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InternetGuard No Root Firewall
App Name InternetGuard No Root Firewall
Latest Version v.2.41
Last Updated
Publisher SheikhSoft
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Tools Tools
Size 7 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.1 Rating (613) Votes

4.1 Rating (613 Votes )
Price: $ 0
InternetGuard MOD APK is a parental control app that allows you to monitor and restrict your child's device usage. The mod version removes ads and unlocks all premium features like screen time limits, app blocking, and activity reports for free.
    • Premium Unlocked

InternetGuard MOD APK: A Powerful Parental Control Solution for Android

InternetGuard MOD APK is one of the most full-featured and customizable parental control apps on the Android platform. What stands out about this solution is that, despite packing immense monitoring and restriction capabilities under the hood, it remains incredibly straightforward and non-intrusive and use. The dashboard interface is neatly organized and logically layered, allowing you to quickly get important settings tweaked without a manual.

InternetGuard is one of the most popular and highly rated parental control apps available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. The MOD version takes it to the next level by removing all advertisements and unlocking all premium features for free without any in-app purchases required. Let’s take a deeper look at what this app can do.

Whether you’re setting up screen time limits, enabling content blocks or reviewing detailed activity logs, everything is laid out in clean, minimalistic screens that are uncluttered and intuitive to navigate. On-screen instructions and tooltips help guide you if needed as well. Even technical newcomers can have parental oversight up and running within minutes of installation. This balanced design respects both the safety needs of children and sanity of busy parents. InternetGuard MOD APK truly empowers families by delivering robust digital wellness in a simple, hassle-free way.

Premium Features Unlocked

One of the main advantages of the InternetGuard MOD APK is that it gives you access to all of the app’s premium monitoring and control features without having to pay anything. This includes advanced options like detailed activity reports, screen time limits, app-blocking capabilities, and more. With the standard version, you would need to purchase a subscription plan to gain full control. But with this modified version, all premium controls are unlocked right from the start for completely free.

Robust Activity Monitoring

The activity monitoring features in InternetGuard are very robust and provide insights into how your children are using their devices. You can view comprehensive reports showing websites visited, apps used, calls, and SMS logs. It also notes the specific times each day your child is active on their device. These detailed logs help give parents a full picture of screen time habits and online behavior. You can even filter the reports by date to look at usage patterns over a certain period.

Powerful Screen Time Controls

Managing screen time is one of the most important controls available to parents. InternetGuard MOD APK delivers highly customizable screen time limits that you can set for individual days of the week or create a custom daily schedule. The app will lock the device once the allotted screen time has been reached. You can also set “downtime” periods where only approved apps can be used. InternetGuard notifies both parent and child at certain intervals before the limit is hit to help them better manage remaining time.

Robust App Filtering & Blocking

App filtering in InternetGuard goes way beyond just blocking individual apps. You can set category-based blocks to prevent access to gaming, social media, entertainment, or other types of apps that may be inappropriate. The app also lets you schedule blocks, for instance only allowing educational apps during school hours. You can even block apps conditionally based on time, date, or location. InternetGuard makes it easy to review and approve which apps your kids want to download and install.

Geofencing & Location Tracking

Take advantage of geofencing capabilities to restrict or allow certain device functions depending on your child’s location. For example, you could block all apps and notifications when they are in class at school. InternetGuard also integrates with Google Maps so you can track your kid’s location in real time or view location history reports. This helps give you peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.

Install & Configure in Minutes

Best of all, InternetGuard is incredibly easy to set up and manage. After downloading the modded APK file, simply install it on your child’s device and log in using your existing Google account. Then you can install the companion parent app on your device to control settings remotely. Within minutes you’ll have full parental controls up and running thanks to the intuitive dashboard interface. You can even add multiple child profiles under one account.

Additional Safety Features

On top of powerful monitoring and restrictions, InternetGuard also packs in some helpful additional safety features. It includes a content blocker to filter offensive or mature content across apps and browsers. There is also a panic button that allows your child to silently contact you in an emergency. InternetGuard protects personal information too by letting you review and remove contacts, photos stored on the device, and other private data if needed.

Free MOD Unlocks All Controls

While the standard paid version of InternetGuard is already a top-rated parental control app, this modded APK takes things to a whole new level. By removing advertisements and upgrading you to a premium subscription automatically for no cost, it empowers parents with total device oversight ability. No longer will essential monitoring tools be locked away behind pricey in-app purchases. Every filtering, scheduling, and reporting feature opens up immediately thanks to this free mod. Give your kids a safe, secure digital environment without spending a dime more than necessary.

InternetGuard MOD Accessibility Across Platforms

While InternetGuard primarily functions as an Android parental control solution, it does offer some cross-platform benefits as well. For one, the service works across both mobile devices and Chromebooks through the same parent account. This means tools like screen time limits, app blocking, and activity reports carry over regardless if your child is using an Android phone or Chrome OS laptop.

You can also access basic monitoring details through a web browser at the InternetGuard website dashboard. So even if you don’t have the Android or iOS parent app installed, you still maintain some level of oversight from any computer. Remote controls are limited through the web interface compared to dedicated mobile apps.

And ultimately you have peace of mind knowing your parental settings will follow your child no matter what device they try to use within your home network. No rooting or jailbreaking is required thanks to the simplicity of the InternetGuard multi-device systems connectivity. You’ll never lose sight of how much time is spent on screens or what apps are being accessed across all linked gadgets.

Customizable to Each Child’s Unique Needs

While InternetGuard delivers a common set of powerful tools overall, it also allows full customization on a per-child basis. For example, you can apply different screen time rules, app filters, or web restrictions tailored to the maturity and responsibility level of each child on your account. A kindergartner likely only needs access to educational content and basic games, whereas an older teen may have more flexible freedoms.

The individual profiles mean no child gets left out of parental supervision either. Whether you have one kid or five under your guardianship, each receives personalized protection optimized for their specific age and needs. No need to separately manage devices or balance overlapping settings – InternetGuard streamlines oversight for your entire family under one roof, for free.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

As a parent, staying informed of your kid’s device usage habits is crucial. InternetGuard raises the bar with extraordinarily detailed reporting that lets you deeply analyze screen time and app trends over time. Generate at-a-glance summaries, filter results by day/week/month, and even export data into CSV format for further custom assessment.

Detailed activity logs note exact timestamps for specific activities, right down to minute-by-minute granularity. You can spot patterns like consistently hitting screen time limits each Wednesday at 3 PM, or discovering a new obsession with browsing Reddit after school lets out. These insights help initiate important conversations and continuously improve digital wellness practices at home.

Control Browsing More Effectively

While InternetGuard handles universal filters for mature or inappropriate content across all apps, its built-in browser also provides advanced website restrictions. Create allow/block lists by domain or URL, schedule different rules for certain days, and selectively permit safe search mode only. Catch potential risks before they begin by preemptively barring access to unfit sites your kids might otherwise discover.

You can even view real-time alerts of sites they attempt to visit along with any images/captions present. Stay one step ahead of curious minds still learning responsible online behavior with this extra layer of targeted browsing oversight. No dodging restrictions through clever search terms or outside links either thanks to InternetGuard’s thorough monitoring network.

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