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Armed Air Forces Flight Sim MOD APK Paid free v1.063

Armed Air Forces - Flight Sim
App Name Armed Air Forces - Flight Sim
Latest Version v.1.063
Last Updated
Publisher Flight Sim Studio
Requirements Android 8.0 Android 8.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 520 MB
Mods Paid for free, all unlocked
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (722) Votes

4.5 Rating (722 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Enjoy the first PC quality combat flight simulator on your mobile device!
    • all unlocked
    • all planes unlocked
    • Paid for free

Armed Air Forces Flight Sim MOD APK – The Ultimate Flying Experience with All Premium Features Unlocked

Armed Air Forces Flight Sim MOD APK provides the most immersive and realistic flying simulator gameplay available. As a pilot, you’ll take control of a wide variety of modern and historical aircraft from many different countries. With this modded version, you gain access to all planes, maps, and upgrades without any in-app purchases – allowing you to fully experience everything the game has to offer.

All Planes Unlocked for Hours of Authentic Aerial Combat and Transport Missions

One of the biggest advantages of Armed Air Forces Flight Sim MOD APK is having all planes unlocked from the start. This includes over 50 highly detailed aircraft such as fighter jets, helicopters, bombers, and more. As a pilot, you can choose between planes like the F-15E Strike Eagle, AH-64 Apache, or C-17 Globemaster III for exhilarating combat missions or cargo runs.

With every plane available, you have endless options to test your piloting skills in authentic aerial environments. Whether you want to throw down in dogfights or take on bold transport operations, this mod ensures you always have the right aircraft.

MOD APK Removes Paid Currency to Access All Maps and Terrains for the Ultimate Flying Experience

In addition to unlocking all planes, this modded version of Armed Air Forces Flight Sim also provides free access to every available map and terrain. Using in-game currency, the standard version limits pilots on the number and variety of places they can fly. But with this MOD APK, you face no restrictions when choosing between maps like the Nevada Desert, Persian Gulf, or European Cities.

This allows you to take off and land anywhere you want for maximum exploration. Whether zipping through mountain canyons or soaring over lush tropical jungles, every beautiful terrain is at your fingertips. Combined with unlocked planes, you get an unparalleled flying experience spanning multiple environments.

Complete Progression and Crew Upgrade System Unlocked for Easy Piloting Mastery

One area players often encounter paywalls in standard simulation games is crew and plane upgrades. However, using Armed Air Forces Flight Sim MOD APK means easy access to fully leveling up your pilot skills and improving aircraft. From the start, you can begin upgrading weapons, armor, engines, and other systems – making each plane you fly more powerful over time.

Thanks to a completely unlocked progression system, achieving elite combat certification is simply a matter of logging hours – no microtransactions needed. With this mod, you can focus solely on practicing takeoffs, landings, aerial maneuvers, and more without hindering restrictions. Master every aircraft quickly as you work towards becoming a 5-star general.

Premium Paint Jobs and Emblem Customization

Not only are core upgrades included, but this modified version also allows free usage of premium customization options. Design your perfect plane exterior with high-resolution premium paint jobs featuring signatures from real-world air forces.

Furthermore, the emblems editor is unlocked to fully customize your virtual squadron with original logos. Make each plane as unique as the pilot flying it through hours of livery tweaking and testing new designs. Represent your virtual squadron with pride while achieving missions in the most immersive sim experience available.

All Pro Synthetic Training Missions Unlocked to Improve Skills

For pilots hoping to enhance their skills, Armed Air Forces Flight Sim MOD APK provides access to pro-level training missions at no cost. In the standard version, these would typically require grinding or micropayments to practice advanced aerial techniques.

However, with this modified APK installed each practice scenario – from instrument training to tactical dogfighting – is available from the start. Hone your abilities through a wide selection of optional tutorials covering topics like navigation, formation flying, and low-altitude precision maneuvers. Safely enhance your piloting talents against AI opponents in every mission type. With unlimited training, reach elite mastery of any plane in your virtual hangar.

 Refueling, Transport and Bombing Missions

Through the completely unlocked mission sets, pilots can try new roles beyond combat flying. Take on the pressure of buddy refueling operations to keep wings aloft longer on long sorties.

Show off transport skills ferrying passengers and supplies. Test bombing accuracy by dropping munitions on virtual targets. When every type of mission is unlocked, you have complete freedom to explore all facets of aerial simulation.

New Game+ Mode Unlocked for Replayability and Ranked Multiplayer

Even after conquering the main career, this modified Armed Air Forces Flight Sim APK adds exciting post-game features. New Game+ mode allows restarting from the beginning with all unlocked planes, upgrades, and ranks retained. This adds tremendous replay value for veterans. Additionally, the ranked online multiplayer is fully accessible – no grinding required.

Pilots can now take their elite skills online in competitive 5v5 team matches. See how you stack up on global leader boards while dogfight against players worldwide. With both of these modes available from the get-go, this MOD APK offers endless hours of progression and competitiveness.

In summary, by unlocking all content like aircraft, maps, upgrades, and missions – this modded version of Armed Air Forces Flight Sim truly opens up unlimited potential as a pilot. Through realistic 3D environments, you can train, complete objectives, customize rides, and take on rivals without being hindered by paywalls.

As an online simulation, it strives to make you feel like an elite war fighter or transport specialist. Whether you are a casual or hardcore pilot looking for the deepest possible experience – this mod delivers the ultimate in aerial adventures with complete freedom of choice. Download now and start your journey to become a flying ace without restrictions holding you back.

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  • * fixed enemy spawn issues - NEW aircraft Su-57 Felon - armaments loadout profiles - kobra maneuver ability for Su-57 and F-22 (check YouTube video tutorial) - animated kniple/throttle (F-18,F-14,F-15,Mig-29,Su-57) - Su-57 animated canopy - Su-57 nozzle vectoring - F-15 cockpit textures improved - F-15 intakes movement - animation wing pylons (F16,F18) - F-15 gun aiming fixed - Gamepad save/load setup fixed - enemy AI flares added / fixed - HUD AA target distance added

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