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PC Creator 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money v4.2.5

PC Creator 2 - Computer Tycoon
App Name PC Creator 2 - Computer Tycoon
Latest Version v.4.2.5
Last Updated
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 147 MB
Mods Unlimited money, Mod Menu, Max Level
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (154) Votes

4.4 Rating (154 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Master PC assembly & crypto in this tycoon sim!
    • Unlimited money
    • Mod Menu
    • Max Level
    • ¬†Unlimited Diamonds
    • free shopping
    • vip unlocked
    • unlimited gems
    • premium unlocked
    • no ads

The Ultimate PC Building Sim With Modded Features: PC Creator 2 MOD APK

PC Creator 2 is one of the most popular PC-building simulation games on mobile. In this game, you get to build and customize your dream PC setup from components. You get to choose parts like processors, graphic cards, motherboards, RAM, storage drives, and more.

You then assemble it and test how it performs. However, in the original game, resources like money are limited which holds you back from experimenting with different high-end components. This is where the MOD version of PC Creator 2 comes with unlocked advantages.

The MOD APK of PC Creator 2 brings never-seen-before modded features that take the gameplay to the next level. With features like Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Max Level, and more, you can now build the most powerful gaming PC setup money can’t buy in the original. So let’s take a deeper look at these exciting modded perks in PC Creator 2 MOD APK.

Unlimited Money: Build Your Dream PC Without ANY Budget Constraints

One of the coolest modded features in PC Creator 2 MOD APK is Unlimited Money. In the original game, you have to earn money slowly by completing levels, missions, or watching videos to get cash. This limits your choices as high-end components come at a very high price.

With Unlimited Money mod unlocked, money is no longer a concern. You can straight away buy the most premium and expensive components without worrying about balance. Now indulge your inner engineer and explore all possibilities that money can afford. Whether it’s an all-liquid-cooled PC build with dual RTX 3090 GPUs or a mini ITX build with a Core i9 and 64GB RAM, money is no bar.

Let your imagination run wild as you construct powerful gaming rigs that were impossible earlier due to the budget cap. Assemble dream PCs without any limits and enjoy maxed-out configurations money can’t buy in the standard game.

Mod Menu: Take control and fully customize your gameplay

Another super useful modded feature is the Mod Menu. The mod menu in PC Creator 2 MOD APK lets you take complete control over various gameplay aspects. Things like level, experience points, component collection, and building scores can now be modified as per your choice. You can directly set your level to max using the level option in the mod menu for unlocking all components.

Increase experience points to boost faster and access advanced mechanics. Add modded components not found in the original game to experiment with new technologies. Tweak build scores to easily complete missions. The mod menu puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you customize the game precisely according to your preferences. Fully mod your gameplay with unlimited control over all parameters.

Max Level: Unlock Everything with one click

Max level is another instant-enhancing mod. Just like the name suggests, this mod automatically sets your level to maximum. Once activated, it maxes out your PC Creator 2 level instantly. By reaching the maximum level, you get all components, perks, and abilities unlocked without having to play through levels, missions, or challenges. Now lay out and build awesome rigs by choosing from a complete catalog of unlocked parts.

Max-level mod saves a ton of grinding time by providing instant access to the whole component database. Combine it with unlimited money to let creativity flow without restrictions. Max-level mod makes PC Creator 2 a completely open experience where you can experiment endlessly.

Unlimited Diamonds: Buy Designs and Access Premium Perks

In PC Creator 2, diamonds act as premium currency to buy extra design templates, advanced building tools, and special perks. However, collecting diamonds takes time as you have to watch video ads or complete missions at higher difficulties.

To remove this limitation, the MOD APK comes with Unlimited Diamonds. With infinite diamonds unlocked, you can now freely purchase any premium design, modifier, or perk without having to earn diamonds. Buy high-end exotic builds straight from the in-game store. Deck up your PC workshop with all premium tools and assets for maximum productivity and fun. Combine it with other mods for a pro gameplay experience.

Free Shopping: Grab all Component Collections without a paywall

The standard game puts several component collections and packages behind a monetary or diamond paywall. While these awesome packs contain top-of-the-line components only available through shopping, they are out of reach due to the in-app purchases.

But with the free shopping mod, all packs are instantly unlocked for free. Now you don’t have to pay a single penny to get hands-on premium curated collections of enthusiast-grade RGB memory kits, premium liquid cooling setups, case fan bundles, and more. With free shopping and top-brand packages from Corsair, be quiet! Thermaltake joins your inventory at no extra charge. This helps expand your selection multi-fold for ultimate build possibilities.

VIP Unlocked: Access Member-exclusive Features for FREE

In PC Creator 2, VIP membership is a premium subscription offering exclusive perks like 2X rewards, monthly Blueprint deliveries, dedicated support, and priority queue access. While extremely useful, it requires real money payments.

Thankfully, the VIP Unlocked mod activates lifetime VIP status for absolutely free. Once enabled, all VIP perks are automatically made available without any cost. Now enjoy VIP rank privileges like 2x money/XP boost, monthly design deliveries, priority queue, and a dedicated support team to resolve issues faster – all free of charge. VIP unlocked helps unlock the full potential of gameplay with access to valuable extras.

Unlimited Gems: Never-ending Microtransactions for Cosmetic Upgrades

To customize their workshop workplace and PC builds visually, players can use in-game gems to purchase aesthetic items like wallpapers, flooring, LEDs, and RGB light bars. However, collecting these decorative gems takes playing across different modes which is time-consuming. With the Unlimited Gems mod, you get infinite decorative currency. Spend freely on any visually enhancing item from the store to deck up your gaming space.

Whether it’s neon signs, personalized desks, RGB bling, or new workshop themes – customize freely without worrying about gem balance. Mix different styles seamlessly and create the most premium-looking workshop-cum-gaming cave. Unlimited Gems unleashes boundless creativity for ultimate workshop pimping.

Premium Unlocked: Access Paid Content & Pro Features for Free

In the standard app, certain advanced functions like multiplayer mode, level export, and overclocking options are exclusive to premium app purchases. However, with the Premium Unlocked mod, the entire pro version is unlocked at no charge.

Now gain exclusive access to pro features like multiplayer building, component market trades, level-sharing tools, and CPU-GPU overclocking sliders which are otherwise paid upgrade perks. Experience a true professional-level workflow with all paid content unlocked for free thanks to the Premium Unlocked mod. It empowers your gameplay to a whole new level!

No Ads: Uninterrupted Gaming Experience

While in-game ads are a common way for developers to monetize their free-to-play titles, frequent pop-ups can severely interrupt the fun. With the No Ads mod, all video advertisements are permanently blocked. Now enjoy an unbothered gameplay session without pesky ads getting in between.

Build customized machines and test benchmarks and scenarios back-to-back without ad disturbances. No forced waiting means maximized productivity and immersive simulation. Pair No Ads with other mods for the ultimate distraction-free gameplay.

NOTE: Activate Mod If You Have Finished The Tutorial, Don’t Activate It While Doing The Tutorial The Mod Won’t Work
When You Exit The Game It’s Possible That The Mod Won’t Work Anymore, So Buy As Much Money As Possible Before Exiting Or Reloading The Game Login Until The Mod Works

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