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Battery Life & Health Tool
App Name Battery Life & Health Tool
Latest Version v.1.3.12
Last Updated
Publisher Battery Stats Saver
Requirements Android 4.1 Android 4.1
Category Tools Tools
Size 9 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
Google Playstore

4.0 Rating (857) Votes

4.0 Rating (857 Votes )
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Battery Health MOD APK allows users to precisely monitor and manage their Android device's battery usage. The MOD version removes all advertisements and unlocks additional battery optimization features not available in the paid version of the app.
    • Premium Unlocked

Battery Health Mod APK – Customize Battery Settings Without Root

Battery Health MOD APK provides users the ultimate control over their Android device’s battery usage. Through its intuitive interface, users can closely track battery levels, charging times, battery temperatures, and much more. Advanced battery statistics are collected to give insights into which apps and services are utilizing the most power. With this level of insight, users can optimize their battery life like never before.

Premium Unlocked Features

The MOD version of Battery Health takes the app’s functionality to the next level by unlocking premium features for free. Gone are the intrusive advertisements that interrupt the experience. More importantly, advanced battery optimization modes are made available without any in-app purchases. For example, the “Maximize Battery Life” profile allows users to restrict apps and services from running in the background, giving longer usage on a single charge.

The “Balanced” profile provides a happy medium for performance and battery life. Whether gaming for hours or just basic usage, Battery Health MOD APK helps extend the battery to its maximum potential.

Accurately Monitor Battery Health over Time

One of the most useful features of Battery Health is its ability to track the battery status and health over extended periods. The battery health graph displays charging cycles, maximum capacity, current capacity, and more in an easy-to-understand visual format. Users gain valuable insights into how their battery is holding up and degrading over months and years of use.

Problem batteries can be diagnosed early before serious issues arise. The battery temperature logs also help surface any abnormal heating trends that may be impacting longevity. All of this detailed data collection is not found in other competing battery apps.

Customizable Widget for At-a-Glance Battery Info

Getting an instant snapshot of the battery levels doesn’t require opening the full Battery Health app every time. Users can add the customizable widget to their home screen for a quick battery status check. The widget can be resized and styled to prominently display things like percentage charged, estimated time remaining,

charging rate, and more. Glancing at the widget throughout the day makes it effortless to monitor battery depletion and charging progress without interrupting other tasks. This convenient always-on widget complements the in-depth analytical tools within the main Battery Health screens.

MODDED Remove Ads – Play Store Version Has Ads

One downside of the regular Play Store version of Battery Health is the inclusion of ads. While a necessary revenue stream for the developers, the intermittent commercials can take users out of the battery monitoring experience. The MOD version solves this issue by completely stripping out all instances of advertising.

Users can now enjoy an ad-free experience with Battery Health without any compromises. The premium in-app purchases like removing ads are also automatically unlocked for free. This perk alone makes the MOD build vastly superior to the paid Play Store alternative that still displays advertisements.

In-Depth Battery Optimization For Extended Usage

Power saving has never been more effective than with Battery Health’s customizable optimization profiles. A new sub-menu allows tinkering with granular controls for each profile to customize how apps, services, location services, and more impact the battery. For example, the “Maximize Battery Life” profile can be configured to automatically defer non-essential syncing tasks as well as restrict certain power-hungry apps to only function when the display is on.

Users get full control over optimizing every aspect of device performance versus power consumption. With profiles this extensive, maximizing battery life on a single charge is no longer a challenge to achieve.

Alerts For Low Battery Issues And Events

Receiving timely notifications about battery-related events can help troubleshoot issues or take preventative steps. Battery Health includes configurable alerts that trigger for low percentages, long charging periods, high temperatures, and other anomalies detected. Both visual and sound alerts pop up directly on the device to signal battery-draining apps or advise when to charge up before running low.

Users are empowered to take immediate corrective actions or avoid potential problems altogether by adjusting settings or usage as needed. Few other battery monitoring apps include alerts that are robust and customizable.

