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Infinite Painter Mod APK Unlocked Premium v7.0.58

Infinite Painter
App Name Infinite Painter
Latest Version v.7.0.58
Last Updated
Publisher Infinite Studio LLC
Requirements Android 9 Android 9
Category Apps Apps
Size 84 MB
Mods Unlocked Premium
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4.4 Rating (96) Votes

4.4 Rating (96 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Painting, drawing, & sketching
  • Unlocked Premium

Endless Creative Possibilities with Infinite Painter Mod APK

The creative art app Infinite Painter lets your imagination run wild, providing digital painting tools that let you turn your artistic visions into stunning masterpieces. With the unlocked premium features of Infinite Painter Mod APK, you can take your canvas creations to the next level with enhanced tools and customization options.

Keep reading to discover all the possibilities that open up when you install this modded version of the popular painter app!

Unleashing Your Inner Artist with Premium Content

Infinite Painter is already a powerful painting program, but its limitations may hold back especially creative souls from realizing their fullest artistic expression. The Infinite Painter Mod APK removes restrictions by unlocking all premium features for free.

Gone are the days of hitting content walls or seeing annoying “Upgrade to Pro” prompts while you’re in the throes of inspiration! With the mod, you get instant access to every brush, color, font, and overlay without spending a dime. Dive freely into your muse with each unique stroke, secure in the knowledge that your full artistic vision faces no barriers.

Enhanced Painting Tools for Superior Works of Art

Infinite Painter’s already vast selection of virtual painting tools expands even further with the modded version. Premium brushes specially tuned by artists provide an unparalleled level of nuance, control, and flexibility. Create impossibly thin and delicate lines or liberally splash thick strokes of color across your canvas to develop dramatic textures and shadows.

Beyond brushes, enjoy unlocked access to a wide range of modulated surfaces mimicking different types of paper, canvas, and other mediums for applying your virtual pigments. With the mod’s premium tools at your disposal, every project reveals fresh possibilities for showcasing your distinct expression.

Unlimited Colors for Captivating Palettes

The colors of imagination truly burst to life in Infinite Painter’s unlimited color mixer. The mod version gives you unrestricted access to a practically boundless spectrum where you can experiment with blending hues until achieving the perfect shade for accentuating your work. Mix your own one-of-a-kind colors or sample from a palate dotted with specialty tints.

Whether natural, vivid, pastel, or anything in between, you’ll always find the precise pigmentation needed to bring a scene, subject, or abstract concept vibrantly to fruition on screen. With such a vast array of shades unlocked, each new creation flourishes with a uniquely vivid appeal.

Endless Customizable Layers for Advanced Compositions

Transform your digital canvases into true works of layered art using Infinite Painter’s fully unlocked premium layers with the modded app. Non-mod users can only save up to ten layers per project—the mod removes any limit, allowing for multi-layered masterpieces of depth and complexity.

Professional artists know that layers empower creativity by enabling new forms of composition. Build up scenes gradually using transparency or try your hand at mixing mediums by working on layers simultaneously.

Advanced customization also provides full control over each sheet’s various options like blending modes, opacity, and grouping capabilities. Complex layered art suddenly comes within reach of all skill levels with the mod’s complete layer customization.

Text and Font Mastery for Meaningful Messages

Bring words and meaningful messages into your digital illustrations using Infinite Painter’s premium text options unlocked in the modded version. Convey inspiration, quotes, or your signature with a huge choice of downloadable premium fonts.

From elegant scripts to bold impact styles to novelty designs, everything opens up for freeing creativity. Fine-tune characters down to size, effects, spacing, and more.

Arrange text expressively on or off the canvas for impactful background plaques or foreground captions. You can even integrate words seamlessly into mixed-medium pieces via layers. With every premium font at your command, adding personalizing textual elements takes your art to a whole new level of expressiveness.

Overlay Magic for Endless Augmentation

Level up your digital paintings using Infinite Painter Mod APK’s fully unlocked selection of premium overlays. Apply effects like simulated textures, patterns, light leaks, and distortions as transparent layers to enrich your works however you like.

Want to make a scene seem dreamy with a light layer of fog? Or maybe a grid pattern mimics a historic canvas weave? With overlays in your creative arsenal, the possibilities become endless. You can even use layers to blend multiple overlays harmoniously.

Enhance color tones, apply easy image enhancements, or simply let overlays inspire new perspectives on compositions. The mod spawns boundless ways to experiment with modifying and augmenting every piece just as much as your inspiration demands

Share and Save Creations Without Restrictions

Once your masterpieces take shape using Infinite Painter’s modded premium tools, you’ll want the world to see them! The mod unlocks the saving and sharing of creations without file size, resolution, or quantity limits. You also gain the premium options to export pictures in high resolutions up to 4K for crystal clear printing, framing, or showcasing online. Share your work unlimitedly via social networks and messaging apps.

Save images unrestrictedly to your mobile storage or cloud services for all your creations and WIPs to be backed up and accessible anytime inspiration strikes. With sharing and saving completely unlocked, your art faces no boundaries for gaining exposure and living on after flowing from your imagination.

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  • - Added Blur to brush Stroke Filters - Fixed Playback not working on some Android 14 devices - Minor bug fixes and improvements

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