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Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK Unlimited Money Ad free v1.1144

Construction Simulator 3
App Name Construction Simulator 3
Latest Version v.1.1144
Last Updated
Publisher astragon Entertainment GmbH
Requirements Android 9 Android 9
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 600 MB
Mods Unlimited Money, Adfree
Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (822) Votes

3.9 Rating (822 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Construction Simulator 3 returns to Europe!
    • Unlimited Money
    • Ads-Free
    • All cars unlocked
    • All vehicles unlocked
    • Unlock all levels
    • Unlocked max level

Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK: Unleash Your Potential as an Ultimate Construction Tycoon

With the Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK, you can enjoy unlimited gameplay possibilities in this hugely popular construction simulation game. The mod unlocks several powerful features that take your experience to a whole new level. Let’s take a deeper look at these mod features and how they enhance every aspect of your construction venture.

Unlimited Funds: Your Ticket to Tackling Gigantic Projects

One of the biggest headaches faced by players in the standard Construction Simulator 3 game is the limited funds. Having to manage a small budget can really curb your aspirations of tackling big commercial construction projects. Not anymore with the Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK! With unlimited money unlocked, you can now purchase any vehicle, machinery, or material without worrying about costs.

Need that giant excavator or heavy-duty bulldozer? They are all yours for the taking without denting your funds. Go wild building huge infrastructure projects, massive shopping malls, or towering skyscrapers without running out of cash. Be the ultimate construction boss worth millions with unlimited money always in your account.

Bank Balance Boost

With unlimited funds, your construction firm’s bank balance is constantly boosted so you never have to worry about costs. Purchase any vehicle, material, or asset without batting an eyelid.

Sky’s the Limit

Lofty projects that were previously considered too expensive can now be attempted. Construct megaprojects like multistory malls, airports, or seismic-proof skyscrapers on a budget of epic proportions.

Full Control

As the money flowing in is unlimited, you gain full autonomy over every aspect of planning, execution, and profitability without fiscal restrictions. Call all the shots as the ultimate construction magnate.

Ads-Free for Immersive Gameplay

One of the annoying things about playing free mobile games is having to sit through intrusive ads after every few levels or minutes of gameplay. Construction Simulator 3 is no exception with ads constantly interrupting the immersive construction experience.

But not anymore with the Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK! With ads completely removed, you can now enjoy flawless ad-free gameplay.

Get straight to driving bulldozers, operating cranes, and building megastructures without the frustration of constant ads. You paid for this massive excavator, so you deserve an ad-free experience using it without pesky commercial popups getting in the way. With ads gone, immerse yourself fully into the thrilling world of heavy construction machinery without any distractions.

No Disturbances

Engage fully in operating heavy vehicles and machinery without disruptive ads popping up. Stay focused on tasks without commercial interruptions.

Uninterrupted Fun

Ad breaks damage the continuous simulation experience. With the mod, enjoy seamless gameplay sessions without frustration from ads.

Premium Feel

Paying to remove ads provides a sense of entitlement. As the owner of powerful machines, demand an ad-free premium experience while living your construction dreams.

All Vehicles Unlocked for Flexibility

One of the challenging aspects of Construction Simulator 3 is having to slowly unlock newer and more powerful vehicles as you progress to higher levels.

This limits your options and flexibility in tackling different types of projects. But with the mod version, you can have instant access to the entire fleet! All vehicles, from smaller excavators and tractors to giant dump trucks and cranes, are unlocked for your usage from the very start.

Now you don’t have to restrict your project vision based on your current vehicle roster. Want to demolish an old building with a wrecking ball? How about clearing rubble with a huge wheel loader? You have the freedom to use any vehicle or machinery without having to unlock them one by one. Become the ultimate mogul with the strongest construction arsenal at your command right from the beginning.

No Unlocking Grind

Bypass the need to level up your character and slowly unlock vehicles one by one through tedious gameplay hours.

Flexibility Galore

Adjust your machinery selection based purely on the project needs without worrying about current roster limitations. Switch easily between backhoes, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and trucks.

Mastery from the Get-Go

Hone skills operating every type of machine right away rather than sticking to basic equipment initially. Learn advanced abilities with powerful heavyweights fast.

No More Waiting, All Levels and Max Level Unlocked

Part of the fun in Construction Simulator 3 is leveling up your skills and credentials by completing missions and contracts. But it can get tedious having to play for hours just to unlock new levels. With the Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK, you bypass all that waiting as all levels are instantly unlocked! Right from level 1, you have access to every construction mission and job site in the game.

Go wild building skyscrapers in the city or working on remote infrastructure projects in alpine regions. On top of all levels, the maximum player level is also unlocked, so you have achieved construction mastery and can call yourself a Pro Constructor! Never waste time leveling up and get straight to living out your construction fantasy on the biggest projects with all levels unlocked.

Every Level Unlocked

Immediately access the huge open world map and diverse range of construction sites across all game levels without tedious progression.

Maximum Rank Achieved

Reach the highest player level and status as a legendary constructor recognized industry-wide, surpassing everyone.

Construction Utopia

With no restrictions whatsoever, live your dream as the ultimate tycoon-builder tackling even futuristic megaprojects beyond normal expectations. Achieve engineering marvels on an unthinkable scale.

The Construction Simulator 3 mod takes an already immense simulation and enhances it multifold by removing all barriers. So gear up to unleash your fullest potential as the kingpin of the construction world!

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  • Fixed bug that led to inflated upkeep costs after purchasing the second homebase expansion.

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