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Flash on Call MOD APK Premium Unlocked v1.2.2

Flash Alert on Call and SMS
App Name Flash Alert on Call and SMS
Latest Version v.1.2.2
Last Updated
Publisher Battery Stats Saver
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 24 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.3 Rating (225) Votes

4.3 Rating (225 Votes )
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Flash on Call MOD APK is a useful Android app that activates the phone's flashlight whenever an incoming or outgoing call is received. The unlocked Premium version removes ads and allows automatically answering calls, changing flash colors and patterns, and setting flash durations for free."
    • Premium Unlocked

Flash on Call MOD APK

Flash on Call MOD APK allows automatic calls to be answered without interrupting activities and keeping hands free. This premium feature makes answering calls truly effortless. When phones are connected via Bluetooth to car audio systems or speakers, incoming callers will no longer receive missed rings or voicemails.

Staying connected through calls is an essential part of everyday life. However, it can sometimes be difficult to see the phone screen or locate the device in a dark environment when a call comes through. Flash on Call solves this problem by automatically activating the flashlight during ringing to act as a visual call indicator.

As soon as a call starts, Flash on Call senses the other user’s voice and seamlessly connects the call. Users can continue driving, working outdoors, cooking in the kitchen, and more without stopping current tasks. Background conversations are never disrupted providing a seamless interruption-free experience. Whenever a phone is inconvenient or unsafe to check, incoming connections will be automatically received preserving conversations.

Whether taking an important business call or staying in touch with friends and family, Flash on Call ensures calls are never missed. With a camera flash signal also indicating the active call, users always know the call status even from a distance. They can say hands-off yet stay perfectly connected throughout each call. The automatic answering unlocks truly stress-free communication on the go and improves safety.

Seeing Incoming Calls in the Dark

One of the main uses of Flash on Call is for seeing the phone screen in low-light situations when a call comes in. Whether it’s nighttime, in dark rooms, theaters, or any other place without much illumination – the flashlight will automatically turn on along with the ringing. This makes it much easier to locate a dropped phone, check caller ID, or answer a call.

The built-in flashlight provides a very bright signal that cuts through darkness. Users don’t need to fumble around trying to find the phone or turn on the screen to see who’s calling. Flash on Call handles everything automatically so incoming calls are immediately easy to see and answer even without much ambient light available.

Outgoing Calls are Also Indicated

In addition to incoming calls, the flashlight will also activate during outgoing calls to provide visual confirmation that a connection is being established. This is useful if the calling user steps away from the phone or needs to locate it momentarily after placing a call.

The flash serves as a beacon showing the call is ongoing even if the display is turned off. It ensures users know the call is going through and can get back to the phone quickly if needed. This added illumination for both incoming and outgoing calls makes it simpler to stay connected in any environment, day or night.

Customizable Flash Colors and Patterns

The Premium Unlocked version provides full control over how the flashlight indicates calls. Users can select from a wide range of colors for the flash including basic red, blue, and green as well as more fun shades. Mixing up the colors helps the flash stand out more against surrounding lighting conditions.

Flashing patterns such as fast/slow blinks, pulses, and strobes can also be customized. This allows matching flash styles to personal tastes or signaling different contacts/call types with varied patterns. Endless combinations help keep things visually interesting compared to a plain on/off flash.

Automatic Answering of Calls

A highly convenient mod feature is the ability to automatically answer incoming calls without any user input. After a few rings, the call will connect as soon as the other person speaks. This makes hands-free answering effortless, preventing missed connections.

Car kits and Bluetooth headsets integrated with Flash on Call gains automatic call response. When users’ hands are full or busy with tasks, incoming calls won’t go unanswered. Everything works seamlessly through the camera flash linked with contacts’ voices.

Adjustable Flash Durations

Precise control over how long the flash stays active is offered. Standard flash times can be set along with unique durations for specific contacts. This customizes signaling based on individual needs – whether showing calls for 5 seconds is enough or keeping the light on for 30 seconds in noisier environments.

Busier users may want briefer flashes while others can have illumination last throughout entire calls. By tweaking flash durations, the app adapts perfectly without needing constant readjustment between calls and situations. Everything remains simple yet personalized under full user control.


With the Flash on Call MOD APK, all of these useful call indication features are unlocked without ads or premium fees. By automatically activating the camera flash for calls, users stay better connected even in challenging lighting conditions. Whether receiving calls at night or using hands-free calling – Flash on Call makes seeing and answering calls effortless on any Android device in any environment.

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