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Arcane Quest Legends Mod APK Unlocked Mod Menu v1.4.9

Arcane Quest Legends Offline
App Name Arcane Quest Legends Offline
Latest Version v.1.4.9
Last Updated
Publisher NexGameStudios
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Games Games
Size 427 MB
Mods Mod Menu, One hit kill, God mode
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (723) Votes

4.3 Rating (723 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Enjoy an epic, classic offline RPG Action experience with beautiful graphics!
    • Mod Menu
    • One hit kill
    • God mode
    • Unlimited gold
    • Unlimited arcanes
    • Unlocked all maps
    • acts unlocked
    • unlimited money
    • free shopping
    • full version
    • unlimited gems

Arcane Quest Legends Mod APK: An Action Adventure Game With Exciting MOD Features Unlocked

Arcane Quest Legends immerses players into the vast and mysterious realm of the Evernight Forest. Towering trees block out the sun, casting an eternal twilight across the ancient woodlands. Strange mists and eerie sounds drift between the trees as players venture deep into this magical domain. They become adventurers exploring the forest’s secrets, facing untold dangers, and discovering powerful relics left behind by long-forgotten civilizations.
The deeper one travels, the more one realizes that dark forces still linger in the forest’s shadows. Ancient evils await the unwary beneath ancient oaks and within crumbling ruins. Foul monsters have made these twisted lands their home. It will take magic, steel, and brave heroes to purge the darkness and lift its foul influence. Players must master arcane arts to battle the creatures of the night. Their quest will reveal a sinister conspiracy that threatens to plunge the realm into a neverending night unless stopped.

Mod Menu – The Easy Way To Access Exciting Mod Features

One of the biggest features added in the Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk is the inclusion of a Mod Menu. With just a few taps in the game, you can access a secret mod menu that unlocks the full modded potential. Through this menu, you can enable various mod features like one-hit kills, god mode, unlimited resources, and more. Having full control through the mod menu takes your Arcane Quest Legends experience to a whole new level.

God Mode – Become Invincible And Dominate Enemies

Turn on God Mode and your character becomes nearly invincible. With this mod active, enemies can no longer harm you no matter what hits or spells they use. You can fearlessly charge into massive fights without any concern for losing health or lives. God mode essentially makes your character a real god in the game’s world. Explore dangerous areas and take on enormous challenges without any threat of death.

One Hit Kill – Take Down Foes With Just One Strike

With the One Hit Kill mod feature enabled, you can single-handedly defeat any enemy with just one strike. No longer do you need to spend time fighting long battles? With one touch, even the strongest bosses and mobs will fall. This allows you to speed through levels and progress much faster in the game. Combined with other mods, a one-hit kill makes Arcane Quest Legends an overpowered experience like no other.

Unlimited Gold And Gems – Access Best Upgrades And Items Easily

Gold and gems are scarce resources needed to upgrade character, and purchase new skills and equipment. The mod APK removes all such limitations by providing unlimited gold and gems. Players can fully customize their characters to match their playing style and breeze through dungeons.


By enabling mods like the menu, one-hit kill, god mode, and unlimited resources, the Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk transforms the game into an unmatched experience. You can effortlessly defeat even the toughest foes, have access to the best gear instantly, and explore every corner of the immense world without restriction. The modded version takes the beloved RPG to a whole new level that was not possible before. If you want to truly experience Arcane Quest Legends in the most epic way possible, the unlocked mod apk is definitely the way to go.


While the regular version of Arcane Quest Legends has in-app purchases and limitations, this modded apk essentially unlocks the full paid unlocked version for free. All optional bundles and upgrades that usually require real money payments are now accessible without cost. You gain access to exclusive premium features, overpowered mod options, and the complete ad-free game experience. It’s like purchasing the most expensive premium version of the game, without spending a single penny.


With unlimited gems and gold always available, you can go on a true shopping spree in Arcane Quest Legends. Upgrade your character to the maximum level instantly and purchase all the rarest and most powerful arcanes, runes, accessories, and equipment. Never worry about being able to afford upgrades or missing out on special limited-time bundles. Go wild at all shops and merchants, gaining godlike abilities with ease.


The deep level of customization allowed through the mod menu puts you fully in control of shaping your character and experience precisely how you envision. Want an OP legendary weapon early on? Spawn it in. Need health restored instantly? Toggle god mode. Want to amass a fortune? Enable unlimited gold. The mod options break through all barriers so that every aspect of progression can be adjusted on the fly. This takes the already vast character-building options to a whole new level of freedom.


With unlimited gameplay flexibility, Arcane Quest Legends Mod Apk provides literally endless hours of entertainment. The modded version keeps the experience fresh since you have the power to constantly change things up as you see fit. Want to mix up the gameplay flow? Adjust mods mid-session. Bored with overly easy fights? Disable god mode. Feel like trying new challenge runs or role-playing scenarios? The mod options fuel creativity in countless ways. The game effectively never ends thanks to the constant customization allowed.

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  • - Minor bug fixes

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