Home Screen Widget For At-A-Glance Battery Checking

Since monitoring battery status usually involves repeatedly opening the Battery Health app, the included home screen widget streamlines the process. It provides a convenient way to glance at critical battery details directly from any home screen page. Users have extensive controls to customize the look and stats shown by the widget such as percentage, estimated time remaining, charging progress bar, and more.

Alternatively, a smaller compact widget can display just the percentage value in large text for effortless confirmation of the charge level. This always-visible option keeps battery info prominently accessible without launching the full app repeatedly throughout the day.

In-Depth Battery Life Tracking Over Time

One of the most insightful analytics delivered by Battery Health is the history viewer tracking battery conditions through charging cycles and months of use. Battery age, maximum charge capacity, current capacity percentage, and more definitive metrics are recorded in data logs. Users gain visibility into how their battery is performing and aging at the component level.

Notable is the battery health graph illustrating capacity loss trends over the lifetime. These insights equip users to spot battery issues earlier before they become severe problems. They also attest to the longevity and quality of their specific device battery. Rarely does any other battery app collect usage IQ at such microscopic detail spanning many charge cycles.

MOD Features – No Ads Battery Health

One drawback of the non-MOD version is intrusive advertisements popping up periodically. Understandably, this monetizes the app but also disrupts the continuous battery monitoring experience. This MOD build directly addresses that by removing all traces of ads. But that’s not all – premium features normally locked behind in-app purchases are now automatically unlocked too.

For instance, the tweaked optimization profiles allow extreme levels of control like blacklisting apps entirely during certain battery modes. In summary, this MOD version grants an ad-free experience plus exclusive access to all Battery Health features entirely for free. Users get the ultimate battery monitoring control without any compromises or in-app transaction hassles.

Custom Battery Stats Notifications

Instead of vague stock Android notifications about low battery, Battery Health alerts go into granular customization. Users get minute-by-minute estimates until full depletion is shown. Visual and sound alerts can trigger at exact percentages configurable from 5% up to 20% in intervals of just 1%. Further customization of vibration patterns and tone lengths lets users fine-tune how alerts are received non-disruptively.

Even charging commences can show precise estimates of time remaining to full battery. This degree of accuracy helps users plan around potential battery depletion a lot better than generic low-battery warnings. Paired with the constant battery monitoring, it elevates the management experience substantially.

In-Depth Android Battery Optimization

Extending battery usage is one of the top priorities of Android device owners. Battery Health addresses this important concern by offering the most nuanced control of any battery monitoring tool to date. Optimizing the lengthy idle and screen-off times of Android especially yields big dividends. During these periods, background apps and services still silently consume power needlessly if not configured properly.

Battery Health gives granular tweaking for each battery profile to specify exactly what runs during these low-power states. Restricting non-critical syncing and limiting CPU-intensive tasks are just some examples of extending battery potential many hours further.

Real-Time Battery Usage Insights At System-Level Granularity

Most battery apps are quite superficial by only estimating drain based on app usage times rather than true consumption at a system level. Battery Health goes much deeper by measuring real-time power draw of actual device components like the display, processor, radios, and other peripherals. This level of detail reveals battery hogs that typical apps fail to account for.

Plus the ability to track milliamp-hour utilization alongside estimated mAh capacity and temperature gives users visibility into battery operation at a level akin to diagnostic tools used even by engineers. New contexts emerge to optimize facets like radio signal presence and display brightness based on how they dynamically impact the battery at a component granularity.


Few tools analyze battery drain and performance at the depth of Battery Health. It meticulously tracks the consumption of key internal components like the display, processor, network radios, and more. Viewing precise mAh utilization of each subsystem sheds light on underestimated power sinks typical surface-level battery apps miss. Moreover, battery voltage, temperature, and health factors are logged in detail.

Cycles, charging time, maximum capacity, and current health percentages give visibility into the battery’s state and aging process over long-term use that no other apps can match. Premium features include exporting diagnostic-grade battery logs and analyzing years worth of charging history data accessed directly from Android. With Battery Health, battery care transforms into a science.

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