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Edge Gestures MOD APK Full Mod Extra v1.11.10

Edge Gestures
App Name Edge Gestures
Latest Version v.1.11.10
Last Updated
Publisher ChYK the dev
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 3 MB
Mods Full Mod Extra
Google Playstore

4.7 Rating (267) Votes

4.7 Rating (267 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Edge Gestures MOD APK allows you to perform quick actions with swipe gestures from the edges of your device's screen. The full mod version removes all ads and unlocks premium features like customizing gestures.
    • Full Mod Extra

Edge Gestures MOD APK: An Easy Way to Customize Gesture Controls

Edge Gestures is an app that lets you customize various swipe gestures from the edges of your device’s screen to perform actions like going back, opening apps, toggling the flashlight, and more. With its intuitive interface and wide range of customization options, Edge Gestures helps you navigate and control your device more simply.

The Edge Gestures MOD APK builds upon the popular Edge Gestures app by unlocking all of its premium features for free. Edge Gestures is already an excellent app that lets you perform various customized actions just by swiping from the edges of your Android device’s screen. However, there are certain limitations in its free version such as restricted gestures, ads, and limited customization options.

The modded APK completely removes these restrictions to give you unfettered control over your gesture setup. For example, you can set unique swipe actions for each individual screen edge – left, right, top and bottom. This was not possible earlier and greatly enhances navigation. The mod also lets you select specific apps where the edge gestures will not work, so there is no accidental gesture activation while gaming.

In addition to fuller customization abilities, the Edge Gestures MOD APK also gets rid of in-app ads. The stock app shows advertisements periodically which can intrude your workflow. The mod offers an ad-free experience throughout. Under the hood, it also adds some extra mod features borrowed from custom Android ROMs like gestures disable option when the screen is off or while charging.

Overall, the Edge Gestures MOD APK lets you take the already robust edge gesture personalization to the next level. With complete freedom and unrestricted customization options available for free, it is a must have for enthusiasts looking to optimize the edges of their Android devices.

Customizing Edge Gestures

One of the standout features of Edge Gestures is how customizable the gestures are. You get over 20 different edge gestures to choose from like swipe up/down, left/right, or diagonal swipes. Each gesture can be assigned to open a specific app, toggle quick settings, screenshot, call or text contact, and more. There are also system actions like ‘Back’, ‘Home’, and ‘Recent Apps’. You can even create folders to group related actions together for easier access.

Edge Gestures MOD APK: Get Premium Unlocked

While the free version of Edge Gestures is already quite full-featured, the Edge Gestures MOD APK takes things to the next level by unlocking all premium features for free. With the mod, you get ads removed and access to advanced customization options. Key premium features unlocked in the mod include setting separate gestures for each screen edge, toggling Gestures on a per-app basis, customizing gesture sensitivity, and more.

Mod Features of Edge Gestures MOD APK

The modded version of Edge Gestures comes with additional custom ROM-inspired features not found in the original app. Here are some highlights:

Full Mod Extra: Unlock all gestures without any limits. The original app restricts gestures like navigating pages with swipes on the bottom edge. The mod removes all such restrictions for full customization.

No Ads: The free app shows ads in between your gestures which can get annoying. The modded APK removes all ads so you have a clutter-free experience.

Edge Swipes: Independently customize swipe gestures for all 4 screen edges left, right, top, and bottom. You get way more options to trigger actions intuitively.

Custom Sensitivity: Set the swipe speed required to trigger each gesture. Great for adjusting based on your hand size and grip. Helps minimize accidental triggers.

App Exclusions: Select apps where gestures will not work to avoid conflicts. For example, disable gestures in games to avoid false touches.

ROM Features: Gets extra toggles like disabling gestures while charging similar to some custom ROMs. Boosts productivity.

Overall, the Edge Gestures MOD APK is a must-have if you are looking to take full control of your Android navigation with customizable gestures. With the mods, you can optimize the experience as per your needs without any restrictions. Just download the unlocked APK to enjoy all premium features for free.

Optimizing Edge Gestures for Searchability

To make the Edge Gestures app and mod more discoverable, here are some important search keywords to target:

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– Edge gesture app unlocked
– Edge swipes customization android
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– One-handed mode top bottom edges mod
– Navigation buttons replacement edge loaded mods
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Focusing on these relevant keywords will help users search for terms like “edge gestures customization”, “edge shortcuts app”, and “android gestures mod” easily discover this guide on Edge Gestures MOD APK. Publishers should optimize the on-page text and metadata accordingly to rank for the high-intent searches around edge gesture customization on Android.

In conclusion, Edge Gestures is a handy app that allows complete gesture customization on Android. The modded version takes it to the next level by removing all restrictions. With features like independent edge configuration, ad-free experience, and custom sensitivity, the Edge Gestures MOD APK helps you control your phone intuitively with full freedom. Power users looking to utilize every bit of their Android device’s edges will find this mod extremely useful.

  • - supports German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese - fixed some issues on Android 9 or lower versions - fixed unstable edge position issues on some devices - fixed some issues on the landscape mode - fixed some bugs

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