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Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK Unlimited Money v1.0.5

Monster Hunter Stories
App Name Monster Hunter Stories
Latest Version v.1.0.5
Last Updated
Publisher CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Role Playing Role Playing
Mods Unlimited money, Unlimited items, Max player level (When level up), Max monster level (When level up), Max monsters usage, Dumb enemy in free roam, Free purchase
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (944) Votes

4.1 Rating (944 Votes )
Price: $ 0
The original Monster Hunter RPG is available on smartphones!

Master the Monster Hunter World with Stories MOD APK

Capcom’s gorgeous Monster Hunter spin-off Stories takes players on an epic open-world adventure alongside unique monster companions known as Monsties. As a Rider, you’ll forge powerful bonds and team up with these ferocious beasts to battle it out in turn-based combat. However, the standard Stories experience is limited compared to what the MOD APK unleashes! unlocking the true power of Stories for all Hunters.

Explore the rich world of Monster Hunter Stories like never before with the modded Monster Hunter Stories Mod APK. Assemble the ultimate monster hunting squad and rise to legendary status with unlockable powers.

Unlimited Riches in Kamura Village

Grinding for zenny is a thing of the past. With endless money flows, unlock every shop item and fast travel point instantly. Fully upgrade your armor and stock infinite potions without a second thought. Without financial restrictions, assemble the most powerful team at your fingertips.

Free Reign Over the Item Shop

Access any weapon, armor or boost item without spending resources at the blacksmith. Whether you need rare charms or power-up seeds, it’s all available for the taking. Equip your epic transmogrified gear sets to intimidate foes without breaking the bank. With all loot unlocked, build your loadout to its maximum potential.

Ascend to God-Tier Strengths

Dominate battles once and for all by reaching unprecedented level caps. Advance your character and trusted companions beyond the usual limits. Unleash heightened abilities and maxed out skill points on enemies. No foe can outmatch the supreme divine powers granted by this mod’s increased stats.

Amass the Ultimate Monster Regiment

Serve as leader to the most badass stable of signature creatures. Summon an unstoppable legion of 6 rare monsters into every expedition. Outnumber threats with the fearsome combo attacks of your full party. Nothing will stand a chance against your parade of legendary beast allies.

Roam Freely Amidst Docile Wildlife

Toggle mindless AI on small animals and ambient monsters for chill adventures. Wander fields and traverse mountains without interruptions to safely reach quest areas. Let mounting and materials still yield rewards in your leisurely treks. Enjoy views of the lively landscape without random scuffles.

Unfettered powers and unbridled abilities await in this modded version of Monster Hunter Stories. Become the supreme warrior-rider legend you were destined to be. Your name will live on as the greatest hero to ever bond with monsters.

Unlimited Zenny and Items at Your Fingertips

Any Hunter knows that gear, weapons and supplies are crucial for survival in the field, but they don’t come cheap. Thanks to the Stories MOD APK, money is no object as trainers enjoy unlimited Zenny to splurge on any equipment, provisions or customizations their heart desires. Stock up on Mega Potions, Armor Spheres and more without ever needing to grind or worry about funds again!

Free Access to Any Monster

Capturing and raising new Monsties is a blast, but incredibly rare eggs and high-level monsters require a hefty price tag. Not anymore! With purchase restrictions removed, players can add their dream Monsties like Lagiacrus or Deviljho to their squad immediately. Recruit the ultimate monster allies without spending a penny.

Maxed Levels and Stats Galore

Forget grinding endlessly just to evolve your Monsties or take on tougher quests – with this MOD APK, your character and entire stables will begin at max player and monster levels respectively! Stats like health, attack and defenses are also automatically optimized for easy quest clears. Level up in an instant so you can focus on forging strong friendships with your Monsties instead.

Weakened Enemies for Breezy Battles

Perhaps the best feature of all – enemies in Stories MOD APK will be drastically weakened, ensuring you breeze through any battle or quest with little effort. No longer will tough monsters like Diablos or Black Diablos give Hunters trouble. With easy victories guaranteed, you can focus on bonding with your Monsties and living out epic adventure stories instead of repetitive grinding!

So whether you’re a seasoned Hunter or new to the series, unleash the true unlimited potential of Monster Hunter Stories with this MOD APK. Enjoy all the perks of max stats and gold without restrictions holding you back from mastering the monster-filled world. Happy hunting!


  • Fixed various system-related issues.

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