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Bomber Friends Mod APK Unlocked God Mode v4.97

Bomber Friends
App Name Bomber Friends
Latest Version v.4.97
Last Updated
Publisher Hyperkani
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 111 MB
Mods Unlimited Money, Skins Unlocked, God mode
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (116) Votes

4.3 Rating (116 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Bomber game with online multiplayer! Challenge your friends now!
    • Unlimited Money
    • Skins Unlocked
    • God mode
    • Unlocked
    • Unlimited Bomb
    • Allow Quick Bomb
    • Character Speed
    • Unlock Season Pass
    • NO Ads
    • Bypass Banned
    • Unlimited gems
    • unlimited all

Bomber Friends Mod APK – The Ultimate Bomber Friends Experience with Unlocked God Mode

Bomber Friends is one of the most addictive and fun multiplayer bombing games available on Android and iOS devices. With its realistic 3D graphics, exciting battles, and constant updates, it keeps players engaged for hours. However, the default game comes with some limitations that can hamper the overall enjoyment.

That’s where the Bomber Friends Mod APK comes in. It unlocks the true God mode powers within the game along with many premium features. Let’s dive deep into everything this mod has to offer players.

Unlimited Money to Dominate Battles

One of the biggest limitations of the original game is the scarcity of in-app currency called ‘Cash’ which is needed to purchase new upgrades, characters, weapons, and more. With limited ways to earn cash in-game, it becomes a grind to progress. The Bomber Friends Mod APK solves this problem by providing players with Unlimited Money.

Now you never have to worry about cash again and can focus solely on enjoying explosive battles. Buy any item, upgrade instantly, and dominate opponents with maxed-out characters and arsenal without spending a single penny.

Every Skin Unlocked for Stylish Bombing

Skins and costumes are another way for players to express themselves and stand out on the battlefield. Unfortunately, most new and premium skins must be bought using real money cash packs. Not any more thanks to this mod.

It unlocks every single skin and outfit available in the game so players can bomb in style with their favorite character aesthetics. Flaunt rare collector’s edition skins that others spent fortunes on for free!

True God Mode Powers with Invincibility

Perhaps the most exciting and overpowered feature of this mod is unlocking God Mode. In God Mode, the player’s character becomes literally invincible and immune to all damage. No bomb, explosion, or attack from enemies can harm you at all. You also achieve enhanced speed and agility on the battlefield.

Together with unlimited bombs, this makes you an unstoppable force in Bomber Friends. Players can now engage in battles fearlessly, take on dozens of opponents at once, and come out victorious every single time without breaking a sweat. It’s like playing with cheats enabled and makes for an amazingly fun God-like experience.

No Waiting Times – Immediate Bombing

One grievance players have is the forced waiting period between bombing runs due to an in-game ‘cooldown timer’. It actually pauses the real fun and action. The Bomber Friends Mod APK allows you to throw bombs Quickly and Without Any Waiting Time in between. Now you can rain down destruction continuously on enemies in rapid succession.

Lightning Fast Movement

In addition to quick bombs, Character Speed is massively increased in this mod. Players zoom across maps, dodge attacks, and maneuver nimbly at breakneck speeds. Chase down and destroy fleeing targets with ease. Coupled with God Mode’s protection, you become a literal speed demon in the game.

Unlock All Season Passes

Special Season Passes grant exclusive cosmetics, loot, XP boosts, and more. But they must be purchased for real money otherwise. This mod auto-unlocks every Season Pass for free so you can get your hands on every limited seasonal reward without spending a dime.

Bye Bye Ads – Pure Gaming Bliss

One of the most irritating parts of free-to-play games is overly frequent ads that interrupt the fun. The Bomber Friends Mod APK makes the experience truly immersive by allowing you to enjoy ad-free gaming. No distracting commercials will get in the way of your bombing sprees ever again.

Bypass Any Account Bans

Overzealous mod protections by the developers can sometimes erroneously ban modified accounts. Not no problem with this modded APK – it has a special code built-in to stealthily bypass any account bans or warnings due to modifications. You can keep enjoying unlimited fun risk-free on your device.

Infinite Precious Gems

Gems are another valuable in-game currency needed to speed up upgrades, instant buy items, and more. Unfortunately, gems recharge very slowly through normal gameplay. This mod gives you Unlimited Gems so you never run out and can splurge on instant rewards as much as desired.

Everything and Anything Unlimited

beyond the key mod features outlined above, this mod also unlocks unlimited versions of all other important in-game resources: unlimited coins for special missions, unlimited cards & tokens to upgrade characters, unlimited boosts & power-ups for battles, unlimited everything! You will fully experience the true extent of Bomber Friends with zero limitations thanks to this amazing modification.

Download Bomber Friends Mod APK Android

  • - Season 53: Faraway Galaxy starts in February - NEW Super Bomber Wheel - Fixed daily tasks - Bug fixes

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