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Idle Eleven Soccer tycoon Mod APK Unlimited Money v1.32.2

Idle Eleven - Soccer tycoon
App Name Idle Eleven - Soccer tycoon
Latest Version v.1.32.2
Last Updated
Publisher Gaminho
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Sports Sports
Size 80 MB
Mods Unlimited Money , free purchases, vip unlocked
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (315) Votes

4.5 Rating (315 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Swipe, collect tons of cash, craft your dream team and build your sports empire!
    • vip unlocked
    • Unlimited Money
    • free purchases
    • free shopping

Idle Eleven Soccer Tycoon – The Ultimate Soccer Manager Simulation Game

Idle Eleven Soccer Tycoon is one of the most popular soccer manager simulation games available on Android. In this game, players take up the role of a soccer club manager and build their dream team from scratch. They scout players, train them, and compete in local and global leagues to become the best soccer team in the world.

However, the default version of the game comes with certain limitations like capped income and resources. But with the Idle Eleven Soccer tycoon Mod APK, players can unleash the game’s full potential with unlocked premium features.

VIP Status Unlocked – Experience Idle Eleven like a Premium Player

One of the major mod features of Idle Eleven Soccer tycoon Mod APK is that it unlocks the VIP status for free. In the original game, a VIP membership needs to be purchased to access exclusive perks. But with the modded version, players can enjoy all VIP benefits without any costs.

This includes unlimited income, free purchases, faster training, and more. Effectively, mod users can play Idle Eleven like a premium player and focus solely on building their dream soccer empire.

Unlimited Money to Fulfill Every Transfer Dream

Another powerful mod feature is the unlimited money unlock. In the default version, income sources like ticket sales and sponsorships are capped. Sooner or later, this limits how much a team can grow. But with unlimited funds available, mod users face no such constraints.

They can bid and sign any player they want, regardless of the transfer fee. Be it global superstars worth millions or wonder kids with huge potential, nothing is out of reach due to budget issues. This allows building virtual squads of FIFA World XI caliber without really spending any cash.

Free Purchases and Shopping Without Limits

Hand-in-hand with the unlimited money feature comes full unlocking of in-game purchases. In Idle Eleven Soccer Tycoon, various goods like stamina boosts, coaching programs, and stadium upgrades are sold for real money.

However, the modded version provides ‘Free Shopping’ letting users access everything without spending a single cent. They can revamp stadiums, sign top coaches, and give players perfect training without worrying about in-game currencies. This removes all remaining limitations and means absolute control over every aspect of team building.

Never Run Out of Stamina with Unlimited Boosts

Sustained progress in Idle Eleven depends a lot on stamina points which get consumed with actions like player training. Once depleted, they naturally recharge over time creating waiting periods. But frequent boosts packs can be purchased to instantly refill stamina.

In the modded version, users get access to unlimited supplies of these stamina boosts and recovery items. They can instantly max out stamina bars without limits, allowing continuous, uninterrupted gameplay. No more wasting time waiting as your squad can now train day and night towards glory.

Enhanced Player Training and Quicker Skill Growth

A key part of any soccer manager simulation is upgrading players’ skills and stats. By playing matches, doing specific drills, and through sim packs, their abilities improve over time. However, the default Idle Eleven has caps on the speed of this growth.

The mod version overcomes this by further enhancing the training boost for stars. Skill increase happens at a much faster rate, helping users get world-class squads in no time. This quick upgrade system, combined with unlimited stamina means zero downtime and accelerated league domination. Also, carefully selecting top coaches using free shopping ensures maximized training outputs.

Complete Scout Data and No Hidden Talents

Scouting young prospects and tapping into their potential is crucial in Idle Eleven. But the default game has certain scouting limitations like partial stats visibility. Users cannot confirm a player’s true abilities before signing. The modded APK solves this by unlocking complete scout reports right from the beginning.

All current and future attributes and skills of every player are visible upfront. There are no hidden gems – you can precisely identify future stars and fill your youth academy accordingly. This aids completely informed transfer dealings for maximum returns on investments.

Rewind Feature to Undo Mistakes

Managing a top soccer team comes with high stakes and little room for errors. Even seasoned users may sometimes sign the wrong player or sell talents too early before their prime. The modded version introduces a rewind feature allowing users to undo the last several transfers made.

If a recently signed backup does not pan out as expected, you can simply rewind and bid for a better alternative instead. The same applies in case you release a youngster who goes on to star elsewhere. Effectively, this gives risk-free experimentation and a convenient way to correct transfer market mistakes.

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