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Motionleap by Lightricks Mod APK Unlocked Pro v1.4.1

Motionleap by Lightricks
App Name Motionleap by Lightricks
Latest Version v.1.4.1
Last Updated
Publisher Lightricks Ltd
Requirements Android 7.1 Android 7.1
Category Photography Photography
Size 249 MB
Mods Pro unlocked, without watermark
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (607) Votes

4.1 Rating (607 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Photo editing, effects, & an A.I art generator to create stunning digital art
    • Pro unlocked
    • without watermark

Motionleap: The Most Powerful App for Motion Design

Motionleap by Lightricks is the #1 app for motion graphics and visual effects. As one of the leading software in the industry, it allows users to create professional-looking motion videos and animations with just a few taps. However, for those wanting access to Motionleap’s full suite of advanced tools and effects without any limits, the modded unlocked Pro version is the best choice.

MODDED Motionleap APK: Unlock the FULL Power of Motion Design

The modded Motionleap APK unlocks the full Pro version of the app without any restrictions. Gone are the annoying watermarks and limited export resolutions that come with the free version. Users can now access every single feature, tool, and effect that Motionleap has to offer.

Whether creating simple Instagram stories or complex motion graphics for major brands, the modded APK gives creative freedom without bounds.

PRO Features Unlocked: Say Goodbye to Watermarks

One of the most irritating aspects of the free Motionleap version is the overlay watermark that gets added to every export. While a watermark is understandable for the basic version to encourage upgrades, it ruins the aesthetic and professional look/feel of finished videos and animations.

The modded APK erases this annoyance by unlocking the PRO version without any payment. Users can now export and share their creations watermark-free at the highest resolution possible.

Unrestricted Export: Share Your Work Without Limits

Along with removing watermarks, the modded Motionleap APK also unlocks unrestricted export resolution. In the free version, exports are heavily restricted and get compressed, leading to lower-quality outputs. But with the PRO features unlocked, users can export their motion graphics at full resolution without any downscaling or pixelation. Whether uploading to social media platforms, sharing as presentations, or collaborating with clients, creations can now be shared at their highest visual quality without compromise.

Premium Tools Unlocked: Master Motion Design

In addition to removing frustrating restrictions, the modded APK gives access to Motionleap’s full suite of advanced premium tools. Now users can make use of powerful features like shape masking, puppet warp, motion blur, advanced blending modes, and more to take their projects to the next level. Whether subtle touch-ups or complex animations, these pro-level tools allow for limitless creative expression and skill advancement in motion design.

MODDED Features

To better understand everything available in the modded Motionleap APK, here is an in-depth breakdown of its unlocked PRO features:

Shape Masking: One of the Standout Features

Shape masking is easily one of Motionleap’s most powerful and useful tools. It allows complex selections and masks to be created directly on canvas for precise editing and effects. Whether isolating elements or creating animated masks, this non-destructive workflow saves loads of time over traditional layer-based masking. With the modded APK, users can take full advantage of shape masking for unlimited creative possibilities.

Puppet Warp for Organic Animations

Another standout PRO feature is the puppet warp. This tool revolutionizes how animations are created by treating elements like virtual puppets that can be manipulated and moved frame-by-frame.

Combined with the mask functionality, it allows for truly organic animations that would otherwise require advanced node-based software. Users can now easily bring characters, objects, or illustrations to life with intuitive controls.

Motion Blur Effects Professional Results

Motion blur is an important part of achieving realism in motion graphics. While the basic version has selective blur, only the PRO unlocked version gives pixel-perfect control over blur radius, intensity, and direction on a per-layer basis. Now users can apply blur exactly where they want for both subtle realism or exaggerated stylistic effects. When combined with puppet warp, it brings animations to an even more polished, cinematic level.

Unlimited Adjustment Layers

Adjustment layers are crucial for non-destructively altering elements globally. However, the free version severely limits their use. With the modded APK, users gain unlimited adjustment layers for tasks like color correction, shadows/highlights, glow effects, vignettes, and more. They offer unparalleled flexibility to experiment and tweak projects without touching individual layers.

Advanced Blending Modes

Motionleap’s blending modes go way beyond simple overlay, multiply, etc. The PRO blending modes offer artistic choices like color, hue, saturation, luminosity, and more. This expands creative expression exponentially by allowing selective adjustment of parameters on a per-layer basis. Combined with masks and adjustments, stunning multilayered effects can now be achieved with ease.

And many more PRO features!

Along with these headline modes and tools, Motionleap’s unlocked PRO version via modded APK gives access to countless other tools like layer organization, animation presets, transitions, speed graphs, advanced timeline controls, and more. It essentially removes all limits and allows users to take full creative control over their motion graphics projects.

Take Your Motion Design to New Heights with MODDED Motionleap PRO

In conclusion, for anyone serious about motion design and visual effects, the modded Motionleap APK is a no-brainer download. At only a few taps, it unlocks the full creative power of Motionleap’s PRO tools and features without any money or subscription.

Now limited only by imagination, users can take their motion skills higher than ever before. Whether self-learning through experimentation or creating work for clients, the modded version lets creativity flow without bounds or restrictions. So what are you waiting for? Download now and start crafting truly professional motion graphics on a whole new level!

Download Motionleap by Lightricks Mod APK Android

  • Bug fixes.

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