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My Perfect Hotel
App Name My Perfect Hotel
Latest Version v.1.8.1
Last Updated
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Arcade Arcade
Size 121 MB
Mods Player Menu , Everything Is Zero (0),  Instant Maxed Upgrades
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (954) Votes

4.3 Rating (954 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Dive straight into the fast-paced world of hospitality provision!
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Money
    • Free Shopping
    • Free Rewards
    • Instant Maxed Upgrades
    • unlimited gems
    • no ads
    • free purchase
    • premium unlocked

My Perfect Hotel Mod APK – The Ultimate Hotel Tycoon Experience with an Arsenal of Exclusive Modded Features

My Perfect Hotel is one of the most popular hotel management simulation games available on Android, tasking players with building and expanding their dream hotel empire. However, the standard version of the game comes with several limitations that can hamper progression.

That’s where the My Perfect Hotel Mod APK comes in, giving players an unrestricted experience with all mod features unlocked right from the start.

Maximizing Your Hotel’s Potential with an Arsenal of Powerful Modded Features

This modded version of My Perfect Hotel completely removes all gameplay restrictions, providing players with god mode abilities to reach the highest levels of hotel success. Under the ‘Mod Menu’ section, players can gain access to many exclusive premium features that are normally only available via in-app purchases or grinding for hours.

This includes options like Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Free Rewards, and Instant Maxed Upgrades – allowing your hotel to reach its full 5-star potential right from the start.

Unleashing Your Hotel’s Financial Power with Unlimited Money

One of the main gameplay barriers in the standard My Perfect Hotel game is the need to carefully manage your hotel’s finances. Players must balance income, expenses, and strategic investments – which can hamper fast progress and expansion.

However, with the Unlimited Money mod feature, players don’t need to worry about running out of cash. The Instant Money mod allows for an endless supply of funds to be instantly added to your hotel’s balance. Want to purchase that new luxury wing expansion? No problem, money is no object with this modded feature! Upgrade all facilities, hire top staff, and push your hotel’s income potential to incredible new heights without monetary restraints.

Free Shopping – Equip Your Hotel with the Best Amenities Without Spending a Dime

Another core limitation removed with this mod is the need to purchase in-game items and amenities using precious in-game currency or real money microtransactions. The Free Shopping mod feature renders all item costs completely free. Want to deck out your hotel rooms with 5-star furnishings and appliances? Go for it, they’re yours to own without spending a cent.

Need to install that rooftop infinity pool or upgrade the gym? It’s unlocked and ready to go at zero price. Players can truly customize and maximize their hotel’s appeal and functionality without any limitations on the best items. Fully equip your property with the crème de la crème of hotel amenities by shopping to your heart’s content with this invaluable modded perk.

Unlocking Endless Free Rewards to Snowball Your Hotel’s Growth

Perhaps one of the most exciting modded features is Free Rewards, removing the tedious grinding needed to earn standard in-game bonuses or prizes. In My Perfect Hotel, regular rewards like free bonuses, powerups, and resource boosts help propel a hotel’s growth by multiplying progression.

However, these sorts of benefits are normally limited and time-gated, forcing players to check in regularly or participate in event competitions for chances to earn them. The Free Rewards mod does away with all limitations, granting endless spontaneous rewards directly to your hotel on demand.

Want a 10x income boost for the next 8 hours? Done. Need extra XP to zip through management levels? No problem. This mod opens the reward floodgates to catapult your hotel’s achievements to stratospheric new heights at rapid speed, making you the envy of rival luxury resort owners in no time!

Reaching the Peak of Luxury with Instant Maxed Upgrades

Arguably one of the most tantalizing modded options is the ability to instantly max out all available upgrades and expansions on your dream hotel property. In the standard game, strategic long-term investments and grinding are required to slowly upgrade facilities, wings, and core attributes like prestige, staffing, and more.

Players must normally save up huge sums and wait lengthy research/construction periods before unlocking new tiers. But with the Instant Max Upgrades mod, your hotel can instantly evolve into a gleaming 5-star architectural marvel. All room, amenities, and attribute upgrades are instantly applied without constraint.

Research? Construction times? Not an issue anymore. Your hotel is transformed in an instant into the rolling accolades and riches that come with managing the most lavish resort in town. Cut out the grinding and leap straight to magnificence with this powerful mod feature!

Expanding Your Hotel’s Guest Capacity and Service with Unlimited Gems

A constant obstacle to growing your hotel’s guest numbers and throughput is being limited by the currency/resources needed to expand key facilities. One such currency in My Perfect Hotel is gems – rare collectibles needed for projects like hiring more staff, building additional rooms and suites, or increasing your maximum guest capacity.

However, with the Unlimited Gems mod, players will never find themselves gem-starved again. This feature provides an endless supply of precious currency, delivering gems directly into your reserves on command. No longer do you need to meticulously collect gems through missions or wait on timed chest rewards.

Take your hotel’s accommodation and guest experience potential to the next level by expanding key areas as much as you like, whenever you please, simply by spending your bottomless gem reserves. Rival hotels won’t know what hit them!

Removing Ads and Purchase Restrictions for an Unhindered Luxury Experience

The final modded features take away the last niggling restrictions, by eliminating intrusive ads and unlocking all purchase/upgrade options for free. Players know in standard mobile games, incentivized ads or hard paywalls are often put in place of strategic points to encourage microtransactions or app store purchases.

These can interfere with the relaxing immersive experience My Perfect Hotel provides. But by utilizing the No Ads and Free Purchase mods, users can really zone into constructing and managing their luxury empire undisturbed.

No more being shunted out of the game to watch ads for benefits. Plus, all premium purchase content is unlocked for gratis use. Players can truly live out their luxury resort ownership dreams restriction-free from start to ultimate 5-star finish with these final modded perks.

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  • Great news! A new hotel is now available to play! We have also made many improvements to the game based on your feedback!

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