HellCopter Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.8.31

App Name HellCopter
Latest Version v.1.8.31
Last Updated
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 91 MB
Mods UNLIMITED CASH , NO ADS, Unlimited money
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (292) Votes

4.6 Rating (292 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Jump into your helicopter, take a rifle and totally annihilate those criminals!
    • NO ADS
    • Unlimited money
    • Sufficient currency
    • unlocked everything
    • mod menu
    • free shopping
    • all unlocked

An Epic Free Flying Experience with Unlimited Funds: Discover the Endless Possibilities of HellCopter Mod APK

HellCopter is one of the most action-packed and visually stunning helicopter games available on Android, known for its realistic physics simulation and challenging missions. However, the in-game purchases can get expensive over time. That’s where the HellCopter Mod APK with Unlimited Money comes in – it unlocks the full potential of this addictive flying game by removing all financial restrictions. Read on to learn more about the incredible modded features that will take your HellCopter experience to new heights!

An Introduction to HellCopter

For those unfamiliar, HellCopter is an award-winning flying simulation game that thrusts players into the pilot’s seat of an advanced attack helicopter. The realistic vehicle handling mechanics provide an authentic sense of flying a heavy helicopter through treacherous missions. Players must carefully control the throttle, cyclic stick, collective, and tail rotor to navigate through city streets and skies filled with obstacles.

A variety of single-player and multiplayer modes are available, each presenting new challenges to test pilot skills. In career mode, takes on procedurally generated contracts across different cities and environments while upgrading weapons, armor, abilities, and more. Competitive multiplayer allows friends to dogfight in team deathmatch or domination modes. With its breathtaking graphics bringing stunning vistas to life, HellCopter is considered one of the most lifelike helicopter simulations on mobile.

The Issues with In-App Purchases

However, one downside of the default HellCopter experience is the over-reliance on in-app purchases. While the gameplay is extremely fun and engaging, progress can feel painfully slow without constantly buying new upgrades, weapons, and currencies with real money. Missions only reward a tiny fraction of the funds required for major upgrades. Even just rearming after one sortie may require another purchase. For casual players, it’s far too easy to burn through the starting cash and get stuck.

This punishing monetization scheme turns what should be an enjoyable flying experience into a frustrating grind. Many potential fans are turned away, not wanting to empty their wallets just to enjoy a mobile game. This is where HellCopter Mod APK comes to the rescue by removing these financial roadblocks entirely for free!

The HellCopter Mod APK

The HellCopter Mod APK modded version alleviates all frustration around in-app purchases by including several amazing features:

Unlimited Cash

Players will never have to worry about funds again with this mod’s Unlimited Cash feature. By unlocking infinite currency, every upgrade, weapon, repair and rearm can be instantly afforded without spending a dime. No more grinding low-paying missions just to buy essential upgrades.


Nothing interrupts the immersive flying experience like intrusive ads. This mod completely removes all ads from appearing, allowing undivided focus on the missions.

Unlimited Money

To reinforce the unlimited funds, the mod also includes a setting for Unlimited Money. This ensures the cash balance can never drop, even after buying the most expensive gear.

Sufficient currency

For those who prefer a semi-realistic economy, the mod also has the option to start with a large sum of starter currency – around 500,000-1,000,000 in-game cash, sufficient for hours of high-level weapon upgrades and gameplay.

Unlocked everything

Everything in the default HellCopter game, from helicopters and weapons to character skins and abilities, is instantly unlocked right from the start with this modded version. No need to unlock content through prolonged grinding.

Mod menu

A user-friendly mod menu grants full control over enabling and disabling different mod features like god mode, no fall damage, vehicle mods, and more for customized gameplay.

Free shopping

With deep pockets that can never be emptied, players are free to purchase any new choppers, rockets, bombs, and equipment without hesitation or limitation at any shop in-game.

All unlocked

In addition to unlocked gameplay content mentioned earlier, the mod also unlocks achievements and trophies instantly so they can be displayed on the player profile right away.

Upon launching the modded HellCopter APK, players are greeted by an expansive mod menu overlaying the main menu.

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of its mod features:

Unlimited Cash & Money

As explained above, enabled to provide infinite funds that never reduce.

God Mode

Grants complete invulnerability, preventing any damage or death. Useful for just enjoying the scenery without risk.

Infinite Ammo

Missiles, rockets, bullets, etc will never deplete no matter how much is fired.

Unbreakable Helicopters

Choppers will never be destroyed or disabled, even after crashing at top speeds.

No Collision Damage

Collisions with buildings or terrain won’t cause any harm to helicopters.

Unlimited Nitro

The powerful Nitro Boost feature can be activated anytime without a cooldown. Great for zooming through cities.

Target Highlighting

Enemies are marked on screen through objects like buildings, helping track targets.

In-depth gameplay with Unlimited Funds

Now that the HellCopter Mod APK basics have been covered, it’s time to experience true unlimited gameplay. Spawn into the default campaign map or competitive modes and the modded features shine through new dimensions of fun.

With cash no object, players can instantly purchase the strongest, most advanced Apache or Hind gunships and load them to the brim with double-barrel chain guns, long-range missiles, bombs, and more without a second thought on costs. These heavily modified attack choppers chew through waves of enemies in seconds.

When available funds are infinite, experiments can be conducted with reckless abandon. Try strapping every rocket pod and bomb type onto one chopper for devastating saturation bombing runs. Max out armored plating and turbochargers then barrel straight into dense enemy bases. Load four mini-guns and shred everything in sight from behind the safety of God Mode.

Endless Entertainment for All Players

After several hours exploring HellCopter Mod’s many modded upgrades and helicopters, it’s clear this is an incredible experience that brings out the full potential of an already amazing game. With infinite funds at their fingertips, even casual players can jump right into cinematic aerial dog fighting alongside veteran pilots without worries over slow progression.

Whether enjoying the sights from God Mode or going all out in a mod-tuned gunship, this modded version breathes new life into the exceptional flying gameplay. No longer constrained by real-money transactions, experimentation, and replay value expand massively. Most importantly, it puts ownership of the experience firmly back into the hands of players rather than monetization schemes.

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  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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