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Antivirus - Cleaner + VPN
App Name Antivirus - Cleaner + VPN
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4.7 Rating (293) Votes

4.7 Rating (293 Votes )
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The Antivirus MOD APK offers premium virus protection features for free. This modified version of the popular antivirus app unlocks all paid features including real-time scanning, app lock, call blocker, and anti-theft options. Users can now enjoy a full-featured antivirus solution without any annoying ads or in-app purchases.
    • Premium Unlocked

Antivirus MOD APK: A Robust Malware Protection Platform

Combined with the premium protections unlocked via its Modded version, it’s easy to see why Android fans flock to this antivirus for complete mobile safety. With premium-tier features like real-time monitoring, app locking, content filtering and anti-theft tools – all made accessible for free through its modification – maximum security truly becomes effortless and affordable for all.

The Google Play Store lists many mobile security solutions promising antivirus and anti-malware capabilities. However, few can match the robust scanning databases and feature set included with the Antivirus MOD APK. With over 500 million downloads from users seeking malware removal and prevention, it has cemented itself as one of the top Android security choices worldwide.

Under the hood, comprehensive malware definitions and real-time monitoring engines work diligently without hampering performance. Its lightweight yet powerful continuous scanning protects user privacy, blocks malware intrusions and eliminates infection risks. Regular definition updates armed with the latest virus intelligence keep protection optimized against emerging online threats.

Antivirus App with Premium Unlocked MOD Features

Antivirus apps have become essential for Android devices to protect against malware, viruses, ransomware, and other cyber threats. However, many popular antivirus apps only offer basic security scanning and removal features for free, locking additional advanced protection behind a paywall.

Enter the Antivirus MOD APK – a modified version of the regular Antivirus app that unlocks all premium features for free. With the MOD installed, users gain access to the same virus definitions, malware databases, and protection capabilities as the paid version, without spending a dime.

Real-Time Scanning & App Lock

One of the standout premium features unlocked in the Antivirus MOD is real-time scanning. The regular free version only performs quick vulnerability checks during manual scans. But with real-time enabled, the app continuously monitors the device in the background for suspicious activities and newly installed apps in real-time.

The app lock is another useful MOD unlocked feature. It allows locking specific apps with a password, pattern, or fingerprint to prevent unauthorized access. Photos, contacts, messages, and other private data can be secured from prying eyes with app-level protection.

Advanced Call Blocking & Privacy Tools

Telephone numbers and contacts can be added to a call block list to stop unwanted calls and SMS. Categories like spam, fraud, and unknown callers are automatically rejected. Integrated anti-theft functions come in handy too, like remote device locking, GPS tracking, and device ringing even when silenced.

The Antivirus app already includes a robust malware database and regular definition updates. But the MOD takes privacy and online reputation monitoring to the next level. It rounds out protection with tools to scan URLs and check website safety before browsing. Identity monitoring helps detect personal data leaks across dark web forums.

Advanced Scanning & Repair Capabilities

Malware scanners are only as good as their detection engines and databases. The Antivirus app and MOD keep these updated daily for the latest threats. Scans are thorough, examining installed apps, downloaded files, external storage, and more for malware infections. Basic scans are fast while custom scans dive deeper.

For infected devices, the app offers repair options to automatically remove detected threats without user intervention. Quarantined files can be reviewed and optionally deleted. After scans, user education is provided on potential issues found and how to avoid future risks.

These are just some of the top premium mod features unlocked in the Antivirus MOD APK. With constant updates and optimizations to the modified version, users gain an unrestricted premium-like antivirus experience!

Antivirus MOD APK App Features

Real-Time Protection
As mentioned, real-time scanning runs continuously in the background to monitor for infections the moment they occur. This proactive approach is much stronger than only running manual scans.

Call Blocker
Nuisance calls will never be interrupted again with comprehensive call blocking and filtering of contacts. Different blocking categories make it easy to avoid unwanted calls and messages.

App Lock
Select apps can be locked behind passwords and biometrics for maximum privacy of sensitive data like photos, banking info, and social media accounts.

Anti-Theft Functions
Remote device controls allow finding, locking, and wiping a lost phone remotely. GPS tracking pinpoints the location to recover a stolen device.

Privacy Advisor
Keeps personal details secure by checking for online data leaks and monitoring the dark web for personal info appearing in hacker forums.

Malware Scanner
Thorough malware definitions and regular database updates find even stealthy infections other apps may miss. Infected files are automatically quarantined or removed.

