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AVU-AMV Velomingo Video Editor Premium Unlocked v1.3.4

AVU-AMV Velomingo Video Editor
App Name AVU-AMV Velomingo Video Editor
Latest Version v.1.9.9
Last Updated
Publisher 杭州三点灵科技有限公司
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Apps Apps
Size 81 MB
Mods no watermark, premium unlocked
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (422) Votes

4.1 Rating (422 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Comprehensive and high-burning anime mixed cut | Rhythm direction
    • no watermark
    • premium unlocked

AVU-AMV Velomingo Video Editor Premium Unlocked: Create Amazing Videos Without Limitations

AVU is one of the most popular and user-friendly video editing apps on Android, allowing users to easily create, edit, and customize videos. However, the free version comes with some limitations like watermarks and restricted features. With the AVU Mod APK, users can now unlock the full premium powers of this editor for free.

Unleashing the Premium Potential of AVU

The vanilla version of AVU does let you perform basic video editing tasks but it puts a damper on true creativity with restrictions. With the modded APK, you can push the boundaries and craft stunning videos without any hindrances. Some of the headline-grabbing mod features include:

No Video Watermarks

One of the most irritating aspects of the free AVU is the overlay of a stubborn watermark on exported videos. The mod removes this limitation, allowing pristine exported videos without any branding.

Premium Features Unlocked

In the original app, several advanced editing tools are kept behind a paywall. This includes options like speed control, trim, crop, captions, and more. The mod grants full access to the entire suite of premium effects and tools.

Ads Removal

While ads may not hamper the editing workflow, they are still an unwanted distraction. The modded APK ensures a pure, immersive editing experience by removing all instances of ads from the interface.

Unlimited Undo-Redo

When crafting videos, the ability to finely tune edits is crucial. Sadly, the free version limits undo-redo actions. This mod raises that cap, giving the editor supreme control over tweaks.

Customizable Video Quality

Exporting at high resolution brings videos to life but the paid version is needed for flexibility. Not anymore, as this mod gives complete control over video quality during export.

These powerful freedoms are what truly unleash the full potential of AVU and empower creators to showcase their talent and passions without barriers. Keep reading to learn about some of the most prominent mod features in further detail.

Mastering Speed Control

Being able to speed up, slow down, or pause specific video segments is immensely useful for cinematic effects, tutorials, and more. Unfortunately, such granular speed adjustments require a premium AVU subscription. Not after installing this mod!

With the “Speed Control” mod feature activated, editors get complete freedom over a clip’s rate of playback. Quickly speed through less important parts while drawing focus on highlights by slowing them down. More advanced techniques like slow motion are also possible thanks to this modded feature.

Whether you need to speed run through boring introductions or conjure up dramatic slow-motion shots, unlocking speed control reinvents possibilities with AVU. Precisely dial in the perfect rate for your creative needs without restrictions.

Advanced Trim & Crop for Perfect Clips

Dull or unwanted segments drag down an otherwise great video. Thankfully, the trim tool lets you decisively cut them out – but only if you pay. Not anymore!

This mod hack removes trim limits, letting editors precisely slice away seconds or minutes from any part of a clip. Whether shaving off an extra second or subtracting a drawn-out portion, trim freely without worrying about hit count caps.

Similarly, the built-in crop feature remains locked for free users. Not after installing this mod! With “Crop” enabled, perfectly frame your media within the desired aspect ratio. Extract focused portions from landscapes, portraits, or anything with ease.

Together, unlimited trim and crop empower the full sculpting of raw content into refined, optimized finished products. Leave no dead space or distractions with these advanced yet free-modded tools.

Expressive Text With Removed Captions Limit

Subtitles, captions, and lower thirds don’t just provide information – they amplify emotion. From introducing speakers to spotlighting highlights, text elements enhance engagement when used creatively.

But yet again, AVU handicaps free users by restricting caption usage. Thanks to this mod, that unfair barrier crumbles! With “Captions” unlocked, insert unlimited text boxes wherever you need on the timeline.

Style them with a wide palette of fonts, colors, sizes, and more. Precisely time their appearance or pair with audio for multilingual content. Whether quoting dialogue or spicing up the scenery with descriptive lines, modded captions free your imagination and tools for expressive storytelling!

Complete Monetization Control

While a hobby, many users aspire to turn their videos into a business. This requires complete ownership over distribution. Unfortunately, paid features like advanced video exports lock such opportunities for free AVU users.

Enter modded APK’s “Video Quality” feature – it overthrows all restrictions on exported file attributes! Now save creations in any resolution from low to 8K like a true professional.

Plus, disable the app’s watermark for pristine, brandless clips. This allows unrestrained uploading to social platforms, selling footage online, or including in client projects completely DRM-free.

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