Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK MENU God Mode v4.34.0

Latest Version v.4.34.0
Last Updated
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 272 MB
Mods MENU, One Hit, Crystals, God Mode
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (542) Votes

4.4 Rating (542 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Summon your favorite DRAGON BALL characters for battle in this anime action game
    • Mod Menu
    • God Mode
    • One Hit Kill
    • Always Crit
    • Unlimited Ki
    • Complete Challenge
    • All Card Give DragonBall
    • No Swap Cooldown
    • Unlock Goggle Play
    • unlimited crystals
    • Unlimited Rising Rush Skill
    • Unlimited Vanish
    • all characters unlocked
    • unlimited everything
    • unlimited money

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK – Unlock the True Power with MOD Menu God Mode

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the most popular anime fighting games on mobile, giving fans the thrill of assembling and upgrading a dream team of their favorite Dragon Ball characters. With its amazingly detailed 2D/3D graphics and smooth gameplay, Legends authentically recreates the intensity of iconic Dragon Ball battles.

However, the default version of the game has certain restrictions that can hamper your progress and enjoyment over time. This is where Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK comes in, featuring a selection of mod features that take your battles to a whole new level of power and convenience.

Mod features

Mod Menu: Unlock Godlike Powers with a Single Tap

One of the most impactful mod features in Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is the inclusion of a fully-featured mod menu. With just a few taps in this menu, you can activate crucial mods like God Mode and One Hit Kill that turn you into an unstoppable force.

The mod menu also grants access to other enhancements like always scoring critical hits, unlimited ki, rising rush use, no swap cooldown, and more. This allows you to effortlessly breeze through even the most difficult Legend Road or Challenge battles without having to worry about stats, damage received, or other normal limitations. You can focus entirely on enjoying epic clashes against opponents without fear of defeat.

God Mode: Become Unstoppable with Invincibility

One of the headline features in the mod menu is God Mode. Activating this mod turns your selected character invincible, making them unable to receive any damage from opponents’ attacks. You can then storm through enemy teams, taking out fighter after fighter with ease.

Coupled with other activated mods like One Hit Kill and unlimited resources, God Mode essentially makes your character a literal god in battles. No opponent stands a chance against the divine powers granted by this mod feature. It’s the perfect way to three-star difficult event missions or breeze through PvP matches without breaking a sweat.

One Hit Kill: End Battles in a Single Attack

Tired of long, dragged out matches? The One Hit Kill mod is here to solve that problem. Once activated, any attack from your character will instantly defeat the opponent, regardless of their health or defenses. This means you no longer have to spend time combing or powering up ultimate moves – a single tap is all it takes to end the battle.

Pair this with God Mode for unstoppable offense and you have an effortless path to victory every time. While some may argue it removes strategy from PvP, One Hit Kill is undeniably fun and satisfying for breezing through the mountains of PvE content in Legends.

Always Crit: Maximize Damage Output Consistently

Damage output is crucial in Legends battles and the Always Crit mod boosts it to the maximum. With this mod enabled, every strike and blast card from your fighter will land as a critical hit. This deals significantly increased damage compared to normal hits.

The constant critical hits allow you to power through opponents and their defenses at lightning speed. It synergizes perfectly with One Hit Kill for instant KO potential with each tap of the screen. For PvE grinds or three-starring difficult missions, the extra burst from Always Crit is incredibly valuable in cutting down clear times.

Unlimited Resources: Infinite Potential Without Limits

One of the biggest appeals of Legends MOD APK is the unlocking of unlimited resources through its mod features. This includes critical mods like Unlimited Ki, which removes all management and allows infinite card usage in battles. It pairs well with Always Crit and One Hit Kill for hyper offensive play.

Mods are also included for Unlimited Rising Rush Skill uses and indefinitely refilled substitution counts with No Swap Cooldown. But the biggest resource boost comes from Unlimited Crystals – the premium currency in Legends. With infinite crystals courtesy of this mod, you can summon as much as you like on any banner without constraints. All the top new characters and builds are now within easy reach.

Complete Challenges Effortlessly

Legend Road and Challenge Rush missions in Legends can really put player skills to the test. But the Legends MOD APK makes light work of them with its array of assistive mods. Mod features like All Cards Give Dragon Balls and God Mode allows you to trigger Rising Rush and finish challenges in mere moments.

For those looking to get all rewards and characters, this is a much more stress-free approach than repeating the same levels for hours on end. Even the latest Extreme Co-Op challenges are a breeze with these advantages backing your team. All the top rewards now become readily available with minimal effort.

All Characters Unlocked

One of the most anticipated new characters in Legends releases is the summon-only Ultra units that boost certain teams to new heights. However, acquiring specific new units can take huge amounts of luck and currency as a free-to-play player. This frustration is eliminated with the All Characters Unlocked mod, which provides instant access to every single unit presently or eventually added to the game.

Now you can run any team composition you like without artificial barriers. The enjoyment of team-building and experimenting rises to new levels. For collectors and PvP players alike, this mod spells unlimited team-building freedom.

Unparalleled Customization and Personalization

At its core, Dragon Ball Legends is about assembling your dream team to recreate legendary moments from the anime. The MOD version empowers players to fulfill this fantasy without bounds. Not only does it unlock all characters, but it also grants limitless resources to fully 14-star and soul boost all units to max potential instantly.

On top of this, customization is further expanded through mods like editing character stats, levels, and other values directly through game files. This allows wild experimentation and truly personalized gameplay beyond the normal parameters set by the developers. The gameplay becomes an authentic canvas for players to indulge their creativity and passion for Dragon Ball.

Redefined Mobile Gaming Experience

With its abundance of game-changing mods and tweaks, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK redefines what’s possible on a mobile title. It removes all unnecessary constraints and barriers that may hamper a player’s enjoyment or progress. For veterans seeking a fresh challenge after dominating the vanilla game, or new players looking to experience the lore and action without limitations, this modified version is unparalleled.

Players can now focus entirely on what they love most – reliving epic Dragon Ball battles – without ever facing frustration over grinding, poor summon luck, or limited resources. If experiencing the true limitless potential of your favorite franchise in the palm of your hands sounds appealing, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a must-try mobile game.


  • 【Issues Fixed】 - Fixed various bugs

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