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GSam Battery Monitor Pro
App Name GSam Battery Monitor Pro
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4.2 Rating (449) Votes

4.2 Rating (449 Votes )
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The GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK allows you to monitor your device's battery usage for each app individually with additional features unavailable in the paid version. It breaks down battery consumption per app in both foreground and background usage and lets you see which apps are draining your battery the most. This advanced monitoring helps you optimize your battery life by identifying battery hogs and restricting apps' access when not in use.
    • Full Optimized, Lite

GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK: Customize Everything For Your Personalized Battery Needs

Monitoring battery usage at an individual app level is crucial to pinpointing what’s draining your battery the most so you can take corrective action. GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK lets you do this with precision while adding extra features not available in the paid version to optimize your battery life.

There is no single solution or settings that work best for everyone when it comes optimizing your battery life. Different users have varying usage patterns depending on their daily work or entertainment requirements from their mobile devices. This is where the true strength of GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK lies in letting you fully customize and personalize battery usage optimization according to your individual needs.

The app understands that your preferred balance between performance and battery saving may be different from others. Hence, it provides granular control over monitoring parameters as well as restriction presets. You can pick and choose the level of statistics needed, select specific apps to track closely and design rulesets catered precisely to your SOPs. Whether you need to be stricter about limiting background tasks or looser with screen timeouts – GSam lets you tailor the approach perfectly for maximizing your battery experience with minimum compromises on functionality.

GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK: Advanced Individual App Battery Monitoring

GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK displays granular battery usage stats for each installed app. You can see exactly how much battery percentage was consumed by an app while in the foreground versus running in the background. This level of detail helps you identify true battery hogs that may be problematic even when the app itself isn’t open and draining in the background. The app comes with advanced filtering options to view stats over the past hour, day, week, or custom date range for thorough battery analysis.

GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK: Optimized Battery Settings for each App

Going beyond just monitoring battery usage, the GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK allows you to restrict battery and data usage permissions individually for each app directly from its interface. You can control whether apps can run in the background, start at boot, auto-launch on wireless network connectivity, and more. By selectively restricting unnecessary battery access for non-essential apps, you can significantly curb background battery drain and optimize your overall battery life.

GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK: Additional Modded Features

The MOD version of GSam Battery Monitor Pro takes battery optimization a step further by including features not found in the paid Play Store release. It allows scheduling battery restrictions to be automatically applied during certain times of day when you don’t need certain apps to run actively. You can also customize permissions for WiFi, Bluetooth, keep awake, and vibration for each app. Screen capture and recording are enabled within the app to conveniently share battery stats with others. Overall, these unique MOD features give you absolute control over battery utilization at an individual app level for a lean, optimized battery experience.

Optimizing Battery Life with GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK

Clearly understanding how much battery each running app consumes and restricting unnecessary usage is key to getting the most out of your battery capacity. GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK empowers you to monitor battery stats for individual apps in granular detail with filtering options. Its optimized settings let you control all battery and network permissions each app has for maximum efficiency. The extra MOD features take customization further for precise battery life optimization. By identifying and restricting battery hogs from this app, you can noticeably improve your device’s battery life.

GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK: Identify Battery Hogs with Precise Monitoring

To optimize battery life on any device, it’s crucial to identify resource-intensive apps that end up draining the battery faster than others. This is where GSam Battery Monitor Pro MOD APK helps by providing the most granular per-app battery usage statistics. The app breaks down the battery percentage consumed by each installed application into useful categories like – foreground usage when the app is active on screen versus background usage when it’s running in the background unused. This level of filtering and categorization helps pinpoint the true battery hogs that may be problematic even when not actively used.

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  • 3.46 ✔️ Add support for Android 14

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