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Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK Free Purchase v1.8.9

Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive
App Name Nextgen: Truck Simulator Drive
Latest Version v.1.8.9
Last Updated
Publisher Tassimov Games
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 574 MB
Mods Free shopping, Free purchase, all cars unlocked
Google Playstore

3.8 Rating (496) Votes

3.8 Rating (496 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Like car parking or truck simulator games? Cars driving realistic simulation sim
    • Free purchase
    • Free shopping
    • all cars unlocked
    • unlimited money

Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK: The Ultimate Trucking Experience Without Any Limits

Whether you enjoy spending your free time behind the wheel of a big rig truck or simply want to experience what it’s like to be a trucker, Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK is the game for you. With its realistic graphics and physics engine, you’ll feel like you’re operating a real semi-truck on the open road.

However, what makes this modded version even better is that it removes all the annoying limitations found in other trucking games. Say goodbye to in-app purchases and microtransactions with Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK – you’ll have access to everything this game has to offer for free.

Unleash Your Inner Trucker Without Spending A Dime

One of the biggest frustrations with mobile trucking games is how they constantly nag you to spend real money if you want to progress or access new vehicles and upgrades. Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK does away with these paywalls completely thanks to its “Free Purchase” mod feature.

With this enabled, the entire in-game store is unlocked from the start. You can shop to your heart’s content without ever having to enter your credit card information. Want that big Peterbilt or Kenworth you’ve had your eye on? It’s yours for free. Need parts to soup up your rig? Consider them already purchased. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to customizing your trucks.

Experience True Trucking Freedom with Unlimited Coins

Of course, even with all the vehicles unlocked, you’d still be restricted if you had limited funds in-game to work with. That’s where the “Unlimited Money” mod comes in. With a single flip of a switch, you’ll have access to an endless supply of in-game coins so that money is never an issue.

Go crazy upgrading your trucks, kitting them out with the best engines, accessories, and more without worrying about your balance running dry. You can live out your trucking dreams without the frustration of grinding for resources. Simply jump into your fully modded semi and hit the open road.

Explore Vast Open Worlds with All Trucks at Your Disposal

Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK features sprawling sandbox worlds based on real locations across the United States and Europe. With over a dozen vast landscapes to explore, you’ll never run out of scenic highways and backroads to cruise down in your big rig.

However, what allows you to fully immerse yourself is the ability to choose from every truck in the game straight from the beginning. The “All Cars Unlocked” mod gives you instant access to the entire vehicle roster. Want to tackle mountains in a Peterbilt? No problem.

Feel like speeding across Texas in a red Kenworth? The choice is yours. Switch between classic and modern semis to find your favorite rig. With all trucks at your disposal from the get-go, you can truly live out your trucking dreams on a massive scale.

Endless Customization Options Courtesy of Free Shopping

Of course, with so many vehicles to drive comes the need to customize each one to your exact specifications. Thankfully, the “Free Shopping” mod included in Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK means the entire in-game dealership and mod shop are accessible for free.

Browse every paint job, accessory, engine tuning option, and more without spending a dime. Whether you want to pimp out your rig with neon underflow or give it a stealthy blackout look, your imagination is the only limit. Plus, don’t forget about the ability to fully mod your truck cab as well.

Customize it down to the smallest details like seat covers and gear shift knobs. You can even show off your unique custom creations online through the built-in multiplayer. The possibilities are endless thanks to free shopping.

The Ultimate Realistic Trucking Experience Awaits

With so much freedom and flexibility provided by these powerful mods, Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK delivers a true next-level trucking simulation experience like no other. Its hyper-realistic graphics and physics engine allow you to feel every shift, turn, and gear change with pinpoint accuracy.

Hone your skills navigating tight city streets or test your nerves on a twisting mountain descent. Pair that level of immersion with access to every truck and upgrade with no restrictions, and you have the ultimate sandbox for living out your trucker dreams without limits. So don’t delay – download Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK today to experience trucking nirvana on the open road!

Unleash Your Creativity with Endless Custom Truck Designs

One area where Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK truly shines is the endless possibilities it provides for custom truck designs. With every paint color, accessory, and tuning option unlocked through the “Free Shopping” mod, your imagination is the only boundary when it comes to making your rigs unique.

Whether you prefer flashy neon underrides, stealthy murdered-out blackout styles, or classic custom paint jobs, you have complete freedom to experiment.

The in-depth customization menu allows tweaking every tiny detail from truck body colors to interior fabrics, front grilles to mirror caps. Nothing is left untouched when showing your creative flair. Plus, don’t forget about the built-in multiplayer.

You can hop online and truly show off your custom masterpieces for other players to admire. Through the unlimited coins “Unlimited Money” mod also ensures you always have funds to purchase new parts and constantly evolving designs.

An Immersive Trucker Lifestyle Simulation Experience

While the realistic driving mechanics and endless customization provide hours of fun, Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK also aims to create an authentic trucker lifestyle simulation. Smashing through that last mile of cargo delivery before calling it a night feels incredibly satisfying as you live out the trucking dream in-game. Small touches like listening to CB radio as you cruise or stopping for a coffee and meal at a roadside cafe further immerse you in trucker culture.

Complex job missions have you transporting goods across states with tight delivery deadlines while obeying traffic laws. Along the way, you may hit long stretches of open highway in the middle of nowhere with only your jams keeping you company.

Towing oversized loads through winding mountain passes requires careful navigation. Getting truck and trailer combinations in and out of congested city centers with giant buildings all around provides a real sense of scale.

Download Nextgen Truck Simulator Drive Mod APK Android

  • - New Vehicles - Livery System - Customization car - Horn cars - New Sounds - Fix bugs

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