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Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK Unlimited Money v11.012.003

Magic Tiles 3
App Name Magic Tiles 3
Latest Version v.11.012.003
Last Updated
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Music Music
Size 161 MB
Google Playstore

3.9 Rating (76) Votes

3.9 Rating (76 Votes )
Price: $ 0
You love music games. Let’s tap magic tiles to the beat in the fun song game
    • Unlimited money
    • vip unlocked
    • no ads
    • mod menu

Experience Magic Tiles 3 like Never Before with Unlimited Resources

Magic Tiles 3 is one of the most popular Endless Runner puzzle games available on Android. The goal is to help the main character collect coins and diamonds by swiping tiles on the screen to form pathways. However, the in-game economy can be quite grindy and limit progress for free players.

With the Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK, you can now experience the game without any limitations by unlocking an unlimited money mod.

UNLIMITED DIAMONDS – Always Have the Resources Needed to Progress

Diamonds are one of the premium currencies in Magic Tiles 3 that can be used to buy powerups, boosters, upgrades, and more. However, they are quite rare to obtain through normal gameplay. With the unlimited diamonds mod unlocked, you will never have to worry about having enough diamonds ever again. You can spend them as freely as you want without fear of running out.

This allows you to keep enhancing your character’s power and unlock new areas of the game much faster than regular free players. Always having a stockpile of diamonds thanks to the mod means constant progression in Magic Tiles 3.

UNLIMITED COIN – Never Worry About Running Out of Funds

Coins are the main currency in Magic Tiles 3 needed to buy various powerups and boosts during gameplay. However, they are earned quite slowly through normal F2P play. With the unlimited coin mod feature, you will instantly have access to an endless supply of coins right from the start.

Spend coins as much as needed on powerups, boosters, and more without ever having to earn or wait for more. Play Magic Tiles 3 without worrying about running out of coins to progress further. Use coins liberally in every run knowing you always have an unlimited amount thanks to the mod.

UNLIMITED HEART – Endless Marathon Gameplay Sessions

Hearts are needed to play new games in Magic Tiles 3. With a limited number of hearts, players have to either wait for natural regeneration or use diamonds to refill hearts. This disrupts continuous gameplay sessions. With the unlimited heart mod though, you can now enjoy Magic Tiles 3 in one endless gaming marathon.

Play session after session without ever running out of heart. Enjoy hours of continuous, uninterrupted gameplay thanks to this mod feature that provides unlimited hearts.

Unlimited Money – Unlock True Unlimited Resources

While the above mods provide unlimited diamonds, coins, and hearts individually, the unlimited money mod unlocks all currency limitations together for the ultimate Magic Tiles 3 experience. With this, you will gain instant access to an endless supply of all premium in-game currencies including diamonds, coins, and hearts. Spend them without restraints on whatever satisfies your gaming needs the most.

Buy powerups, boosters, upgrades, or anything without worrying about balance. Truly dominate Magic Tiles 3 with absolute freedom thanks to the unlimited resources from this all-inclusive unlimited money mod.

VIP Unlocked – Premium Perks and Features Without Paying

In Magic Tiles 3, a VIP membership is a premium subscription that provides exclusive perks and benefits otherwise unavailable for free users. Key advantages include double coins from ads, access to exclusive missions, permanent stat boosts, and more.

With the VIP unlocked mod feature though, you can now avail of all premium VIP membership perks and features completely free of charge. Play Magic Tiles 3 like a paid VIP player but without having spent a single penny. Enjoy special stat boosts, coins boost, and extra missions that were only meant for paying players earlier – now available to you thanks to VIP unlock through this mod.

NO Ads – Distraction-Free Immersive Gameplay

In-game ads are commonly used in free-to-play titles like Magic Tiles 3 to generate revenue for developers. While they help keep the game free, the periodic ads can disrupt the immersive atmosphere during gameplay sessions.

With the no ads mod, you can conveniently remove all ad placements from Magic Tiles 3 for an ad-free, uninterrupted experience. Focus solely on the gameplay without forced ads interrupting your momentum. Enjoy seamless, distraction-free arcade sessions from start to finish with this mod that removes all ads from Magic Tiles 3.

Mod Menu – Easily Access All Unlimited Mods

The Magic Tiles 3 mod menu provides a centralized hub to easily access and toggle all the unlimited mod features right from the game. With a single click, turn on unlimited diamonds, unlimited coins, unlimited money, and more through this user-friendly mod menu.

We no longer need to keep enabling each mod individually from separate mod APK files. Simply open the in-game mod menu with a single tap for hassle-free access to all Magic Tiles 3 mods. Fine-tune the unlimited mods as per your playstyle through convenient toggles. Enjoy unified mod functionality accessible effortlessly from within Magic Tiles 3 thanks to the well-designed mod menu.

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  • - Optimize game performance and fix bugs

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