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Building Destruction Mod APK Remove ads v3.86

Building Destruction
App Name Building Destruction
Latest Version v.3.86
Last Updated
Publisher 180°
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 309 MB
Mods No Ads, Unlimited Ammo, unlimited money
Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (822) Votes

3.9 Rating (822 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Realistic multiplayer destruction simulator
    • No Ads
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • unlimited money
    • unlimited gems

Enhanced Destruction with the Building Destruction Mod APK

Building Destruction is one of the most popular destruction simulation games on mobile but the ads and in-app purchases can hamper the fun. With the Building Destruction Mod APK, you get an ad-free experience with unlocked mod features for unlimited fun!

No Pesky Ads with the Building Destruction Mod

One of the main annoyances of playing regular Building Destruction games is being interrupted by ads after every few levels or when you run out of in-game currency. With the Building Destruction Mod APK, you can enjoy non-stop building destruction madness without any annoying advertisements popping up.

The mod developers have completely removed all types of ads from the game so you can focus solely on your demolition activities. Now you can wreck and destroy to your heart’s content without having to watch unnecessary ads every 5 minutes.

Unlimited Ammo for Destruction Galore

In the original Building Destruction game, you are limited by the amount of ammo you have to blast apart structures. This restricts the amount of destruction you can cause in one sitting. With this mod, you get Unlimited Ammo which means you never run out of missiles, bombs, or any other ammo type to smash buildings.

Now you can lay waste to as many constructions as you want without worrying about refilling your ammo. Blast to your heart’s content and see how much carnage you can cause with an endless ammunition supply.

Unlimited Money for Non-Stop Shopping Sprees

Building supplies like dynamites, rockets, and tanks don’t come cheap in the original Building Destruction game. You have to watch videos, and complete offers or tasks to earn enough money to shop for new weapons and upgrades. With this mod, you get Unlimited Money right from the start.

Now you can directly go on a shopping spree in the in-game store without worrying about balancing your budget. Purchase all the destructive vehicles and equipment instantly to experiment with different combinations of mayhem and chaos. With unlimited funds, upgrading your demolition tools is just a click away.

Unlimited Gems for All Power-Ups

Often in games like Building Destruction, quick power-ups that give you special abilities for a short time can only be activated by using in-game currency like Gems. Without enough gems, you can’t use powers that boost your damage or endlessly spawn ammo.

In this modded version, you get Unlimited Gems which means you can freely activate any power-ups without limitations. Now you can turn on multiple power-ups simultaneously to decimate buildings even faster. Spawn walls of missiles, boost damage multipliers, and more – all with unlimited gem reserves thanks to this Building Destruction mod!

Endless Demolition with Mod Menus

In addition to the core mod features, this Building Destruction mod also includes hidden Mod Menus to further enhance your destruction experience. With a few taps in-game, you can unlock Advanced Mod Menus giving you options to tweak the game.

Configure your preferences like infinite health, bigger explosions, faster build rates, and more. You can even set your weapon damage, blast radius, and other stats to God mode levels. The mod menus provide an endless sandbox of customization levers for you to experiment with different demolition scenarios.

Building Destruction MOD APK – Review

The Building Destruction MOD APK is a must-have for true destruction enthusiasts. By removing irritating ads, and providing unlocked mod features of unlimited ammo, money, and gems – it lets you focus entirely on your true passion, which is total urban annihilation! You get to experiment endlessly with different combinations of vehicles and power-ups. The hidden mod menus open up infinite new possibilities too.

Overall, if destruction simulations are your thing, then this modded Building Destruction game is guaranteed to provide hours of unrestricted fun and mayhem. So do yourself a favor and download this mod to unleash your inner beast and destructive tendencies without limitations. Happy wrecking!

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  • -Added 3 new test maps with physics -Added new map: Desert Village

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