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Bricks Breaker Quest Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.7.0

Bricks Breaker Quest
App Name Bricks Breaker Quest
Latest Version v.1.7.0
Last Updated
Publisher mobirix
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 51 MB
Mods all levels unlocked, unlimited diamond
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (176) Votes

4.3 Rating (176 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Relax your mind!
    • all levels unlocked
    • unlimited diamond
    • unlimited money

The Ultimate Bricks Breaker Quest Experience with All Levels Unlocked and Unlimited Resources

Bricks Breaker Quest is one of the most popular casual brick-breaking and puzzle games on mobile, but the standard version can be limiting with its in-app purchases and grinding to unlock new levels and upgrades. With the Bricks Breaker Quest Mod APK though, players finally have access to the full Bricks Breaking experience without restrictions.

The modded version of Bricks Breaker Quest completely removes all the barriers that were holding players back from truly mastering the game. Now with all levels immediately available and unlimited resources at your disposal, you can spend hours immersed in the addicting gameplay without ever worrying about running out of lives or needing to wait to continue. Let’s take a deeper look into exactly what this mod unlocks.

Unlocking the Full Bricks Breaker Quest Game Experience

One of the first frustrations players encounter in the standard Bricks Breaker Quest is that they can only access a handful of levels at the start. To progress further, they must grind through the early stages over and over to earn enough coins and upgrades to unlock new worlds. This grind slows down the fun and urgency to keep testing your brick-breaking skills on more advanced maps.

With the mod though, from the moment you start a new game all 50+ levels that Bricks Breaker Quest has to offer will already be accessible without any locked pathways. Now you can jump straight into attempting the most challenging bonus rounds and secret stages without putting in hours of prerequisite gameplay first. Never again will you be barred from a level because you haven’t hit an arbitrary progression point. The entire map is yours to conquer at your own pace.

Endless Funds and Resources for Optimal Brick-Breaking

Along with unlimited diamonds, the mod also provides unlimited in-game currency known as coins. Coins are earned through completing levels and breaking bricks but in small, grinding amounts. They’re necessary for regular upgrades, power-ups, and bombs to aid your brick demolitions. When playing normally coins become a constant bottleneck, forcing waiting periods or real money purchases to progress further.

But now with infinite coins at your disposal, you’ll never find yourself short on funds and lacking stronger tools. Purchase every possible stat boost, power-up grade, and bomb upgrade available as soon as you want without worry. Maximizing your breaking potential becomes the sole focus rather than juggling limited resources.

Whether you’re testing out experimental strategies on harder levels or breezing through easier ones, you’ll always have optimal coin-based support available thanks to unlimited reserves provided by the mod.

Removing All Waiting Periods and Ads

Yet another way the free-to-play model slows down Bricks Breaker Quest is through timers and forced ads. When you lose a stage you’re often met with a lengthy countdown before you’re allowed to try again, essentially punishing failure. Ads can also be inserted between levels or after certain goals are achieved, disrupting momentum. While a way for the developers to generate revenue, these interruptions diminish the “flow state” players want to achieve while immersed in the gameplay.

Thankfully the mod removes all waiting periods between lives so retries can be immediate. You’ll never be discouraged from experimenting due to frustrating cooldowns holding you back. Ads are now also non-existent, ensuring the experience stays uninterrupted as you get deeper into compelling brick-breaking sessions. No distractions mean you can play for hours on end without your progress being stunted. It’s a true endless brick-breaking paradise.

Fully Customizable Controls and Graphics

Beyond resource barriers being lifted, other customizations are now available to tailor Bricks Breaker Quest exactly to your preferences. This includes fully customizable controls to set up movements, aiming, power-ups, and more at will through accessible in-game menus.

Graphics quality options also open up, allowing high resolutions, anti-aliasing, and other demanding graphical enhancements usually reserved for high-end devices. Now even budget phones can experience Bricks Breaker Quest at its best visual quality.FPS (frames per second) can even get boosted beyond 60 for the smoothest possible gameplay.

Everything has been optimized and unlocked here for maximum custom enjoyment, removing the compromises of operating on standard phone hardware. The result is a Bricks Breaker Quest experience like never before.

Mod Manager: A Hub for Further Enhancements

Managing all modded features is done through an accompanying Mod Manager application bundled with the download. Here you’ll find toggles to enable or disable things like diamond/coin counts, wait times, ads, and more granular changes like mod menus and ban prevention. Preset modification packages can even be applied like “God Mode” which enables all enhancements.

For those desiring to fine-tune things further, raw values for attributes are all fully customizable. Boost your stats thousands of points beyond normal or swap character skins on the fly. Aimbots, no clip modes, unlimited bombs – if it allows pushing your Bricks Breaker Quest skills further, odds are it exists as an option here to test out. Developers even take requests for new modifications to the program.

The Ultimate Bricks Breaker Quest Experience

If you’ve always been passionate about Bricks Breaker Quest but felt limited, this mod delivers a whole new realm of possibilities for endless brick-breaking fun without compromise. Dive into every secret the game has to offer right away. Pour hours into mastering maps with zero hand holding. And enjoy customized presentations taking things farther than ever before imagined.

The possibilities are truly endless, with even more expansions on the horizon from dedicated modders. Never has Bricks Breaker Quest provided such an all-encompassing, customizable experience for all skill levels until now. Download today to enter a new world where brick-breaking prosperity knows no bounds. Your Bricks Breaker Quest journey has only just begun!

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  • Improved game system

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