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Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK Full Version v19.0

Hidden Camera Detector Gold
App Name Hidden Camera Detector Gold
Latest Version v.19.0
Last Updated
Publisher FutureApps
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Apps Apps
Size 15 MB
Mods Full Version
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4.0 Rating (641) Votes

4.0 Rating (641 Votes )
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Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK allows users to instantly scan any environment for hidden cameras or spy devices using advanced RF signal detection. The app detects hidden cameras based on common wireless frequencies to alert users of potential privacy breaches.

Finding Hidden Cameras with Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK

With the rising cases of hidden cameras being installed in homes and offices to spy on unsuspecting victims, it is important to have a reliable tool to detect such unseen threats to one’s privacy. Enter Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK – a powerful piece of software that scans the surroundings and notifies the user of any potential hidden cameras using wireless video transmission technologies.

Detecting Hidden Cameras Based on Wireless Signals

Unlike other low-tech camera detectors in the market that rely on IR sensors, Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK takes a more scientific approach using radio-frequency signal detection. It checks the air for wireless signals typically used by hidden cameras like 2.4GHz WiFi, 5GHz WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and more. The app analyzes signal strengths and characteristics to identify transmitters hidden out of sight that may be sending live video/audio back to a remote viewer.

Comprehensive Scanning Across Environments

The powerful built-in RF scanner of Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK allows it to scan entire rooms, offices, homes, or vehicles within seconds. Unlike basic detectors with shorter ranges, this app ensures that even hidden cameras cleverly placed at a distance don’t go undetected. It methodically sweeps the surroundings with configurable scan intervals to catch transmitters that may activate intermittently. Perfect for venues like changing rooms, hotel rooms, and meeting rooms requiring vigorous checks.

Camera Alerts & Precise Location Guidance

Once a hidden camera is detected, the app immediately raises an intrusion alert with audible and vibration alarms. It also precisely guides users to the offender’s location using an intuitive arrow-pointer on the screen. As you get closer to the source of the wireless signal, the indicator tilt angle becomes more acute till you are standing right in front of the hidden camera!

Mod Features of Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK

The full version of this app available for download comes with exclusive mod features for expert-level hidden camera detection:

– Frequency Spectrum Analyzer: Graphically visualizes detected wireless signals across frequencies to decode hidden transmissions beyond common protocols.

– Camera Database: Locally stored signatures of thousands of commercial hidden camera models for instant recognition during scans.

– Precise Triangulation: Leverage signal strength difference across multi-point scans to pinpoint camera locations within centimeters of accuracy.

– Customizable Probes: Automatically generate customized WiFi/Bluetooth probes depending on the environment/target devices for reliable detection.

– Automated Scanning: Schedule regular unattended room/area scans and get notifications of any detected intrusions even when the app is closed.

– Remote Scanning: Scan locations from anywhere using a WiFi or Bluetooth-connected hidden camera detector as a remote-control drone.

– Database Sharing: Share detected intrusion reports and overall location scan database anonymously with other users while preserving privacy.

With such mod-exclusive privacy-centric features, Hidden Camera Detector Gold APK sets the new standard for diligent hidden camera detection among Android users around the world.

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  • Adding support for android version 33 (Android 13)

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