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App Name GameKeyboard +
Latest Version v.6.2.2
Last Updated
Publisher Locnet
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 772 MB
Mods Full Version
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2.4 Rating (496) Votes

2.4 Rating (496 Votes )
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GameKeyboard + APK provides a fully unlocked version of the popular first-person shooter keymapper. With a streamlined customizable interface, players can configure robust button layouts tailored for any game genre.

Full Mapping Customization for Call of Duty Mastery

GameKeyboard is a customizable onscreen control solution designed for Android games with complex controls like first-person shooters. As one of the most downloaded action games, Call of Duty Mobile requires precise finger movements across screens packed with buttons. However, default touchscreen controls do not always provide adequate precision. GameKeyboard solves this by giving players complete remapping of virtual buttons. With a fully unlocked version customizable button editor, playing COD Mobile on your Android device becomes streamlined.

Create Robust Layouts for any Device Size

One of the most important features of GameKeyboard is the ability to design fully scalable button layouts. Whether using a small or large phone screen, remapping allows fitting an optimal button configuration. Standard presets let starting easily, while an advanced layer editor lets custom designing robust layouts from scratch. Different presets can be saved for various games or device orientations. Templates ensure layouts perfectly suit individual playstyles and hardware without compromising visibility or precision.

Remap Movement and Shooting Seamlessly

A favorite mod feature of many is customizing movement and firing controls. The virtual analog sticks and shooting buttons can be placed ergonomically on the screen. Movement becomes smoother through joystick customization. Shooting accuracy is maximized by optimally positioning crosshair and fire inputs. All distractions vanish as the config perfectly synergizes with players’ movements for tight executions without fail every time. FPS mastery becomes a reality through remapping.

Build Configs for Specific Scenarios

One key advantage is saving specialized configs for certain situations. Custom layouts can be built for different in-game perspectives like scoped aiming or sliding. Templates aid in changing rapidly between modes without pausing. Configs can also optimize large and small screen areas. Button opacity and target assistance further ease precise tapping in hectic scenes. Quality-of-life features improve phone FPS gameplay overall.

Fluid Interface for Seamless Gaming

The developers behind GameKeyboard have done extensive work ensuring a lag-free experience. The interface loads quickly and provides real-time button dragging/scaling. Layouts can be tested instantly without glitches. Super responsive buttons feel entirely native without delays between taps. Automatic saving prevents data loss from accidental closes too. Best of all, the overlay smoothly disappears while gaming is undisturbed.

Focus on Skills, Not Touch Controls

With Gamekeyboard’s fully unlocked customization, Android gamers can stop fumbling with restrictive default controls holding skills back. Whether preferring four or two-finger claw, all styles flourish after optimizing layouts. For the first time, mobile FPS truly becomes as intuitive as a console thanks to remapping freedom. Equipment limitation fades as performance relies solely on honing abilities within perfect button maps. Skills rightfully take priority over hardware when controls seamlessly synergize with players’ natural movements. As muscle memory develops with each session, domination over lobbies steadily increases using this overlay.

Seamless Integration for all Android Titles

Rather than limiting to certain games, GameKeyboard is universally compatible with all Android games supporting overlays. Thousands enjoy frictionless performance across genres from RPGs, and battle royales to MMOs through button remapping. Even unsupported games maximize controls by simulating the mouse and keyboard on the screen. Advanced integration hooks smoothly onto any title without obstructing UIs or causing errors. Players can switch between libraries while retaining optimized configs on the fly. Best of all, updates ensure compatibility despite shifts in games themselves. Freedom of choice across the entire mobile ecosystem is offered through seamless support.

Streamlined for Low-End Hardware Too

While focused on streamlining pro-level play, GameKeyboard also empowers lower-spaced phones. The lightweight optimized app ensures flawless performance even on aging hardware through efficient coding. Resource-intensive presets are avoided in favor of simple schemes. Lower resolution configs maintain usability but cut RAM/battery needs. Emphasis remains on reducing control frustrations rather than graphical fidelity alone. Finally, even modest buds get to fully immerse in Android gaming just like high-enders through barrier-free customization.

Reliable Support Community Backing

GameKeyboard’s popularity amongst millions worldwide brings huge responsibilities to customer satisfaction. To keep meeting diverse demands, developers actively engage across socials addressing queries swiftly. Changelog updates communicate resolved issues transparently on all platforms for trustworthiness. Constructive feedback shapes future releases for long-term viability. Bugs squashed through frequent releases ensure stable experiences as games themselves evolve rapidly behind the scenes. Overall, open communication cultivates an extremely reliable experience for all mobile gamers seeking complete control and optimization over controls of their favorite Android games seamlessly.

In summary, GameKeyboard APK provides a fully unlocked experience for customizing controls on Android games to perfection. Through robust scalable templates tailored for any screen, players gain full mastery over their games by remapping button placements ergonomically. Hardware limitations lose meaning when input syncs seamlessly with natural movements. Whether enjoying action-packed gaming alone or online with friends, this overlay upgrades the mobile experience by allowing users to focus entirely on skills rather than restrictive touch interfaces. A must-have for all Android gamers seeking complete control over their in-game controls.

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  • 6.2.2 - [fix] export profile 6.2.1 (2022-07-19) - [fix] varies compatibility issues, especially with Android 10+ - [experimental] support enforced SELinux - [change] varies change to comply Play Store requirements, e.g. import/export profile UI. 6.1.1 (2015-03-31) - [fix] Auto profile in Lollipop 6.1.0 - [fix] Lollipop compatible - [change] Hotspot scale with screen size - [change] support for modifier combo now optional (Settings->Modifier Combo) 6.0.0 -[new] Standalone Mode (need root)

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