ActionNextbots In Backrooms: Obunga

Nextbots In Backrooms Obunga Mod APK Unlimited Money v2.3.0

Nextbots In Backrooms: Obunga
App Name Nextbots In Backrooms: Obunga
Latest Version v.2.3.0
Last Updated
Publisher playducky com
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Action Action
Size 219 MB
Mods Unlocked all, Unlimited money
Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (135) Votes

4.1 Rating (135 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Running away from memes in the Backrooms
    • Unlocked all
    • Unlimited money
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlock All Maps
    • Unlock All Skins
    • Unlock All Nextbots
    • premium unlocked
    • no ads
    • god mode

Discover an endless world of exploration with Nextbots In Backrooms Obunga Mod APK

Nextbots In Backrooms is a highly immersive simulated survival adventure set in “the backrooms”, an infinite expanse of randomly generated rooms that have been abandoned. As a player, you take control of a customizable android “Nextbot” who finds themselves lost in the backrooms with no way out.

The goal is to explore the mysterious labyrinth of rooms, avoid threats that lurk in the darkness, and use resources found to upgrade your Nextbot for a chance to eventually escape.

Unlimited possibilities with Obunga Mod

The Obunga Mod for Nextbots In Backrooms completely transforms the vanilla experience by unlocking all of the game’s premium features for unlimited exploration and customization.

With mod features including Unlocked All, Unlimited Money, a Mod Menu, and more, players can truly push the boundaries of what is possible in this endless survival adventure.

Unlocked All for full accessibility

One of the most useful mod features is “Unlocked All”, which fully removes all locks and restrictions on maps, skins, Nextbots, and other unlockable content in the game. Players can instantly access the entire game world and customize their Android however they want.

No longer will players be limited to a handful of starter maps or a basic default skin. With Unlocked All, the backrooms are your infinite playground to do as you please.

 Unlimited Money for infinite upgrades

Another core mod feature is Unlimited Money. In the vanilla game, resources like Ethereum found in rooms are used to upgrade and enhance your Nextbot, but funds are limited. With Unlimited Money enabled, players will never want for resources again.

Stockpile unlimited amounts of every type of material to max out your Nextbot stats, purchase every possible upgrade in the shops, and customize your outward appearance without any budget restrictions. Fully optimized Nextbots can then take on even greater challenges and explore deeper into the uncharted backrooms.

 Augment the experience with a robust Mod Menu

The Obunga Mod also introduces an easy-to-use Mod Menu directly into the game. Accessed with a single button press, the menu provides simple toggles to enable all the major mod features like Unlocked All and Unlimited Money with no complicated installation required. But the menu does not stop there.

It also grants abilities like unlocking all maps, unlocking all skins, unlocking all custom Nextbots to play as, and enabling God Mode for those who want to experience the backrooms without any dangers. Players can even remove all ads with a single toggle for an immersive, uninterrupted experience.

 Delve deeper into the endless mystery with unlocked potential

By removing all restrictions and unlocking unlimited progress, the Obunga Mod truly sets players free to delve as deep as they want into the mystery of the backrooms. No longer confined by the limitations of the vanilla experience, users can explore any map they desire, switch between any customization option on a whim, and upgrade their Nextbot to maximum overpowered status for survival in the harshest areas.

With threats nullified and resources in infinite supply, the only journey left is the one further inward toward the endless expanse’s innermost secrets. Unlimited possibilities await those brave enough to face what lurks in the darkness with the power of Obunga Mod on their side.

Endless Customization – Unlocking All Skins and Nextbots

Part of the fun of any good robot/agent simulator is customizing your machine to suit different roles, missions, or personal styles. The Obunga Mod takes customization to the maximum by unlocking every possible skin and variant of the powerful Nextbots.

Players can freely change their agent’s cosmetic appearance on a whim to suit any map, mission type, or just for fun. Combine different skins, textures, colors, and more to create uniquely stylized Nextbots unlike anyone else. They can truly express their individuality and roleplay different characters as they take on different parts of the Backrooms. For style-conscious players, unlimited customization is a dream come true.

Ad-Free Immersive Experience

While in-game ads are a necessary money-making tool for most free-to-play games, they can interrupt the immersive experience, especially in a creepy atmosphere simulator like Nextbots In Backrooms.

The Obunga Mod removes all ads, allowing players to fully focus on the unsettling mysteries of the Backrooms without annoying pop-ups. They can get completely absorbed in their exploration without unnatural breaks in pacing.

For those seeking total immersion, an ad-free version of such a haunting game makes a huge difference to the atmosphere. Players can feel truly present as their godlike Nextbot agents uncover the strangest parts of this limitless world.

An Unlimited Power Fantasy Like No Other

By removing all limits, the Nextbots In Backrooms Obunga Mod APK provides a unique power fantasy experience like no other. Players can truly experience what it means to be an unstoppable, customizable machine without constraints as they uncover the mysteries of the bizarre and endless Backrooms.

With unmatched stats, unlimited progression, and full customization, they can freely roleplay diverse missions and scenarios without restrictions. For fans seeking a more intense experience beyond what the vanilla version offers, this mod takes the game to a whole new level. It delivers unlimited money-making potential combined with full-on immersion to satisfy even the most hardcore Backrooms explorer.

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  • v2.2.8: - GUNS!!! v1.3.5: - 2 new Nextbots - Skibiti Toilet and Rosalia; - A new Nextbot constructor that allows you to delete and edit created Nextbots; - Reworked auto-jump - no more walking in tight spaces; - Ability to swim underwater. v1.2.11: - 2 new maps; - Bunny hop is automatic now. v1.2.10: - Battle pass. v1.2.7: - Play as Nextbot - eliminate your opponents by yourself! v1.2.4: - New map - Poolrooms; - Quest system. v1.2.3: - Ability to create a custom Nextbots.

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