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Eternium Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.13.2

App Name Eternium
Latest Version v.1.13.2
Last Updated
Publisher Making Fun
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Size 371 MB
Mods Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited money, Unlimited Gems
Google Playstore

4.8 Rating (467) Votes

4.8 Rating (467 Votes )
Price: $ 0
A tribute to classic RPGs, made with passion by old-school gamers.
    • Unlimited Diamonds
    • Unlimited money
    • Unlimited Gems
    • Ads-Free
    • unlimited everything
    • mod menu
    • free purchase

Eternium is one of the most popular and highest-rated RPG games on both Android and iOS. With its complex gameplay, engaging storyline, and challenging enemies, it has amassed over 100 million downloads since its release. However, like most freemium games, it can become quite pay-to-win due to its monetization of in-game resources like Diamonds, Gold, and Gems.

This is where the Eternium Mod APK comes in. By using this modded version of the game, you can unlock an unlimited amount of all its premium currencies and play without any restrictions.

Unlocking the True Powers of your Hero with Unlimited Diamonds

One of the rarest and most valuable resources in Eternium is Diamonds. In the original game, you have to either grind for hours to earn a measly amount or spend real money to boost your stockpile. However, with the Eternium Mod APK, you get access to Unlimited Diamonds right from the start. This allows you to fully upgrade your hero’s armor, weapons, and skills without any limitations.

You can buy every piece of powerful end-game gear from shops without worrying about costs. Diamonds also let you revive instantly during battles and instantly complete builds, saving you precious time. With an infinite supply of Diamonds courtesy of this mod, you become an unstoppable force in the realm of Eternium.

Dominating Every Fight with Unlimited Money

Another premium currency hamstringing F2P players is Gold, which is required for essential tasks like leveling up, upgrading structures, and more. But gold is scarce and takes forever to gather in large amounts. The Eternium Mod APK once again comes to the rescue by providing Unlimited Money.

No longer will you find yourself strapped for cash. You’ll be able to auto-complete your blacksmith, instantly power up troops, and afford every upgrade the second it becomes available. With a limitless pile of gold at your fingertips, there’s no battle you can’t win or level you can’t max out immediately. You’ll establish your dominance across the realm in no time.

Always Having the Edge with Unlimited Gems

One of the scarcest commodities during battles and PvP is Gems. These special crystals are required to summon elite mercenaries, hire guardian beasts, and craft potent runes. However, getting them normally requires either waiting several hours or paying real money.

Not anymore with the Eternium Mod APK Unlimited Gems feature! With an infinite trove of Gems, you’ll be able to summon legendary minions on every turn, enchant all your gear with powerful runes, and shield your kingdom with mythical guardians. No enemy will stand a chance against the unstoppable offensive you can assemble thanks to this mod. Gems will no longer be a restricting factor holding you back from true godhood in Eternium.

A Mod with Truly Unlimited everything

Beyond just the three premium currencies, the developers of the Eternium Mod APK went above and beyond to eliminate any possible restrictions. Their “Unlimited Everything” feature provides infinite copies of all single-use boosts and potions too.

So whether it’s personal XP boosters, army growth serums, or resurrection vials, you’ll never find yourself short of them. What’s more, even the most coveted epic and legendary equipment drops at max tier with pre-enchanted rune slots. Just one battle is enough to fully gear up an entire team of heroes.

Together, these modded features make you effectively invincible and give you the maximum possible strength right from the get-go. You won’t just dominate – you’ll obliterate everyone in your path!

Enjoy an Ads-Free, Stress-Free Gameplay Experience

One of the most annoying aspects of freemium games is how they bombard you with unnecessary ads every few minutes, disrupting the flow. Thankfully, the makers of the Eternium Mod APK have eliminated all these intrusive ads. Now you can indulge in an uninterrupted, immersive gameplay experience without distractions.

Relax and enjoy the rich story and challenges of Eternium without the stress of video ads or pop-ups. The mod gives you true freedom and control over your experience, just like a premium game. Kick back, maximize your fun, and let the non-stop action commence without ads getting in the way.

Access the Game-Changing Mod Menu

To make their mod even more customizable, the developers have included an advanced mod menu accessed by a single button. Through this, you get complete control over various parameters like resources, in-game time, stats, etc. Need 100 Million Gold? Just punch it in. Want to skip right to level 100? No problem. Or maybe test out 9999 attack power. The mod menu empowers you to tweak anything to truly maximize enjoyment.

You can test theoretical builds, experiment freely, and even bypass entire progression systems. It’s the ultimate cheats menu that turns Eternium into your personal creative sandbox. Whether you want to tailor challenges or just goof around, the mod menu is there to make any gameplay scenario possible.

Purchase Any Item, Anytime with Free Purchase

Perhaps the biggest frustration of F2P games is the energy/purchase cool-down system preventing you from grinding or testing out new things fast enough. Well, the Eternium Mod APK says goodbye to all such waits and timers with its “Free Purchase” function.

Now you can instantly buy any item, open any chest, craft, or enchant gear as many times as you want every second without pause. No more wasting hours staring at cooldown screens – you’ve unlocked the true freedom to experiment wildly. Need a specific class build? Prepare it right away.

Feeling lucky? Spam openings on that elite loot box non-stop. The modification takes away all arbitrary waiting, respecting your time as a player. You’ll have a blast rapidly evolving your hero without pointless limitations.

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  • Fixed: - Getting stuck outside of the playable area - Corrected salvage materials for some belts - Blackguard set damage reduction New: - An option for pushing the icons to the borders on mobile - Spiritstone - Manastim - Rebalanced Defender Set - Reduced cooldown for Shield Block - Adjusted Spiritstone droprate - New Unique Shield - The Liberator - New resource: Mark of the Oracle - Changed recipe pricing structure

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