DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Mod APK Free purchase v5.16.2

Latest Version v.5.16.2
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Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Action Action
Size 187 MB
Mods MOD Menu, One Hit Kill, God Mode, All Challenges Completed
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4.6 Rating (458) Votes

4.6 Rating (458 Votes )
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Dragon Ball game
    • MOD Menu
    • One Hit Kill
    • God Mode
    • All Challenges Completed
    • Free purchase
    • unlimited dragon stones
    • unlimited everything
    • unlimited money

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE – The Ultimate DBZ Experience with Powerful Modded Features

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the most popular anime-based fighting and collecting games on mobile. As a faithful recreation of the DBZ universe, it allows fans to battle with their favorite characters and collect powerful cards. However, the default experience can be quite limited. This is where the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK comes in, taking the gameplay to the next level with unlocked features that give you godlike power.

Unleashing Your Inner Saiyan God with the MOD Menu

One of the biggest advantages of the modded version is the inclusion of a robust MOD menu. With just a few taps, this menu allows you to access features that would otherwise require grinding for hours. Want to start as a formidable Super Saiyan God? The MOD menu has you covered.

Tired of losing battles? Enable the God Mode for an instant win every time. Want to experience the end-game content right away? Tick the box to complete all challenges. The MOD menu truly makes you a Saiyan god amongst regular players, allowing you to effortlessly dominate opponents with hacks that were previously unthinkable without mods.

Mastering Ultra Instinct with One-Hit-Kill

While the MOD menu enhances your overall abilities, nothing highlights your power like the One-Hit-Kill feature. With this activated, just a single touch is enough to defeat even the strongest enemies in the game, be it in events, story mode, or online battles.

You’ll feel just like Goku at the peak of Ultra Instinct, effortlessly ending fights before your opponents can even react. Combined with other hacks, it makes you an almost unstoppable force in the DBZ universe that no regular character or team can hope to challenge. Talk about living out your dreams of being an all-powerful Super Saiyan!

Unlimited Stamina and Resources for Endless Dragon Ball Action

Of course, to get the most out of your godlike powers, you need unmatched resources. That’s where features like unlimited Dragon Stones, Zeni, and other in-game currencies come in. With the mod, you’ll never find yourself waiting to restore stamina or unable to summon new characters due to a lack of Dragon Stones. You can keep battling eternally without pause.

Combined with the aforementioned hacks, it means having the ultimate DBZ experience of living the show non-stop, taking on challenge after challenge without limitations. You’ll always be at peak power with endless supplies and never-ending combat. It’s the closest any DBZ game has come to simulating being an actual character from the anime!

MODDED Dokkan Battle – The Features Explained

From the MOD menu down to unlimited resources, this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Modded version truly packs in features galore that take the gameplay to an unprecedented level. But what do each of these hacks entail in detail? Below is a closer examination:

MOD Menu

This is the control center, allowing access to God Mode, completing all challenges, and more with just a few taps.

God Mode

Ensures you take 0 damage from opponents and can’t be defeated no matter what. Perfect for testing teams without risks.

Complete all Challenges

Automatically finish all story events, Boss Rushes, and other end-game content so you can start using those extra powerful reward units right away.


A single touch is enough to defeat any enemy. Feel like the legendary Goku at his most powerful to easily dominate opponents.

Unlimited Dragon Stones

Never run out of stones to do summons and always have enough to restore stamina without waiting.

Unlimited Zeni/Other Currencies

Infinite money means maxing out all your units’ Super Attack levels right off the bat. No grinding is needed.

Free Purchase

Can buy anything from the in-game shop freely without using any currency. A true pay-to-win experience!

So in summary, these hacks let you bypass the usual grinding, unlock end-game content instantly, and enhance your battle capabilities to become nearly unbeatable. It’s the ideal way for any DBZ fan to experience the game without restrictions.

Master the Dragon Ball Universe with Unlimited Potential

In conclusion, the modded Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle APK takes everything great about this beloved franchise game and amplifies it to a whole new level. With hacks that unlock god modes, infinite resources, and the ability to dominate opponents with ease, it provides the ultimate power fantasy for any DBZ enthusiast. You truly feel like you’ve stepped into the anime yourself with unlimited potential and abilities.

Whether you want to test the limits of your teams or just want a stress-free experience, this mod is an absolute must-have. To unlock your inner Saiyan god today and take your Dokkan Battle experience beyond anything achievable in the regular version!

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  • v5.16.2 - Fixed some bugs. v5.16.1 - Adjusted the user interface in battles. - Added information on Extreme Z-Awakening to the "Dokkan Awakenings" page. - Adjusted the Pixel Character. - Fixed some bugs.

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