DYSMANTLE MOD APK Menu Mod Unlocked All v1.3.0.04

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Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
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Size 485 MB
Mods Unlocked everything, Menu Mod, God Mode
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3.8 Rating (290) Votes

3.8 Rating (290 Votes )
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The open world action RPG where you ruin everything.
    • God Mode
    • All Unlocked
    • High Damage
    • unlimited everything
    • Unlocked Inventory Slot
    • Free craft and upgrade
    • Add EXP
    • unlimited money and gems


Dismantle is one of the most intriguing post-apocalyptic adventure games available on Android. As you explore the remnants of modern civilization and scavenge for resources to craft equipment, you’ll face dangers around every corner. While the challenging survival gameplay offers plenty to love, some players may find themselves limited by certain in-game restrictions. Thankfully, the Dysmantle Mod Apk brings an unparalleled experience that truly unleashes the game’s full potential.

With the mod’s unlock of everything and infinite resources, you can devote all your attention to exploration, combat, and crafting without tedious grinding getting in the way. Read on to learn exactly what this mod has to offer and how it transforms Dysmantle into the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure.

God Mode: Become an Unstoppable Force

One of the most impactful changes the Dysmantle Mod Apk introduces is its God Mode ability. With this feature activated, your character becomes practically invincible, able to withstand any attack from the dangerous mutants and bosses you’ll encounter. No longer will a single misstep lead to an untimely demise – you can now face off against even the fiercest foes without fear of death.

This allows you to focus solely on mastering combat techniques, testing various weapon builds, and experimenting freely without punishment. It’s the perfect way to experience the game’s combat when you simply want unfettered action without consequences. God Mode truly turns you into an unstoppable force that can dominate any battle.

All Resources and Crafting Unlocked

With resources no longer a concern, you’ll be freed up to dedicate your efforts fully to exploring the vast post-apocalyptic regions of Dysmantle. The mod unlocks everything related to crafting, allowing you to immediately access all recipes and bypass the normal material requirements entirely. You’ll be able to rapidly test out new gear builds and upgrades.

The Inventory Is Your Oyster

A major quality-of-life improvement comes from the Dysmantle mod unlocking unlimited inventory space. No more will your backpack and stash fill up quickly, forcing monotonous sorting and managing. With infinite carrying capacity, you won’t have to choose between looting valuable resources or keeping useful gear. You can pick up and store anything you find to your heart’s content.

The Experience Is Endless

Furthermore, playing levels with unlimited character experience means achieving new abilities is effortless. Simply engage in activities like exploring, fighting enemies, or crafting to continuously power up your survivor. No need to repeat lower-level zones or delete and remake characters when you reach the maximum level cap. The gameplay remains fresh as your character’s progress knows no bounds.

Mod Features Expand the Adventure

The mod brings an unparalleled level of freedom and empowerment to the Dysmantle experience. But there are even more ways it takes the game further beyond its limits. Let’s break down some of the key mod features:

High Damage: Dominate Enemies

With damage amped up massively, you can shred through hordes of mutants like they’re nothing. A few solid hits are all it takes to eliminate even the most threatening bosses. Coupled with God Mode’s protection, you become a one-man wrecking crew that can effortlessly prevail against any opposition.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Financial restrictions disappear as the mod grants infinite currency. You’ll never find yourself short on funds to acquire new weapons, armor, base parts, or crafting recipes from vendors. And with the crafting system fully unlocked, money is purely for decoration at that point anyway. Gorge to your heart’s content on the finest post-apocalyptic gear and tools.

Free Crafting and Upgrades

As mentioned, all costs for crafting, upgrading gear, extending your base, and researching new blueprints are eliminated. You can immediately enjoy the strongest possible equipment without grinding resources or sacrificing hard-earned cash and materials. Experiment freely with different item combinations to find your favorite loadouts.

Experience Boost

If God Mode’s automatic leveling isn’t enough, the mod can also instantly add massive amounts of experience on demand. Within seconds, max out your abilities and become an unstoppable survivor ready to take on any challenge. Coupled with the damage upgrade, you’ll cut through enemies like butter at the peak of power.

 Master Mutant Combat

With the safety net of God Mode and upgraded damage output, engaging enemies becomes a thrilling dance. Practice perfecting combos, testing unusual weapon combinations, and experimenting with creative tactics as you dismantle threat after threat.

Without fear of death, focus fully on fluid movement and devastating attacks to dominate any foe. Discover clever strategies for battling even the mightiest enemies and bosses with ease. Truly master the combat in this post-apocalyptic world.

 Exploration Without Boundaries

Free from the tedium of resource management or level limitations, you can set out into Dysmantle’s wastelands without any hesitations. Seek out every nook and cranny across the huge Map.

Uncover long-hidden secrets, and powerful loot and unlock the full scope of this post-apocalyptic playground the developers crafted. With infinite carry capacity and access to the strongest gear right away, nothing can stand in the way of your adventure into unknown frontiers. Chart every inch of the remnants of human civilization.

 Crafting Mastery

Immerse yourself in honing your survivor’s crafting abilities. Spend hours testing imaginative blueprint combinations without the constraints of farming materials or level gating. Seek to create the perfect armor, melee weapons, ranged tools, and more through experimentation.

Share your innovative designs with others online. Delve deep into mechanical and chemical enhancement possibilities. Truly dedicate yourself to becoming the ultimate crafts-survivor with the mod’s complete unlock.

 Base Building Bliss

With limitless resources at your disposal, constructing the ultimate shelter base is simple. Freely arrange interior rooms, craft stations, and defensive structures without budget restraints.

Personalize your compound however you envision, whether that means elaborate fortifications, underground tunnels, or mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile mobile outposts. Show off your architectural ingenuity without imposed limits getting in the way. Welcome fellow survivors to tour your magnum opus haven.

In conclusion, the Dysmantle Mod Apk transforms an already engrossing post-apocalyptic survival game into an unparalleled experience. With all the mod’s enhancements, you can fully immerse yourself in combat mastery, endless exploration, crafting experimentation, and more without persistent barriers.

It is truly the ultimate way to play Dysmantle and experience everything the game has to offer. Download this mod today to elevate your adventure to infinite new heights within this enthralling world. The wastelands have never been more yours to dominate.


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