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CyberVPN MOD APK Premium Unlocked v2.3.1

CyberVPN: IP Changer & VPN
App Name CyberVPN: IP Changer & VPN
Latest Version v.2.3.1
Last Updated
Publisher Cyber VPN
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 20 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (854) Votes

3.9 Rating (854 Votes )
Price: $ 0
CyberVPN MOD APK allows you to unlock premium features like unlimited bandwidth and server connections for free. This modded version of the popular CyberVPN app removes all advertisements and in-app purchases, giving you unrestricted access to the full suite of VPN features.
    • Premium Unlocked

CyberVPN MOD APK: Secure Networking Made Unlimited

With the modded version of CyberVPN, users are able to unlock the full power of one of the most popular VPN services without any limitations. By removing advertisements, in-app purchases and restrictive usage caps, this mod fundamentally transforms CyberVPN into a truly premium product that is free for everyone to enjoy.

You get unrestrained access to their largest global server network spanning over 150 countries, highest encryption levels and all core features without having to submit to throttling of data or simultaneous connections on multiple devices. Whether you want to safely access public WiFis, unblock geographically blocked content or just mask your online identity in general, CyberVPN MOD APK equips you with enterprise-grade security and networking freedoms that were previously only available to paying subscribers. With constant support from an independent developer community as well, it ensures a worry-free VPN experience on any Android phone remains unlimited for all.

Premium Unlocked

CyberVPN is one of the most popular and trusted VPN services available on Android. However, it’s standard paid apps and subscriptions come with limitations on simultaneous device connections and monthly data usage. The CyberVPN MOD APK removes these restrictions, allowing users to enjoy an ad-free premium VPN experience without any charges.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Connections

One of the best things about the modded CyberVPN APK is that it provides unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connections. With the original app, you would be limited to a certain amount of GBs worth of data per month depending on your subscription tier. The MOD version does away with these usage caps. You can stream, download, browse, and use the internet as much as you want through the VPN servers without worrying about hitting monthly limits. The mod also unlocks simultaneous connections on an unlimited number of devices, so you can protect all your Android phones, tablets, laptops, and more under one account.

No Ads or In-App Purchases

Another key advantage of the CyberVPN mod is the complete removal of ads and in-app purchases. The standard CyberVPN apps often display intrusive advertisements which can disrupt your browsing experience. They also try to upsell premium subscriptions through in-app promotions. The modded APK gets rid of all these and lets you use the full-featured VPN in pure ad-free bliss without any additional payments. You don’t have to see or deal with any promotional banners, pop-ups or IAP offers ever again.

Over 5000 Servers in 150+ Locations

With its vast global server network spread across more than 150 countries, CyberVPN provides excellent geographical coverage. Using the MOD version gives you unrestrained access to its pool of over 5000 servers. You can select the fastest VPN location near your physical area or spoof your online location to any other country/region. This is ideal for unblocking geo-restricted content on streaming platforms, accessing censored websites when traveling abroad, and protecting your identity on public WiFis while maintaining high speeds.

Advanced Encryption and WebShield Technology

For privacy and security, CyberVPN relies on industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption to protect all your online activity from snoopers and hackers. The modded app fully supports this bank-grade encryption without any limitations. It also has WebShield – a special feature that filters out malicious websites, malware downloads, and phishing attempts while you use the internet via the VPN. With advanced threat protection from the platform’s CyberSecurity Labs, you can browse fearlessly without the risk of exposing yourself to online threats.

No VPN Killswitch on Device Reboot

Most paid VPNs automatically reconnect once your device reboots to maintain a secure tunnel. However, with the free version or certain subscription plans, this kill switch may not activate on reboot, leaving your real IP exposed momentarily. The CyberVPN MOD APK ensures the kill switch is always enabled even without a premium membership. So your online identity and data will remain fully covered even during unexpected disconnections on account of network outages or phone restarts.

Split Tunneling for Selective Traffic Routing

Sometimes you may want certain apps like online banking or work tools to access local networks directly rather than tunnel through the VPN. CyberVPN’s split tunneling feature allows the discretionary classification of apps as tunneled or excluded from the VPN. While using any other app your regular internet connection will still be routed through and secured by the VPN. This gives you granular control over network traffic on a per-app basis for optimal speed and accessibility.

Multimedia Streaming Without Buffering

Streaming and downloading large media files over a VPN can sometimes lead to buffering issues due to throttling of bandwidth-intensive traffic. However, CyberVPN is optimized for smooth multimedia streaming across all platforms. Its global network has sufficient bandwidth headroom to avoid stutters while watching or sharing videos, movies, and songs on popular services like YouTube, Netflix, and more. The mod further amplifies this capability by removing all bandwidth caps. So you won’t face any buffering lags even when binge-watching your favorite shows in HD quality through the VPN connection.

Intuitive yet Powerful Feature Set

While acting as a frontend facelift to the full functionality of CyberVPN’s app, this mod maintains the same elegant and intuitive interface. Setting up a connection is just a tap away with the easy quick-connect buttons. There are also advanced options available under configurable settings to customize parameters like protocol, encryption, bandwidth allocation, etc. to optimize performance as per your network conditions and usage preferences. A built-in internet kill switch further fortifies online security if the VPN accidentally drops. All in all, it offers a very comprehensive yet simplified VPN experience on any Android device.

One-Tap Kill Switch

The mod also features an enhanced one-tap kill switch that secures your internet access at the app layer before the OS-level one gets activated on network disruptions. This gives an extra layer of immediate protection against exposure compared to standard VPNs where there may be a lag before the lower-level kill switch kicks in. With this additional app-based firewall, your online identity stays veiled even during sub-second disruptions or if the OS-level switch fails to initiate for some reason.

Use Anywhere – No Root Required

Unlike some mods that need root access, this CyberVPN mod APK is designed for hassle-free operation on any stock/non-rooted Android phone or tablet without tripping SafetyNet. You don’t have to jailbreak or tweak your device configuration either. Just install the modded app like any regular app from the internet and login with your account credentials to start leveraging the unlimited premium feature set right away. It seamlessly incorporates whatever permissions it needs during installation to function properly without root.

Bypassing Blocking Attempts

Certain schools, offices, or public WiFis may try to prevent access to VPN services for security or traffic management reasons. But this mod is tweaked to evade detection from basic blocking methods employed by firewalls. Through sophisticated protocol tweaks and obfuscation techniques, it can usually bypass simple restrictions and keep your browsing fully private even on restrictive networks that don’t allow VPN usage explicitly. However, there is no guarantee it will work past advanced enterprise-grade firewall implementations.

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