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BOKU BOKU Mod APK Unlimited Money Mod Menu v1.0.259

Latest Version v.1.0.259
Last Updated
Publisher PIXTICLE
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 88 MB
Mods Player Menu , Unlimited Currency, Unlimited Money Mod Menu
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4.7 Rating (144) Votes

4.7 Rating (144 Votes )
Price: $ 0
An unrestrained Creative Space.
    • Player Menu
    • Unlimited Currency
    • Unlimited Money
    • Mod Menu

BOKU BOKU – The Ultimate Modded Experience

With the BOKU BOKU Mod APK, you can unlock the full potential of this popular anime life simulator game. Using the modded version will grant you access to special mod menus, unlimited resources and so much more!

The Hidden Powers of the BOKU BOKU Mod Menu

Feel like you’ve hit a wall in your BOKU BOKU game and want to break through to the next level? The mod menu in this hacked APK version is the answer. With just a few taps you can access powerful modifications that will take your playing to new heights.

Player Menu

There are various options to tweak your player stats and abilities. Here you can adjust your level, stats points, cash/money, and even unlock all items and costumes in the game. No need to grind for hours to boost your character – just enable the stats you want with the mod menu.

Unlimited Currency

lies the key to unlimited riches in the game world. Enable this feature and you’ll never want money or coins again. Build the best house, buy all the land, and collect every item – your funds will never deplete no matter what you spend them on. Say goodbye to budget constraints with unlimited currency at your fingertips through the mod menu.

Unlimited Money

works hand in hand with the currency mod. With both activated, money will literally pour into your account in an unending stream. Build your cash reserves to astronomical levels and afford anything your heart desires.

The Hidden World of Unlimited Possibilities in BOKU BOKU

Beyond just increasing stats and money, the mod menu in this hacked version of BOKU BOKU unlocks a whole new side of the game for players to explore. Under the expansive heading “Hidden Features Revealed” we break down some of the extraordinary abilities now accessible.

God Mode

bestows practically immortal status upon your character. With this enabled, you can engage in epic battles without fear of defeat. No opponent will be able to damage or kill you, making you virtually undefeatable. Seek out even the most formidable foes and emerge victorious time and time again.

No Clip

granting the power of intangibility. With a simple toggle, your character can phase through any solid object or barrier. No walls or doors will be able to contain you – you are truly free to roam anywhere you please across the game world. Discover hidden areas normally inaccessible and unlock secrets never meant to be found.

Creative Mode

deep within the mod menu options. Place yourself in a surreal state where resources and items can be spawned before your eyes with a wave of your hand. Need wood, stone, gold, or rare artifacts? Just think it and it shall manifest at your command. Construct massive buildings and forge legendary gear without limits using creative mode.

Rise to New Heights and Live Your Anime Dreams

With the modded BOKU BOKU experience unlocked by this hacked APK, the anime life you’ve always dreamed of is within your grasp. Build the coolest village, make powerful allies, and embark on epic quests now possible with the power of the mod menu. No paywalls or VIP systems can hold you back from experiencing all this game has to offer.

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