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PC Creator Simulator Mod APK Unlimited Money v2.16

PC Creator Simulator
App Name PC Creator Simulator
Latest Version v.2.16
Last Updated
Publisher BarneyGames
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 145 MB
Mods Unlimited money, unlimited everything
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3.7 Rating (418) Votes

3.7 Rating (418 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Welcome to a realistic PC building simulator!
    • Unlimited money
    • unlimited everything
    • unlocked everything
    • unlimited gems

Experience True Power and Freedom with the PC Creator Simulator Mod APK

As a PC creator in the popular simulation game PC Creator Simulator, you have the chance to build your very own custom PC empire. However, the grind of earning money can be slow and limiting. With the modded PC Creator Simulator APK, you unlock true unlimited power and freedom to build any PC setup you desire without restrictions.

Modded for Unlimited Resources

The vanilla version of PC Creator Simulator puts roadblocks in front of players with money and part limits. However, the modded APK tears down all barriers by providing unlimited money, unlimited gems, and unlocking all parts from the start.

No longer do you have to worry about scrounging for cash or waiting to afford that high-end GPU or liquid cooling system? With unlimited funds at your fingertips, you gain total control over your PC business.

Unlimited Money and Gems to Buy Anything

As a PC creator, the name of the game is assembling the best systems possible to attract customers. But expensive parts can drain your finances fast if money is limited. Not so with the modded APK – you instantly receive an unlimited bank balance and gem stash to buy anything your heart desires.

Need that i9 processor? No problem, just grab it. Looking to max out your PC with quad SLI RTX 3090s? The mod gives you all the money required to go all out on your dream builds.

Unlocking All Parts from the Start

Normally in PC Creator Simulator, you have to play through the game and level up to unlock higher-tier components like GPUs, CPUs, coolers, and more. But the mod immediately makes every part available for your builds from the moment you open the app.

No restriction means complete creative freedom to craft jaw-dropping machines without any locked items holding you back. With the entire part catalog at your service, the possibilities are endless.

Truly Unleash Your Inner PC Master Builder

When resource limits are removed, you can really channel your inner PC master builder and stop at nothing in your quest for the most powerful and extravagant creations. Have a competitive streak? Dominate the multiplayer leaderboards with insane overclocked monsters.

Want to push hardware to the limit? Max out every component slot just because you can. Feel like experimenting? Freely tweak settings without the worry of losing money. The mod liberates you from worries so your imagination runs wild.

Build the PC of Your Dreams Without Compromise

Many PC enthusiasts dream of the ultimate machine but are held back by budgets. Not anymore! With endless funds, you can finally construct that no-expense-spared dream rig without compromises. Maybe yours is a silent liquid nitrogen pod or a miniature ITX beast – you have full control to design it exactly how you envisioned.

No longer do money concerns dictate your builds. With the mod, if you can imagine it, you can create it component for a component in glorious detail.

Overclock to the Very Limits of Hardware

Stable and optimized overclocking has never been so rewarding or accessible. No longer worry about frying expensive parts since replacing them is free! Go wild pushing CPU and GPU speeds to unprecedented levels just to see how far they can go before crashing. Chart the finest-tuned overclocking results on the in-game leaderboards. The mod gives you total freedom to experiment recklessly without concern for costs. Unleash that inner overclocking junkie and push components beyond all expectations!

Unlimited Money for Any Build

As discussed, the modded APK grants you an endless supply of in-game cash to spend however you wish. Under this section, we’ll explore some epic builds that are now possible thanks to unlimited funds:

Quad RTX 3090 Build

With over $3,000 per GPU at retail, a quad SLI setup would easily top $12k. But the mod gives you free rein to enjoy such a ludicrous monster. Load up four of Nvidia’s hottest graphics cards and marvel at the incredible multi-GPU scaling and rendering power such a beast provides!

Threadripper 3990X Workstation

AMD’s 64-core monster CPU normally retails for around $6k alone. But you can now experience the heavyweight champion of desktop processors without worry. Pair it with loads of fast memory, massive NVMe storage, and Quadros for workstation tasks that once required a supercomputer!

Mini-ITX Dream Machine

Squeeze top-end parts into a compact package for LAN parties or tight spaces. Pack the latest i9, RTX 3080, massive cooling, and other goodies into a 4-liter case. Ponder the incredible density and power in such a tiny package!

 Game-Breaking Overclocks

With failure no longer an issue, go way past safety and push clocks further than ever seen before. Here are some record-breaking overclocks now within your unlimited grasp:

7+ GHz 8-Core CPU

Could you stabilize all cores on an 8-core CPU at dizzying 7GHz speeds? The mod allows attempting such lofty goals without expense. Tweak each parameter relentlessly for literally game-breaking CPU power!

5+ GHz GPU

Graphics cards are normally restricted by voltage and power limits. But with those restrictions lifted along with cost concerns, 5GHz+ on a high-end GPU may finally be achievable. Witness such unprecedented levels of graphics performance!

DDR5 10,000+ MHz Memory

Memory overclocking can get expensive pushing voltages and speeds. But now you can safely try extreme 10GHz and beyond memory clocks with reckless abandon. See if you can match Infinity Fabric and IMC clocks for new performance records!

Absolute Water Cooling Insanity

When money is no object, water cooling options become limitless. Here are some epic liquid loops now within reach:

Quad Pump/Quad Radiator Loop

Four powerful D5 pumps and four 60mm thick 480mm rads create a loop capable of chilling anything. Experience liquid nitrogen-like temps on air!

Sub-zero Phase Change

Create a full custom phase change cooling system that chills your components beyond sub-zero degrees. Watch temps plunge into the negative digits for guaranteed stability at extreme clocks!

Hardline Fittings Galore

Densely pack rigid acrylic or copper tubing with dozens of high-end fittings in elaborate runs. Admire the tube bending and routing artistry with no cheap-out concerns.

Massive Motherboard Monoblock

Fully submerge the CPU, VRM, RAM, and even chipset under a single gigantic monolithic water block. Achieve unbelievable overclocks by eliminating all board-level thermals.

Freedom Beyond Limits

With the PC Creator Simulator mod giving absolute freedom via unlimited funds and unlocks, the opportunities become boundless. Stop at nothing in your quest for overclocking records, exotic water builds, and jaw-dropping system configurations. Experience a truly carefree simulation where money and restrictions no longer dictate your PC dreams. The mod tears down all barriers so your creativity and skills as a master builder face no limits – now go unleash total uncompromised power!

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  • Update 2.16b: New Year's update! (2024)

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