size 911 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Unlocked, Plus, Mod Menu
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (273) Votes

4.2 Rating (273 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Epic ARBS Animal Battle in the Ultimate Beast Warfare Game!
    • ADD GOLD
    • ADD EXP
    • Unlock Underwater
    • Unlock all creatures
    • Unlimited summon
    • Unlimited Money
    • Unlocked Plus
    • Mod Menu
    • free shopping
    • unlocked everything

Unleash the Full Potential of Animal Battle Simulation with the Modded ARBS APK

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is one of the most popular mobile games in the creative animal battle simulation genre. Players train all sorts of different creatures and lead them into epic PvP battles. However, the default free-to-play version has some limitations that can hold players back. Fortunately, the modded ARBS APK takes the game to the next level by removing all restrictions. Read on to discover the immense power and endless possibilities that are unleashed when this critically-acclaimed title is modded.

Unlimited Gold and Experience for Ultimate Progression

One of the biggest frustrations for regular ARBS players is the slow pace of acquiring gold and experience points (XP) through normal gameplay. Grinding out resources can take an immense amount of time as a free-to-play player. The modded APK solves this issue completely with its “ADD GOLD” and “ADD EXP” features. With just a few taps in the mod menu, players can gain as much gold and XP as desired. No longer will progression be limited – players can power up their entire stable of animal armies at an unprecedented speed. Every creature can be maxed out immediately to take online multiplayer to its limit.

An Aquatic World Beyond Imagination

In the unmodified game, players are limited to battling on land. However, the modded version unlocks the “Underwater” mode with its “Unlock Underwater” option. Suddenly a whole new dimension of possibilities opens up. Mermaids, sharks, octopuses, and other sea creatures can now all be trained and commanded in strategic combat. Submarine bases, coral reef battlefields – the opportunities are endless. Combined with other mod powers, players can construct the most unique and diverse rosters ever seen online.

Recruit the Rarest of Animals

With the “Unlock all creatures” feature, every single rare and elusive animal is now joinable. Want a Yeti on your team? No problem. Maybe a flock of thunderbirds flying overhead raining destruction sounds more appealing. The mod menu allows free recruitment of even the rarest mythical beasts. Wildlife sanctuaries can be emptied of their most exotic residents. The online world will never be the same when players unleash the likes of unicorn death squads or dragons to burn opponents to cinders. Experimenting with absurd army compositions is part of the beauty of the modded experience.

Summon Endless Legions of Untamable Beasts

While it may seem chaotic, for true anarchy nothing beats the “Unlimited summon” ability. During the battle, hordes upon hordes of insane beasts can be called forth on demand. When victory seems assured, why stop at a hundred summons? Keep multiplying the ranks with fresh monsters until the screen is filled and the game starts to sputter under the load. Where others see only lag, the modder sees opportunity. With enough feral minions, even the highest-level players can be overrun through sheer numbers. It’s fair to call this one the “throw everything including the kitchen sink” approach to strategic animal combat.

Unfettered Access to Premium Content

Of course, ARBS being a free-to-play game means restricting some features behind a premium paywall. But mods remove all such limitations with ease. The “Unlocked Plus” feature grants full premium player perks without spending a dime of real money. That means weekly special creature bonuses, extra daily rewards, fancy decorations – all the standard enhancements are now accessible without limitation. Even cosmetic items like custom titles and skins become free pickings. No longer do modders have to compromise on style simply because they want to keep gameplay fair and optimized for fun.

Take Control with the Almighty Mod Menu

Truly, the most valuable addition for mod fans is the simple yet powerful “Mod Menu” which centralizes all command options. Gone are the days of hoping cheat codes or obscure glitches might adjust settings. Just a few taps unlock god mode options over nearly every system. Gold amount, creature stats, upgrade costs – all are plas able to be modified on the fly as desired. Mod battles can become complete role reversal experiments where the underpowered crush the overpowered through modifications between rounds. The menu adds an entirely new layer of customization over the default ruleset that makes every session uniquely modder-made.

Monetize Freely with Unlimited pretend currency

In terms of gameplay, few aspects can potentially frustrate as much as restrictions on spending or item unlock related to currency. The modified APK addresses this concern directly by including the ultimate resource boost – “Unlimited Money.” With infinite gold showered on their accounts, modders can freely spend away to their heart’s content without constraint. Unused items finally see real-world testing, and incomplete collections become maxed. Why deny oneself satisfaction based on virtual coins? True fun lies in abandoning such financial boundaries and going all out.

Unfettered by Roadblocks to Achievement

For others, the gradual nature of progression and work required to earn new ranks feels rewarding. But elite modders desire to cut straight to the apex. This is where the “free shopping” ability comes in handy, bypassing the need to grind battles and challenges. Any weapon, spell, or unit normally requiring high tiers to access can be instantly purchased and put into action. No time is wasted proving oneself in lower brackets when top-tier potency awaits just a click away. This approach allows fast pacing right into end-game level play style experimentation for an optimized modding experience focused solely on maximizing fun.

Keep Modded Fun Fair with Tactical Restrictions

Of course, fully unleashing god mode brings its own set of potential issues if used carelessly online. That’s why modders need tact and restraint to keep the scene fair and inviting. Features like “Unlocked Everything” require sensible limits, like banning oneself from official rankings that could spoil it for regular players. Instead, modded battles should focus on friendly experimentation and unexpected matchups for mutual entertainment value without stomping. Strategizing with unusual unit combos remains the right spirit over try-hard sweats. With consideration, mods keep ARBS endlessly customizable for all.

In conclusion, while Animal Revolt Battle Simulator offers much for vanilla players already, truly maximizing one’s enjoyment requires leveraging the potent yet responsible powers of a modded APK. From recruiting secret monsters to testing theoretical army compositions, limitations fade as wild new possibilities emerge.

By enhancing the systems instead of disrupting the scene, mods keep this tactical creature combat classic exceptionally fresh and customized long term. Downloading the modified version opens the gateway to personalizing battles beyond what the programmers ever intended – for complete control over fun with friends online.

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  • - Updated UI with improved navigation - New Skin Bundle: Valentine’s Day Bundle

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