App Permission Manager
Granular app permission controls help avoid privacy risks by reviewing and restricting unnecessary app access to features like contacts, cameras, storage, and more.

Undetectable MOD
The modified APK bypasses all antivirus detection while delivering premium-level protection. Regular releases keep up to date with OS changes to remain undetected.

Unlimited Premium Features
With all paid features unlocked like real-time scanning, app lock, call blocking, and GPS tracking – premium protection costs nothing at all!

In summary, the Antivirus MOD APK provides the full suite of advanced antivirus capabilities for totally free. Users gain ransomware protection, real-time monitoring, privacy tools, and more – all without any ads or in-app purchases. As one of the top antivirus apps on the Google Play Store with over 500 million downloads, its modified premium unlocked version is a no-brainer for maximizing device security on a budget.

Antivirus MOD APK: Real-Time Protection

As we covered earlier, one standout premium feature unlocked in the Antivirus MOD is real-time scanning. Running in the background continuously, it actively monitors the device the moment any new app is installed or activity occurs for known malware and security risks.

This level of constant protection is lightyears ahead of only running occasional manual quick scans as the free version offers. Real-time monitoring catches infections the instant they try to install, versus waiting until a user manually triggers a scan to possibly catch it.

While constant scanning may seem like it could impact performance or drain battery life, the developers have optimized efficiency. scans happen without lag or reduction in device usability. Background resource usage remains low so real-time protection is nonintrusive.

Real-time scanning works by continually checking all app installations, files downloaded, and external storage for signs of known infections. But it also watches for suspicious behaviors like unusual CPU usage, strange network traffic, or unauthorized access attempts.

If any risk is detected, a notification alert is displayed advising of the potential threat and requesting user action. Files can be automatically quarantined as a precaution too. With a fingerprint approved, issues are cleaned with a single tap.

This type of vigilant yet subtle real-time protection gives a continuous piece of mind versus only periodic checks. Combined with automatic updates to the malware database, the Antivirus MOD makes it virtually impossible for any infection to persist undetected on the device. Real-time security truly unleashes the full premium-grade monitoring capabilities of this amazing app.

Antivirus MOD APK: App Lock for Privacy

Maintaining the privacy of data stored on the device is another huge advantage of the Antivirus MOD APK. One way it achieves this is through the integrated app-level locking function. By setting passwords, patterns, or biometrics for selective applications, sensitive content remains securely encrypted and protected from prying eyes.

Whether it’s photos in the camera roll, chat histories, financial accounts, or social networking profiles – app locking prevents casual glances from exposing personal details. The flexible restrictions are easy to set up with options like fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or even alphanumeric passwords.

Best of all, convenient single or multiple-app locking lets users customize protection granularly as needed. Frequently accessed apps can remain easily accessible versus full device encryption which hampers usability. Privacy concerns about specific contents are addressed elegantly.

App-level security also extends to preventing unauthorized access in public settings. Whether loaning the phone briefly or using shared devices, private app contents stay private through simple yet powerful restrictions. Forget worries about work profiles mixing with personal info too.

When an app is launched, it quickly checks for the configured lock and requests authentication. Only after the correct credentials does the user to the home screen as normal. Users maintain full control over selective access as needed.

App locking provides total peace of mind that contacts, chat logs, notes, files, and all else remain concealed even when the device leaves the hands. Precious moments captured or bank details remain just that – precious and private from prying eyes. There’s no risk of sensitive data exposure from lost, stolen, or shared devices when strategic app locks are in place.

All thanks to the premium MOD capabilities that are usually off-limits without cost. With granular app-level security made available through the unique Antivirus APK modification – privacy finally becomes effortless.

Antivirus MOD APK: Anti-Theft & Remote Controls

Beyond just scanning for malware and locking select apps, the Antivirus MOD APK includes integrated anti-theft capabilities. These protective functions are crucial in the unfortunate event a device is misplaced or stolen. They provide effective manual and automated options to both locate and secure the phone through remote access.

At the heart is GPS tracking to pinpoint the physical location. With internet access, the phone’s coordinates show up accurately on a map within the antivirus app dashboard. Live movements are monitored to potentially catch up with a thief or spot where a lost device ended up.

Should the phone go missing, the anti-theft functions kick in proactively too. A preferred message can be displayed requesting the finder to contact the owner. Alternatively, the device gets remotely locked down and secured against unauthorized access.

More intensive security actions are just a tap away if needed. Remotely ringing the device at max volume makes missing phones easily discoverable, even in silent mode. As a last resort, all local data can be remotely wiped to permanently destroy any private video, photos, or files in case of theft.

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