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Night screen
App Name Night screen
Latest Version v.17
Last Updated
Publisher Arrows App
Requirements Android 4.4 Android 4.4
Category Tools Tools
Size 5 MB
Mods Plus Subscription
Google Playstore

3.8 Rating (726) Votes

3.8 Rating (726 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Night Screen MOD APK - An insightful guide to the hugely popular blue light filter app that helps improve sleep and reduces eye strain. Night Screen offers advanced features like automatic scheduling to reduce blue light exposure during night hours as well as customized color temperature controls that users find very helpful for relaxing before bed.
    • Plus Subscription

Night Screen MOD APK – An All-Access Pass to Unlock the App’s Full Potential

The Night Screen MOD APK gives users an all-access pass to unlock the app’s true potential through clever modifications. By stripping out functional barriers and experience-hindering limitations, it empowers seamless customization. Be it controlling color temperature without boundaries, configuring schedules with complete flexibility or enabling effects to soothe the eyes – every option becomes available on demand.

Night Screen has emerged as one of the most popular blue light filter apps due to its focus on customization and relaxation. However, limitations come with the standard free version. Strict preset restrictions and paid subscriptions require compromises that can disrupt workflow. The modded variant of Night Screen changes this by exposing its full bag of tricks.

Subscription workarounds like uninterrupted ad removal and offline usage take convenience to the next level too. Best of all, a single lifetime fee lifts subscription obligations forever instead of recurring expenses. With just a few downloads, Night Screen transforms into a digital wellness powerhouse answering to no one but its users.

Night Screen is one of the most downloaded blue light filter apps on the Google Play Store, with over 50 million installs. The app helps reduce blue light exposure from digital screens in the evening which can disrupt sleep patterns. Prolonged blue light exposure at night has been linked to difficulty falling asleep as well as poorer quality sleep. Night Screen seeks to address this issue through its advanced blue light filtering features and customizable options.

Night Screen MOD APK Features

Blue Light Filter Plus Subscription

One of the unique features of Night Screen is its Blue Light Filter Plus subscription which unlocks advanced functionality beyond the basic free version. For a low monthly or annual fee, users gain access to automatic scheduling options, additional color temperature presets, lens flare effects, and report customization. The automatic scheduler is particularly useful as it can turn the blue light filter on and off at specific times set by the user, smoothly transitioning the display for a more comfortable viewing experience based on the time of day.

Customizable Color Temperature Controls

In addition to the standard presets, Night Screen Plus subscribers can choose from over 60 different color temperature levels to fine-tune the display for their personal preferences. Finding the optimal warmth can help extend screen time in the evening while feeling more relaxed. Additional temperature presets like “Night” mode offer deeper reductions in blue light emissions compared to the regular filter.

Latest Screen Technologies

Night Screen aims to keep up with the latest display innovations from phone manufacturers. Features like Dark Mode, which reduces overall brightness, are supported. The app is also optimized for AMOLED screens to minimize power usage during extended periods with the filter active. Developers are quick to release compatibility updates ensuring the blue light-blocking effects work seamlessly across new devices and screen technologies.

Advanced Mod Features in Night Screen MOD APK

The modded or modified version of Night Screen referred to as Night Screen MOD APK takes the app experience even further by removing limitations. Some of the enhanced mod features unlocked include:

Ad-Free Browsing

All advertising is stripped from the user interface, allowing an advertisement-free experience. This enables an uninterrupted workflow with the blue light filter actively running.

Unlimited Customization

Preset restrictions are lifted, giving subscribers full control over the color temperature level without any limits. Fine-tuning the display is made seamlessly simple.

Automatic Scheduling Without Subscription

Even without a paid subscription, advanced options like automatically turning the filter on/off at preset times based on sunrise/sunset are unlocked. Personalized scheduling brings consistency.

Lens Flare Effects & Report Customization

Additional visual lens flare effects can be enabled to add a calming overlay on the display during late hours. Flexible report configurations become available for long-term usage tracking.

Offline Usage

All core filtering functions stay active without an active internet connection, keeping digital health top of mind even when offline. No disruptions occur.

Lifetime Unlock

Rather than paying monthly or annually, Night Screen MOD APK downloads provide a true lifetime all-access experience for a one-time expense, maximizing value.

With carefully tested unlock scripts, the modded version successfully removes both functional and experience limitations. Night Screen improves further as a powerful yet simple tool for digital wellness on its terms.


In conclusion, Night Screen MOD APK proves a compelling option for users focused on reducing eye strain and improving sleep with its advanced blue light filtering features. The customizable options, modded unlocking of all functionality, and cross-device compatibility make it an editor’s choice solution. With over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, it has resonated as an important app for digital health wellness. The subscription or mod versions extend their capabilities, delivering value for relaxed, undistracted use well into the late hours.

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