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Drive Ahead MOD APK v4.6.0 Menu Unlimited Money All Unlocked

Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles
App Name Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles
Latest Version v.4.6.0
Last Updated
Publisher Dodreams Ltd
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Racing Racing
Size 478 MB
Mods Menu, Unlimited Money, All Unlocked
Google Playstore

4 Rating (2) Votes

4 Rating (2 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Crazy multiplayer fun! Collect & battle with stunt cars. Stylized pixel racing.
    • Mega Menu
    • Dumb and Weak Enemy
    • Massive Damage/linked with the enemy
    • Disabled Ads display
    • You can get free stuff without watching ads/for example, spinning the roulette wheel after the end of the match

Drive Ahead Takes Driving to New Levels with MOD Menu

The open highways are yours to dominate in Drive Ahead MOD APK. This modified version of the addictive vehicle combat game unlocks the true power to build an invincible armada. Players gain unfettered access to an endless stockpile of coins, fuel, and scrap materials through this mod.

Upgrade and customize an infinite variety of cars and trucks to tackle any terrain with premium nitro boosters, armor plating, and deadlier weapons. Reinforce vehicles with super-charged engines ensuring record top speeds and heavyweight tires capable of mowing down all in their path.

Then smash through highways, deserts, and mountains against opponents who don’t stand a chance. With access to an endless fleet of MODDED monsters on wheels, assert total reign over the virtual roadways. Boost past traffic with unmatched horsepower knowing resources will never deplete. Conquer every circuit and dethrone all rival bosses to cement domination as the top dog of the open road in Drive Ahead MOD APK!

In Drive Ahead, players take part in outrageous car races and stunt competitions to build their garages of vehicles. However, the default version presents limitations slowing one’s progress to automotive glory. Not so with Drive Ahead Mod APK unlocking infinite possibilities! With this modification, racing mastery knows no restrictions. Unlock every car, upgrade, and track from the get-go. Moreover, configure custom rulesets allowing wholly novel gameplay innovations.

The modded version of Drive Ahead provides users with an unparalleled driving experience by removing all restrictions. With the MOD installed, you can enjoy the game’s full potential without any hassles. Let’s take a detailed look at some key PRO features in the Drive Ahead MOD APK.

Drive Ahead has captured players globally with its top-down driving warfare gameplay between mutant cars on dramatic post-apocalyptic maps. However, the standard experience, while fun, has limits. Now, through modding, Drive Ahead unleashes its full potential like never before. It is introducing this Modded APK, bringing an unlocked menu granting limitless control and customization right from the main screen.

Mega Menu: Powerful Interface to MOD Modes

One of the first things players will notice after installing the mod is the expanded main menu. The standard app only has basic options to select a career mode, multiplayer, shop, etc. But in the MOD version, a mega menu has been added, which is packed with tons of additional selections. You get direct access to unlock all cars, tracks, bonuses and much more from this enhanced menu itself. No need to grind for hours – tap and own everything instantly!

Drive Ahead

Weak and Dumb A. I for Easy Domination

In the original game, the AI opponent drivers can perform a decent fight on higher difficulty levels. Their cars are well-tuned, and they know how to defend their position on the track. However, with the MOD APK, this challenge is removed. Computer drivers will behave dumbly, and their cars will be purposely made much weaker. This allows you to overtake them and win races without stress easily. The races almost feel like a cruise!

Deal Massive Damage with Single Hits

Are you tired of those long, drawn-out races where you need lap after lap to defeat all your opponents? There is no problem with this MOD. You are given instant mega damage capability, which allows you to take out multiple cars with just one nudge. Plus, your vehicle gets magically linked or attached to enemies on contact. So, a single bump is enough to remove 3-4 drivers together from the race. Within moments, you will be left alone on the track to enjoy a peaceful victory lap!

Skip Ads for Instant Rewards

One of the most irritating aspects of free-to-play mobile games is the insistence on displaying ads. Even simple actions like watching replays or spinning the price roulette come with an ad price tag. But with this hacked APK, all in-game advertisements stand permanently disabled. You can freely enjoy the rewards and bonuses without any interruptions. Need some free cash? Just spin the wheel and collect without ads obstructing your fun time.

Unlimited Money & Resources

Money is the lifeblood of any in-game economy. But Drive Ahead’s standard version is very limited, and you need to keep earning penny by penny. This slow income restricts your ability to buy cool new vehicles, upgrade parts and customize aesthetics. The mod fixes that issue by granting an infinite money balance right from the start. Now, the sky is the limit when it comes to spending – buy the rarest cars or fully max out your garage without worries. You also get unlimited funds for repairs, tuning, stickers and crew slots. Resources like tickets and coins are unlimited, too, for continuous gameplay.

All Cars & Tracks Unlocked

One of the ultimate goals for any enthusiast is to own their dream collection of exotic sports cars in the virtual world. Sadly, through sheer grinding, the legit Drive Ahead app takes ages to unlock even basic cars. Thanks to this PRO hacked version, the car roster stands open in its entirety right from the beginning. Every single vehicle present in the game – be it hypercars, trucks or retro classics – can now be added freely to the garage with a single click. Track selection is also fully unlocked to race to your heart’s content on all maps and arena circuits.

Character Customization Without Limits

Personalizing an in-game avatar with cool gear and outfits gives a sense of progression and identity. However, options are only limited with spending real money. This MOD resolves that by unlocking the entire character customization catalogue for free custom use. Choose any player model, paint jobs, decals, helmets, suits or accessories without restrictions. Design unique liveries or overhaul the style completely – possibilities are endless.

Multiple Save Slots

A useful yet underrated addition in modded games is multiple save slots. It allows maintaining different game profiles, like trying different builds or playing with friends/family on the same device. The hacked Drive Ahead Mod Apk takes it further by incorporating unlimited custom save slots manually created or loaded as needed. No more hassles of overwriting current progress – save your racer’s stats separately in different slots for ultimate flexibility.

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