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Network Monitor Mini Pro APK Full Version v1.0.273

Network Monitor Mini Pro
App Name Network Monitor Mini Pro
Latest Version v.1.0.273
Last Updated
Publisher KF Software House
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Apps Apps
Size 5 MB
Mods Full Version
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4.7 Rating (75) Votes

4.7 Rating (75 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Network Monitor Mini Pro APK allows users to monitor their device's network traffic in real-time. It displays information such as sent/received bytes, download/upload speed, current bandwidth usage, and more. The app comes with advanced features like hostname lookup, packet capturing, and firewall settings that give users deep insights and control over their network activity.

Network Monitor Mini Pro APK: Get Deep Insights Into Your Device’s Network Activity

Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is a powerful tool that allows Android users to monitor their device’s network activity. With it, you can see detailed information about data usage from installed apps, current bandwidth consumption, download and upload speeds, and more.

Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is a powerful network monitoring and diagnostic tool for Android users that allows monitoring of network traffic in real-time with detailed insights. The full version of Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is quite feature-rich and gives deep analytics of network activity from any Android device.

It displays information such as current upload and download speeds, daily/weekly data consumption, bandwidth usage graphs and more. Users can check network traffic of individual apps to identify ones consuming high data in the background. Moreover, its built-in firewall lets you block or allow network access of specific apps.

For performance diagnostics, features like packet capturing, hostname lookup and port knocking are also available. Network Monitor Mini Pro APK can even monitor devices on the same WiFi network remotely. With its robust monitoring abilities and mod features, it has become a go-to solution for many Android users to optimize bandwidth usage and troubleshoot connectivity problems effortlessly.

Checking Network Usage Details

One of the main functions of Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is that it allows you to check detailed network usage of individual apps on your device. From the app menu, you can view data sent and received by each installed app over various periods like the current day, the last 7 days, or the last 30 days. This helps you identify apps that may be consuming a lot of bandwidth in the background and draining your mobile data. You can restrict or disable network access for such apps to optimize data usage.

Monitoring Bandwidth Consumption in Real-Time

The app displays your current upload and download speed along with the total data sent and received in real time. This is shown on the home screen as interactive charts and graphs for easy visualization of network activity patterns. You can see spikes in bandwidth usage to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Network Monitor Mini Pro APK also calculates the total data consumed over daily, weekly, or monthly durations to help you track usage against data limits on your mobile plan.

Advanced Connection Monitoring Features

Network Monitor Mini Pro APK comes with some advanced features found usually in desktop network monitors. It allows you to perform hostname lookups of IP addresses to get the domain names of servers your device is connecting to. This can be useful for identifying mystery connections and catching malware. The app also includes a built-in packet-capturing tool. With it, you can analyze the protocol and content of network packets in real time for troubleshooting complex connectivity issues.

Control Network Activity with a Firewall

One of the most useful features of Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is that it doubles up as a simple yet powerful firewall for your Android device. From the app, you can block internet access to specific apps that may be consuming high bandwidth or accessing the internet without your permission. You can selectively allow or deny network connections on a per-app basis with configurable rules based on hostname, port, and protocol. This gives you refined control over your device’s network activity and enhances privacy by restricting suspicious apps.

Track Network Consumption Across Devices

If you have multiple Android devices, the Network Monitor Mini Pro APK makes it easy to track their cumulative network consumption from a central location. Once installed on each device, you can view and compare data usage statistics of all devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network on a single dashboard. Great for families to monitor data limits across phones and tablets on a shared internet plan. Remote devices need to be on the same network for this cross-device monitoring to work.

Mod Features in Network Monitor Mini Pro APK

The full version of Network Monitor Mini Pro APK available for free download on third-party app stores comes packed with advanced mod features ideal for power users. Some notable mod features include:

– Network Speed Test: Test your upload/download speeds with in-app speed tests to various servers for accurate bandwidth readings.

– Battery Optimization: Intelligent network monitoring and logging that does not significantly impact device battery life even with continuous usage.

– Notification Alerts: Set customizable data usage thresholds and get notified via pop-ups or phone alerts when limits are exceeded to avoid unwanted charges.

– Tethering Detection: Identify if your mobile hotspot or wireless tethering is accidentally left on and consuming data in the background.

– Kill-Switch: Block all network access with a single tap in emergencies like exceeding monthly limits to immediately stop further usage.

– Port Knocking: Manually knock on closed ports to test router/firewall configurations and troubleshoot blockades.

– Advanced Filtering: Filter packet details by port, IP, size, and more attributes using powerful search filters for precision troubleshooting.

– Traffic Stats: Lifetime view of cumulative network traffic stats and historical usage trends from the first day of installation.

– ADB Integration: Debug network issues directly from your computer via ADB logs and packet captures without any extra software.

As the full mod version of Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is free to download, users can enjoy these advanced troubleshooting features without spending anything. The app is well-optimized for performance with minimal resource usage. Begin monitoring your device’s network activity in detail today with this featured-packed network monitoring solution.

In conclusion, Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is a must-have Android app for all users who want to gain deeper insights into their device’s network behavior, check app-wise mobile data usage, troubleshoot connection problems, and optimize bandwidth consumption. Backed with advanced connection monitoring, bandwidth tracking, firewall controls, and mod features, it allows comprehensive oversight of network activity like no other app. Combined with the ability to monitor networks across multiple devices, Network Monitor Mini Pro APK is certainly one of the most powerful network monitors available on the Play Store.

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