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Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.6.75

Epic Battle Simulator 2
App Name Epic Battle Simulator 2
Latest Version v.1.6.75
Last Updated
Publisher Rappid Studios
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 67 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Unlimited diamonds
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (251) Votes

4.3 Rating (251 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Are you ready to experience the most epic strategies of your life? Don't wait!
    • Unlimited money
    • Unlimited diamonds
    • unlock all characters
    • no ads
    • free shopping

 Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK

Epic Battle Simulator 2 is one of the most popular strategy and army battle games available on Android. Players can control massive armies and engage in epic multiplayer battles.

However, the default version of the game includes some limitations like a limited amount of in-game currency. With the Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK, these restrictions are removed for an enhanced gameplay experience.

Unlimited Funds for Maximum Battle Strategizing

One of the biggest frustrations of the default game is the limited funds available to build out armies and upgrade troops. This MOD APK removes that frustration by providing Unlimited Money. Players will never have to worry about being strapped for coins again.

With infinite money at their disposal, strategies can be tested to their fullest potential without artificial restraints. Troops, weapons, armor, and all other upgrades can be purchased without limit. Tactical decision-making is no longer hampered by insufficient funds.

Boundless Diamonds for Non-Stop Battling

Another standard limitation done away with in this modified version is the limited supply of Diamonds. Diamonds are needed to access special features like reviving full armies after losses. But the default number provided is paltry.

This MOD APK ensures Unlimited Diamonds so players can revive troops endlessly and try new strategies without pause. Failed attacks or defenses can instantly be reattempted rather than waiting hours for Diamond replenishment. Strategic experimentation is maximized.

Access to All Troops from the Start

Normally, upgrading buildings and reaching certain in-game levels is required to unlock newer and more powerful unit types. This process can take dozens of hours even for veteran players. The Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK simplifies matters by instantly Unlocking All Characters.

Every unit available, from basic swordsmen all the way up to giant mechs and magical beasts, can be utilized from the moment of installation. Complex strategies incorporating a wide variety of troops are possible right away rather than having to grind for hours. Players are free to focus on crafting the optimal force rather than wasting time with basic early units.

Ads Eliminated for Uninterrupted Fun

Intrusive ads are commonly shown between battles or when accessing special features on the standard version. Not only are they an annoyance, but they also disrupt the flow of strategizing and commanding armies. This MOD APK ensures No Ads playback at all.

The gaming session can proceed unimpeded without unnecessary stops. Strategic thinking is not broken up by unwanted ads. Players are fully immersed in the battlefield without outside commercial interruption.

Unlimited Purchasing Power in the Shop

Beyond infinite funds and all unlocks, this modified version also allows for Free Shopping in the in-game store. Normally certain troops, upgrades, and items cost currency or Gems to purchase. But with this MOD APK, everything in the shop tab can be acquired freely without expenditure.

Not a single resource needs to be spent to completely customize loadouts. Every strategic tool is available for experimenting at will. loadouts. Every strategic tool is available for experimenting at will.

Mod Features in Depth

Unlimited Money: An In-Depth Look

As mentioned, the default currency limitation of Epic Battle Simulator 2 is removed through this mod. Players are provided infinite coins from the moment of installing the MOD APK. But what exactly does this entail and how does it impact gameplay? With unlimited coins, any expense in the game becomes trivial. Barracks, factories, legions of troops – all upgrades can be purchased immediately without pause.

Failed attacks can instantly be rebuilt into new formations rather than waiting for earnings. Massive multidivisional armies including aerial units, tanks, infantry, and heroes are realized without restraint. Coins are no bottleneck to tactical experimentation. Grand strategies become quickly viable. Multiplayer assaults and defense can field constantly evolving forces. Overall strategic depth and complexity are amplified tremendously.

Limitless Diamonds: Maximizing Reinforcements

While unlimited money enables building out peak standing forces, unlimited diamonds empower constant reinforcing and adaption. With infinite gems, any losses can be instantly restored to full strength. New reinforcements arrive in the blink of an eye rather than after delays. Tactics may be fearlessly tested against superior enemies.

Strategic pivots become feasible in the heat of battle rather than hoping for a long-term economic comeback. Flanking maneuvers leaving flanks exposed become viable. Multistage assaults are simplified. Overall versatility and adaptability of strategies reach new heights. Combined with unrestricted funds,diamond-fueled resilience allows constant refinement toward optimized techniques.

All Unlocks Accessible Out of the Gates

Beyond financial constraints, new unit access is streamlined to fully remove early and mid game progression blocks. Every military option opens immediately upon mod enabling rather than over many hours of leveling.

From medieval swordsmen and pikemen up to Gatling guns, laser cannons, and nuclear mechs – the whole tech tree stands ready. Early game tactics relying on basic troops become an optional history lesson rather than mandatory steps. Grand strategies with flying aircraft carriers or lava monsters included make their debut without delay.

Complex army synergy across all eras and industries can be tested without artificial progression throttling experimentation. Overall strategic breadth and depth are elevated from the very first moment of play.

Advertisements Eliminated for Pure Focus

Nothing disrupts concentration and optimization like intermittent commercial stops. By removing all ads, the MOD APK allows an immersed state of strategic flow. Troop placement, formation shifts, economic management, and technical pivots proceed apace without interruption. A seamless session resembles the engrossing nature of dedicated RTS games rather than a disjointed free-to-play cell phone experience.

Strategic refinement deepens when the mind remains laser-focused on army dominance rather than reminded of external commercialized concerns. Overall command and control smoothen for elevated performance when the gaming zone stays pure and adds-free.

Free Rein in the Shop for Unlimited Customization

Besides boundless funds for purchases, this mod also grants free items in the market. Every strategic tool available through the in-game store becomes accessible at no cost. Weapons, troops, skins, boosts – the whole catalog opens up for experimenting at will.

With zero expenditure limitation, combined arms forces may be developed to their zenith. Fanciful armies blending all eras become realizable. Tactics incorporating rare heroes and secret tech proliferate. Strategic breadth and whimsy are taken to new levels thanks to unchained access throughout the equipment trees. Creativity in unit synergy knows no bounds when all options lay freely within reach.

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  • - Epic Battle performance improved! - Batte Simulation bugs fixed!

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