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NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD APK Premium Unlocked v4.34.4

NoBlueTick: No Last Read
App Name NoBlueTick: No Last Read
Latest Version v.4.34.4
Last Updated
Publisher Ahmed Awadallah
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 25 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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3.8 Rating (527) Votes

3.8 Rating (527 Votes )
Price: $ 0
NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD APK: This popular messaging app allows users to disable chat read receipts and view messages without notifying contacts. Some key premium features are unlocked in this modified version.
    • Premium Unlocked

NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD APK – An Enhanced Customizable Private Messaging Experience

The NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD APK provides a feature-rich messaging experience that goes far beyond the standard privacy and functionality offered by default WhatsApp clients. With granular customization options available for disabling read receipts on both individual and all chats simultaneously, it gives users ultimate authority over their online presence and read activity traceability on the platform. The enhanced No Last Read functionality paired with global status blocking in this modified APK allows for an private messaging experience like no other.

Whether communicating with contacts, family or professional networks, the customizable privacy settings ensure what a user chooses to share about their online status and message viewing habits remains within their control. NoBlueTick empowers users to tailor exactly how much or how little activity information gets displayed to different users.

This customized approach to online privacy management sets the app apart from other third party WhatsApp clients with more basic anonymity modes. When this heightened degree of granular control is then combined with other premium features like timed messages and screenshot blocking also being freed up in the MOD version, it establishes NoBlueTick as the go-to customized private messaging solution.

NoBlueTick is a popular third-party messaging app that allows users more control and customization over their chat experience on WhatsApp. One of the most appealing features of NoBlueTick is the ability to turn off the “last seen” and “last online” status otherwise visible to your contacts on regular WhatsApp. With the No Last Read option enabled in NoBlueTick, users can freely browse conversations, and view messages and media unhindered without notifying the other person that their message was read. This provides a more private chat experience and prevents irrelevant questions about whether a message was seen or not.

Premium Features Unlocked

The NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD APK goes a step further by unlocking all premium features of the app for free. In the original paid version of NoBlueTick, advanced options like hiding online/typing status, scheduling messages, and customizing individual chat settings are locked behind an in-app purchase.

However, in this modified APK release, all premium features are automatically unlocked for users without any payments. Now users can fully customize the way they appear and interact on WhatsApp according to their preferences without restrictions. This makes NoBlueTick a much more feature-rich and customizable alternative to the standard WhatsApp experience.

No Last Read: Control Read Receipts

One of the most popular features of NoBlueTick is the ability to turn off read receipts on a per-chat basis. With read receipts disabled, the other user will not be able to see if and when their messages were read. This provides users complete control over hiding their online and read status from specific contacts.

The No Last Read function comes in especially handy for situations like avoiding unnecessary questions and discussions at work or when one wants to selectively choose who to respond to on WhatsApp. NoBlueTick’s fine-grained privacy options allow hiding traces of online activity and message viewing on a granular per contact level.

Customizable Chat Settings

Beyond simply disabling last seen and read receipts, the NoBlueTick app enhances the basic WhatsApp experience with a range of highly customizable settings for each chat. Users can independently configure options like hiding online status, typing indicators, message previews, and more on an individual or group basis.

This level of granular privacy control sets NoBlueTick apart from other third-party WhatsApp alternatives. With advanced tweaks for every thread, users have complete authority over managing their digital footprint and choosing what information to share with different contacts.

Premium Features and Modifications

As mentioned earlier, this MOD version of NoBlueTick comes with all premium features automatically unlocked for free. Advanced functionality such as scheduling messages at a later time, blocking screenshots in select chats, and banning specific contacts are all accessible without in-app purchases. The core No Last Read feature that hides message read receipts is further enhanced in this modified APK.

Now read receipts can be disabled on a global level across all chats with a single toggle. Additionally, a new “Force Online” option has been added to override WhatsApp’s default online status and prevent the app from going idle or offline. These extended customization and privacy tweaks make the NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD a top alternative app for unconventional WhatsApp users.

No Ads Streaming Experience

One common pain point with many third-party WhatsApp clients is their tendency to continuously display intrusive ads. Thankfully, the developers behind NoBlueTick have ensured an ad-free experience so that users can focus solely on messaging without distractions. Whether using the free or PRO version, there are no pop-ups or banners obstructing chats.

Media like images, videos, and documents can be seamlessly viewed and shared without unnecessary ad layers on top. Downloading and installing this modified No Ads MOD APK of NoBlueTick guarantees a pure, immersive chat experience without having to see repeated promotions.

Enhanced User Interface

Beyond its powerful privacy config options, NoBlueTick has also implemented a modern and intuitive user interface. At first glance, it largely mimics the familiar WhatsApp design so users can easily switch between apps without a learning curve.

However, NoBlueTick incorporates some thoughtful quality-of-life improvements like a true dark theme, larger interactive media previews, and custom notification sounds for different contacts. The app interface is also lightweight and fluid without any lag when scrolling through long chats or switching between tabs. Overall, the seamless UI along with advanced privacy controls make NoBlueTick an invaluable addition to any WhatsApp power user’s toolkit.


In summary, the NoBlueTick No Last Read MOD APK unlocks an even more robust privacy-focused messaging experience for WhatsApp users. With all premium features freely available and enhanced functionality like blocking read receipts globally, it provides unprecedented control over one’s online presence. When combined with the ad-free streaming environment and polished user interface, NoBlueTick emerges as a compelling alternative worth considering over the standard WhatsApp client. Downloading this modified version is highly recommended for users seeking absolute privacy and complete customization in their messaging habits.

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