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Big Hunter Mod APK Unlimited Money v2.9.11

Big Hunter
App Name Big Hunter
Latest Version v.2.9.11
Last Updated
Publisher Kakarod Interactive
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Action Action
Size 93 MB
Mods Unlimited Currency, all weapons unlocked
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (802) Votes

4.2 Rating (802 Votes )
Price: $ 0
​An intense hunting game of starving tribal people! Hunt the primeval animals!
    • Unlimited Currency
    • Unlimited Money
    • all weapons unlocked

Big Hunter Mod APK – The Ultimate Big Game Hunting Experience with Unlimited Funds

Big Hunter is one of the most popular and realistic big game hunting simulation games available on Android. As a hunter, you are tasked with tracking down some of the largest and most dangerous animals across a variety of environments.

While the gameplay itself is very realistic and fun, it can be quite difficult to afford all the best weapons and gear without spending real money in the game’s store. That is where the Big Hunter Mod APK comes in. By using this modded version of the app, you will have access to Unlimited Money so you can fully focus on hunting without any financial restrictions holding you back.

Modded for Unlimited Fun – The Most Extensive Big Hunter Mod Available

The Big Hunter Mod APK takes the standard gameplay experience to an entirely new level by including some game-changing mods that unlock the true unlimited potential of the app. With modifications for Unlimited Currency and all weapons unlocked, you will have access to an unrestricted big game hunting simulation like never before.

Gone are the days of grinding for money or being limited to only starter weapons – with this modded version you can live out your hunting fantasies without restriction.

Unlimited Currency – Never Worry About Money Again

One of the most impactful mods included is the Unlimited Currency modification. No longer will you need to worry about tracking your financial balance while out in the wilderness. With unlimited funds at your disposal, you can purchase any supplies, gear, or weapons you need without even looking at the price tag.

Whether you need more ammo, better scopes, new camouflage clothing, or transport vehicles – money will never hold you back from the hunt. Stock up on as many resources as you want without consequence and feel free to spend freely. Big Hunter has never been more enjoyable without the stress of limited currency weighing you down between excursions.

All Weapons Unlocked for Maximum Hunting Power

In addition to unlimited money, the mod also unlocks all of the game’s vast arsenal of big game hunting weapons. No longer will you be restricted to the starting basic rifle or bow. With this mod, you’ll have access to the full complement of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and other firearms.

Make your choice from high-powered long-range hunting rifles like .300 Weatherbys or .338 Lapuas to close-quarters sidearms like desert eagles or magnum revolvers. You can even opt for more exotic weaponry like compound bows, crossbows, throwing spears, or knives if you want an extra challenge. With every single weapon option instantly unlocked, you have complete freedom to customize your perfect big-game hunting loadout.

Detailed Hunting Environments and Habitats

Whether you prefer open plains, dense jungles, or rugged mountains, Big Hunter delivers insanely detailed environments across multiple biomes for you to stalk your prey. Carefully track animals through lush grasslands, thorny bushlands, swampy wetlands, and more.

The vast wilderness areas are filled with diverse flora and fauna creating an incredibly immersive hunting simulation. Authentic lighting, weather, and ambient sound effects bring each location to life. Go on the hunt day or night—stalk under the light of the full moon or dawn skies.

Realistic Animal Behaviors and Artificial Intelligence

Big Hunter is renowned for its incredibly lifelike animal behaviors. Over 50 types of game roam freely across varied habitats, each with its movement patterns, social structures, and unique traits. Watch herds of Cape Buffalo guard against lions in the savanna while sneaking past a territorial silverback gorilla in the jungle.

Study animal tracks and use all your senses to get a read on their behavior before making your move. With advanced AI, no two hunts are ever the same as you study your targets from a distance. Whatever your preferred game may be – from deer and elk to bears, rhinos, or elephants – Big Hunter delivers an intense realism that makes each successful hunt deeply satisfying.

In-Depth Hunting Mechanics and Ballistics

Truly feel like a big game hunter with realistic hunting features and attention to ballistic details. Calculate range estimations, and account for bullet trajectory, wind, and other environmental factors before taking a shot. Track blood trails and search dense brush for a downed animal.

Field dress your trophies to harvest animal parts like horns, hides, or tusks. Transport your harvest by truck, boat, or helicopter to various lodges and outposts. Show off your trophies, participate in hunting competitions against other players, and climb the experience ladder to unlock even more gear and perks. Every element is designed to immerse you in the hunting lifestyle.

Modded for the Ultimate Hunting Simulation Experience

If taking your Big Hunter gameplay to the next level was ever a goal, this modded version delivers the keys to unlimited funds and full customization. Live out your biggest hunting fantasies across breathtakingly realistic environments, stalking the most diverse and realistic array of animals in any mobile game.

With this mod, money and weapon restrictions are removed so you are truly free to focus entirely on the hunt without limitations. For the most immersive and enjoyable big game hunting simulator available on Android, look no further than the Big Hunter Mod APK.

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  • - Fixed crash error of some devices

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