ActionIce Scream 1: Scary Game

Ice Scream 1 Scary Game Mod APK Weak Enemy v1.2.6

Ice Scream 1: Scary Game
App Name Ice Scream 1: Scary Game
Latest Version v.1.2.6
Last Updated
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 146 MB
Mods Weak enemy, no ads, unlimited ammo, god mode
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (516) Votes

4.3 Rating (516 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Discover the scary ice cream seller and play all his horror games and adventures
    • Weak enemy
    • no ads
    • unlimited ammo
    • god mode
    • unlimited hints

Ice Scream 1 Scary Game Mod APK: Experience a whole new level of horror gameplay with MODDED features

Ice Scream 1 is already a terrifying survival horror game that sends chills down your spine. But with the modded version, you can unleash new powers and truly own the game. The Ice Scream 1 Scary Game Mod APK takes horror to the next level by including weakened enemies, unlimited ammo, no ads, god mode, and unlimited hints.

Read on to discover how these MODDED features enhance fear and give you an edge to survive this frightening world.

Weakened Enemies: Face Horrors with Less Threat

One of the scariest parts of any horror game is not knowing what brutal enemy lies around the next corner, just waiting to ambush you. In the standard Ice Scream 1 game, enemies hit hard and have strong defenses, meaning death can come swiftly with just a single mistake. However, with the Weakened Enemies mod feature, monsters deal less damage and have reduced health.

This allows players to engage with the terrors stalking the night but still stand a fighting chance. With weaker foes, you can experiment more with combat strategies without the punishing consequences of a single-hit kill. Discover new enemy weaknesses and survive longer encounters in the worlds of Ice Scream 1.

No More Annoying Ads: Immerse Fully in the Horror

Nothing breaks the tension and sends you screaming from a horror game faster than annoying ads interrupting at the worst moments. In the modded version of Ice Scream 1, the No Ads feature has been activated, letting you fully immerse in the terrifying atmosphere without distraction.

No more will pop-ups try to sell you the latest in-app purchases when you’re in a life-or-death situation. Stay focused on surviving the night and outlasting the many horrors that creep the lands without commercials killing the fear. With no ads, the true horror of Ice Scream 1 can grip you fully without interruption.

Unlimited Ammo: Firepower to Fight Back the Fiends

In a nightmare world overrun by monsters, having access to powerful weapons helps level the playing field against the terrors of the night. The Unlimited Ammo mod feature for Ice Scream 1 grants infinite bullets, rockets, grenades, and more – whatever armaments you rely on to blast beasts back into the abyss. No longer will you find yourself defenseless in a tense fight just because you forgot to ration your ammo supplies.

With unlimited firing capacity, light the foes ablaze with gunfire and blow them to smithereens with an endless explosive barrage. This modded perk grants the firepower needed to stand and fight against the vast quantities of gruesome gigantic creatures, letting you hold your own no matter the odds.

God Mode: Supernatural Strength to Survive

Against the highest difficulties and most insidious of enemies in Ice Scream 1, even the Unlimited Ammo feature may not ensure victory. That’s where the God Mode mod comes in – bestowing the player with supernatural durability and strength beyond any normal human.

With God Mode activated, you become nearly invincible, able to withstand attacks that would instantly kill a regular character. No monster can pierce your super-empowered skin. Combined with unlimited ammo, God Mode turns the player into an unstoppable force of nature, able to stand up to any horror without fear of death for as long as you continue fighting back the darkness.

Become more than human – become a god – with full immunity and deadly powers to obliterate all nightmares awakened in the world of Ice Scream 1.

Unlimited Hints: Navigation Help in the Realm of Terror

It’s easy to become disoriented and lost in the depths of a horror game, especially one as elaborate and dark as Ice Scream 1. Without any navigation assistance, players may find themselves going around in circles for eternity as terror closes in.

The Unlimited Hints modification provides a vital waypoint – showing objectives, destinations, and clues to keep you marching ever onward through the night. No longer will players bang their heads against a wall, stuck without knowing where to head next.

Instead, take advantage of unlimited guidance to wrap your head around the complex pathways, survive environmental puzzles, and reach every grizzly location and encounter the game has to offer. Unlimited hints grant precious intel to help unravel the mysteries within this frightening realm and reach the end – alive.

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