SimulationCell to Singularity: Evolution

Cell to Singularity Evolution Mod APK Unlimited Money Menu v23.37

Cell to Singularity: Evolution
App Name Cell to Singularity: Evolution
Latest Version v.23.37
Last Updated
Publisher ComputerLunch
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 145 MB
Mods MOD MENU , Unlimited Currency, Unlimited money
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4.6 Rating (87) Votes

4.6 Rating (87 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Tap into the epic story of evolution, dinosaurs, technology and beyond
    • MOD MENU
    • Unlimited Currency
    • Unlimited money
    • Free Shopping
    • Currency increases instead of decrease
    • Free Buy Everything
    • unlimited coins
    • unlimited stars
    • unlimited energy
    • unlimited everything

Cell to Singularity Evolution Mod APK Unlimited Money Menu

Cell to Singularity Evolution is an intriguing simulation game that allows players to evolve simple life forms and guide their development to humanity. Starting as single-celled organisms, players must utilize optimization and adaptation to progress through eras from bacteria to early humans.

With its innovative gameplay and focus on scientific accuracy, Cell to Singularity Evolution immerses players in the epic journey of life on Earth in an educational yet highly entertaining experience.

The Evolution Never Stops with the Mod Menu

While the base game of Cell to Singularity Evolution already provides countless hours of engaging gameplay, the modded version takes things to an entirely new level.

By accessing the hidden MOD MENU, players can truly unlock the game’s full potential and continue evolving in totally new directions. This mod apk adds several powerful features that remove all limits and allow the evolution to continue infinitely.

Unlimited Currency for Unlimited Possibilities

One of the biggest advantages provided by the MOD MENU is Unlimited Currency. In the original game, players must carefully manage their resources as they research upgrades and adapt their organisms. However, with unlimited coins and stars, all financial constraints are removed.

Players can instantly purchase any upgrade, mutation, or adaptation without worrying about costs. This opens up limitless experimentation and optimization as there is no longer any need to consider affordability. Evolution can proceed at maximum speed without restraints.

Unlimited Money for Endless Shopping Sprees

Closely related to Unlimited Currency is the ability to enjoy Unlimited Money. With the mod’s free shopping feature, players can spend without spending. All items, upgrades, and bundles are available to be purchased without reducing money levels.

This allows trying out every single option the game has to offer without saving up first. New mutations, traits, environments, and more can be acquired in an instant. Players can truly experience the full extent of customization possibilities as money is no longer a limiting factor. Shopping sprees and experimentation become an endless delight.

Removing All Resource Limitations

By providing unlimited resources like coins, stars, money, and more, the MOD MENU efficiently tears down all the artificial barriers implemented in the original game. No longer will players need to carefully manage population sizes as food is unlimited. They need not worry about energy levels running out as they increase instead of decrease.

Even bundles that previously required real money can now be obtained for free. In essence, the mod transforms Cell to Singularity Evolution into a true sandbox where the only limits are one’s imagination. The evolution simulation becomes a creative endeavor without unnecessary restrictions.

MOD MENU: Accessing God Mode Powers

Of course, the true power of the mod lies in its namesake – the hidden MOD MENU. By triggering the menu, players can hack the game and access features normally restricted even with unlimited resources. Some options in the mod menu include:

Unlimited Currency Increase

Coins and stars now exponentially multiply with each new upgrade instead of the standard increases.

Unlimited Money Accumulation

Money accrues indefinitely instead of capping out, essentially giving an endless money pool.

Free Shopping Unlock

All bundles previously requiring real cash can now be obtained for free in-game money.

 Unlimited Resources

Food, energy, and population all become infinite eliminating all resource worries.

God Mode

Players are granted invincibility and the ability to skip eras/stages instantly.

Custom Genetic Code Hack

Mutation options can be fully customized beyond normal parameters.

With the various powers of the MOD MENU, players are essentially transformed into evolution gods, freely molding life through the ages however they desire. Creativity and scientific curiosity can truly flourish without any obstructions.

Experimenting with Untapped Evolutionary Possibilities

The limitless nature of the modded version opens up wild new directions for players to guide the evolution of life on Earth. Some experimental pathways that become possible include:

Skipping Ahead

Fast forwarding directly to advanced eras like mammals, primates, and humanity to design futuristic organisms.

Alternate Tree of Life

Guiding simple life down entirely new branches on the tree of life beyond what naturally occurred.

 Synthetic Organisms

Combining organic and mechanical elements to create hybrid lifeforms like robot animals or cyborg humans.

Designer Species

Refining organisms with highly customized traits like photosynthetic humans or aquatically adapted apes.

Utopian Civilizations

Nurturing societies with maximized traits like intelligence, health, and sustainability to engineer perfect advanced cultures.

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  • Leave stone in the past. The new Civilization: Bronze Age update has arrived! - Unlock nine new research nodes and Bronze Age garden. - Obtain Ziggurat of Ur and two other artifacts. - Experience a new garden view with Map Mode. - Discover two secret achievements. - Nanobots join the Mesozoic Valley. Enjoy this next advancement in human history. Stay cellular!

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