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LOST in BLUE Mod APK Mod Menu v1.176.0

App Name LOST in BLUE
Latest Version v.1.174.0
Last Updated
Publisher Volcano Force
Category Adventure Adventure
Size 1345 MB
Mods move speed multiplier, MENU MOD, Unlimited Money
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4.3 Rating (227) Votes

4.3 Rating (227 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Stay alive while exploring the island, and find opportunities to be rescued
    • move speed multiplier
    • MENU MOD
    • Unlimited Money
    •  God Mode
    • all unlocked
    • unlimited everything

Lost in Blue: The Ultimate Survival Journey with Mod Menu Unlocks

Lost in Blue is one of the most realistic and challenging survival games available on mobile. As a lone female survivor stranded in the open ocean, players must scavenge for resources, and craft tools, and use their survival skills to endure relentless waves, sharks, and other ocean dangers.

However, with the Lost in Blue Mod APK installed, this already intense struggle for survival becomes even more epic and rewarding.

MOD MENU: Unlock Your True Survival Power

The mod menu is where players can access a whole new level of customization and gameplay possibilities not found in the standard version. With just a few taps, customizable options like God Mode, Unlimited Resources, and Speed Multipliers can be toggled on to suit any type of survival experience.

Depending on a player’s mood and goals for their playthrough, the mod menu provides endless ways to enhance Lost in Blue.

God Mode: Become an Immortal Survivor

For those who want to fully embrace their inner action hero and brave the open ocean without consequences, God Mode is the ultimate protection. With this setting enabled, players are granted total invincibility and cannot die no matter what dangers they face.

Sharks, drowning, dehydration – nothing can stop a godlike survivor. This allows freedom to explore, build, and craft without limits or pressure. It’s the perfect way to learn gameplay mechanics or just lose oneself in endless, low-stress survival.

Unlimited Resources: An Abundance of Items at Your Fingertips

Crafting, building, and customizing equipment is a huge part of survival in Lost in Blue. However, scavenging for the necessary plant fibers, planks, rocks, and other items can get tedious over time.

The Unlimited Resources option bypasses all of that tedium by providing instant access to an infinite supply of every crafting component. Players are fully stocked at all times to focus solely on construction and progress without interruptions. It maximizes creativity and construction potential.

Speed Multiplier: Become a Fast-Paced Survivor

While realism is part of Lost in Blue’s appeal, the default movement and action speeds can feel sluggish for some. The Speed Multiplier mod takes pace and intensity to a whole new level by allowing customized increases to movement speed, crafting/building speed, and more.

Want to zoom around the ocean at lightning speed? No problem. Prefer a moderate increase to the standard game flow? The multiplier is completely customizable so players set their preferred flow. Become an efficient, fast-paced survivor with this Mod.

Endless Survival: Customize Your Journey Without Limits

Beyond the core mod options, many smaller customizations can be tweaked to create the perfect survival scenario. Settings like Infinite Stamina, No Thirst/Hunger, and No Health Degradation open up new strategies and styles of play. Complex structures and megabases become possible with the right adjustments.

With so many potential combinations offered by this modded version of Lost in Blue, no two survival experiences need to be alike. Players craft their own unique survival story without constraints.

Shark Attack Survival: Face Ocean Predators with Skill or Power

Sharks are a deadly natural hazard that all survivors must contend with in the open water. While they add survival tension, constant shark attacks can grow tiresome over long play sessions. Mod options provide new dimensions to the shark dynamic.

Those seeking an action-packed challenge can face emboldened super sharks with amped aggression and speed. Others may prefer taming the oceans with settings like “No Sharks” or one-hit kill attacks for ultimate control. However players customize their experience, shark encounters become truly personalized.

Building and Crafting Unchained: Construct Epic Survivor Structures

Construction lies at the heart of progression in Lost in Blue. From basic rafts and storage containers to complex floating bases spanning multiple tiles, the building system empowers endless creativity. However, standard resource constraints curb grand architectural visions.

Unlock the full builder within by enabling infinite resources for unrestrained construction. Mega ports, elaborate buildings, and customized defensive walls become realities. Expand builds across many in-game days without pause. Release unlimited inner engineer potential and forge survivor civilization on the waves.

MOD MENU Overview: Customize Your Perfect Survival Mode

Whether seeking an ultra-relaxed creative experience, amped-up action challenge, or highly customized sandbox, the MOD MENU puts players fully in control. Core mod options provide the foundation for tailored gameplay, while smaller tweaks allow microscopic adjustments down to preferences.

Find the ideal balance to suit any mood by experimenting with different mod combinations. Lost in Blue was already renowned for its immersive survival gameplay – but with total customization via this MODded version, it becomes the ultimate personalized survival journey. Now you can face ocean fury on your terms like never before.

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  • Version Update 1. Added new mounts, including Flying Fish and Abysscobo. 2. Added a new event - Claire's Treasure. 3. Ascension system will soon be added to hovercrafts. 4. Increased max number of friends to 200. 5. Increased storage crate limit. 6. Adjusted the damage dealt by Thunderous Burst.

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