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CoinGecko App APK NFT Crypto Tracker

CoinGecko: NFT, Crypto Tracker
App Name CoinGecko: NFT, Crypto Tracker
Latest Version v.3.2.0
Publisher CoinGecko
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Web3 Apps Web3 Apps
Size 35.78 MB
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4.6 Rating (875) Votes

4.6 Rating (875 Votes )
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Crypto Portfolio Tracker, Live Price, Bitcoin Chart, Crypto News, Widget & NFT

CoinGecko – The Must-Have Crypto Price Tracker and Market Data Aggregator App

CoinGecko is a well known cryptocurrency tracking app that provides users with in-depth information and real time prices across thousands of cryptocurrencies. As one of the largest crypto data aggregators, the CoinGecko app has become a go-to resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This extensive article will take an exhaustive look at all the key features, data, and functionality available within the CoinGecko tracking app. Whether you are a beginner just getting started in crypto or a seasoned veteran, by the end of this deep dive, you will have a comprehensive understanding of everything the CoinGecko app has to offer.

As the cryptocurrency sector has exploded in popularity and valuation in recent times, keeping accurate tabs on thousands of digital assets across dozens of exchanges is a monumental task…unless you have the CoinGecko mobile app, that is! With CoinGecko’s versatile yet easy-to-navigate interface, discerning crypto investors everywhere can stay up-to-the-minute informed with just a few taps on their smartphone. Let’s delve deeper into this comprehensive crypto app and why it deserves a prime spot on every serious holder’s home screen.

CoinGecko App APK

Real-Time Coin Prices and Market Data

Staying on top of constantly fluctuating crypto prices across thousands of coins and tokens can only be possible with the right tools. The CoinGecko app makes tracking prices effortless by displaying real-time market data for over 5,000 cryptocurrencies. Users can check live coin prices, which are updated every few seconds directly on the app’s homepage or within individual coin profiles.

Beyond just prices, the app also provides key market metrics like trading volume, market cap rankings, and price charting. This allows users to gain valuable insights into different cryptocurrency projects’ overall health and momentum. They can easily see which coins are rising or falling the most each day. For technical analysis enthusiasts, the app supports daily, weekly and monthly price charts with indicators.

The depth of market data available sets CoinGecko apart from other crypto apps. Not only does it track major coins, but it also covers smaller altcoins that may need to be noticed on some exchanges. This is highly valuable for users who want to stay on top of emerging cryptocurrency trends before others. The real-time pricing and extensive coin coverage make CoinGecko a crypto trader’s dream app.

CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Tracking App: In-Depth Coin Information and Analytics

While prices are important, true crypto investors want to understand the potential and fundamentals behind each project. The CoinGecko app goes beyond surface-level data by providing deep coin profiles with a wealth of information.

Each cryptocurrency page delivers key statistics like current and maximum supply, market cap at all-time highs, algorithm type and consensus mechanism details. Most importantly, users can learn about what problem each project aims to solve through an objective description of the project and vision.

Advanced cryptocurrency tracking features within individual coin pages include the ability to favourite coins for quick access, set price and social media alerts, and view in-depth coin histories with all-time price action and event timelines. Charts can also be customized with indicators and time intervals to match a trader’s strategy best.

Power users will appreciate the developer API data and links to key social media channels, blockchain explorers and official documentation. This level of informational depth is why many see CoinGecko as the go-to app for serious cryptocurrency research. Whether evaluating new investment opportunities or tracking existing holdings, the depth of coin analytics must be maintained.

Extensive Data Analytics and Charts

Beyond just coin and market data, the CoinGecko app also empowers users with powerful analytics charts and visualizations. Customizable line, bar and candlestick charts display flexible time periods for any selected cryptocurrency. Popular indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD and RSI are integrated for technical analysis.

Advanced charting features allow chart comparisons of multiple coins simultaneously. This is extremely useful for spotting relative strengths and weaknesses across different crypto assets. Popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers also integrate seamlessly with the CoinGecko API for unified performance tracking.

The app goes above and beyond typical crypto price charts, including unique CoinGecko analytics views. Consumption charts map daily exchange inflow and outflow trends over time, exposing accumulation and distribution periods. Exchange inflow dominance views showcase which centralized exchanges are influencing prices the most on any given day.

Social media metrics are also visualized to gauge community engagement levels. These integrated analytical tools equip users to make more informed investment choices based on on-chain prices and social signals that typical crypto apps often overlook. With CoinGecko, traders gain a full macro perspective across all facets of data.

Additional Features For Tracking Crypto

Beyond the core pricing, data, and analytics features, the CoinGecko cryptocurrency tracking app also delivers some unique functionalities. Perhaps most notable is the built-in calendar of upcoming cryptocurrency events like hard forks, consensus rule changes, announcements and more.

Users can set reminders for upcoming events that impact coin prices or fundamentals. The app also publishes objective news updates directly from CoinGecko and aggregated news headlines from other crypto media outlets. Staying on top of breaking developments has always been challenging.

Advanced crypto traders will appreciate CoinGecko’sCoinGecko’s integrations with popular crypto exchange and wallet APIs. For example, users can view their complete exchange order histories and positions without needing to leave the app. Crypto funds, indexes and various other crypto products are also tracked.

Other unique CoinGecko app features include access to global exchange volume rankings, airdrop alerts, cryptocurrency categorization filters and weekly market data reports. All work seamlessly together to deliver a truly holistic crypto-tracking experience beyond any other mobile application.


Through its extensive library of real-time coin pricing, unmatched depth of project analytics, and powerful contextual charts and views, CoinGecko has established itself as the leading cryptocurrency tracking resource for traders, investors, and general enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are a beginner just looking to stay on top of market moves or an advanced digital asset investor evaluating opportunities, the CoinGecko app delivers an experience like no other mobile application. With regular updates and new features, it continues evolving to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Between the live coin prices, deep coin profiles, customizable charts integrated with on-chain data signals and more, it is clear why those in the know consider CoinGecko a necessity for modern crypto portfolio monitoring. The level of functionality paired with an intuitive interface makes it easy to recommend this app to anyone looking to take their cryptocurrency education and research to the next level.

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  • What's New - Portfolio is now called "Watchlist". Rest assured, aside from name, your experience with the feature will remain unchanged – all your current coins and NFTs will stay exactly where you expect them. Bug Fixes - Fixed missing/incorrect coin name on Portfolio transaction - Fixed scrolling issue on price alert - Fixed app performance issue What do you win from a muscle losing contest? Atrophy

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