SimulationPrison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money v2.7.1

Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game
App Name Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game
Latest Version v.2.7.1
Last Updated
Publisher Codigames
Requirements Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Category Simulation Simulation
Size 227 MB
Mods Unlimited money, free shopping, no ads
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (177) Votes

4.4 Rating (177 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Become the warden, and manage the jails Rehabilitate prisioners to help society!
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Money
    • Unlimited Gems
    • Unlimited Water
    • Unlimited Energy
    • unlimited everything
    • unlimited diamonds
    • free shopping
    • no ads

Build the largest prison empire in Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK

Prison Empire Tycoon is one of the most popular prison simulators and tycoon games on mobile. Players take on the role of prison CEO and have to build, manage, and expand their prison empire. It provides an immersive prison tycoon experience where tough decisions need to be made to keep the prisons running efficiently.

However, the in-game purchases and ads can frustrate many players. With the Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK, players gain access to unlocked features that remove all restrictions and ads, allowing them to fully enjoy the prison tycoon gameplay.

Unleash Your Prison Building Skills with Unlimited Funds in Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK

In the vanilla version of Prison Empire Tycoon, players are limited by funds and resources as they start small and have to slowly expand their prison networks. Items need to be purchased with in-game cash or gems which can take a lot of grinding. This MOD APK version completely removes all such restrictions by providing players with Unlimited Money, Gems, and Resources.

With infinite funds at their disposal, players can focus entirely on displaying their prison designing and management skills without ever worrying about cash. They can build the most sprawling and well-equipped prisons ever imagined in this tycoon game.

Players can install lavish amenities and state-of-the-art security systems across giant prison complexes spread over huge lands. No design will be too big or too luxurious for players with unlimited money through this modded APK.

Master Mod Menu Unlocks God Mode Powers in Prison Empire Tycoon

The integrated Mod Menu in this Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK takes player empowerment to the next level. Through the mod menu, players can freely toggle on features like Unlimited Money, Gems, and Resources like Water and Energy. Along with these economic cheats, the Mod Menu also provides players with Unlimited Everything, giving them ultimate control and removing all restrictions.

Players essentially turn on ‘God Mode’ through the mod menu, which grants powers like unlimited diamonds, free shopping options, and removing any advertisements from disrupting their prison tycoon experience. With a single click, players can cheat to infinite wealth and freedom from microtransactions or ad annoyances. The mod menu puts players firmly in charge of building the most magnificent prisons without any limitations whatsoever.

Design Dream Prisons with Unlimited Building Possibilities

Now without any limitations, players can truly unleash their imagination and design skills. Sections like:

Prison Construction

Players can experiment with different prison architectures on expansive lands. They build massive complex structures housing thousands of inmates with multiple cell blocks, recreational yards, cafeterias, medical facilities, and more. Lavish designs with luxurious materials and state-of-the-art security systems can be created.

Infrastructure Development

Players develop elaborate road networks, power grids, sewer systems, and water supply within their prisons. Giant water towers, power plants, and transport hubs can be added. Players can build futuristic infrastructure on a giant scale.

Amenities and Facilities

Players spruce up prisoner comfort levels by adding multiple recreational areas, gymnasiums, playgrounds, libraries, art/music rooms, and game zones within their mega prisons. Elaborate gardens, swimming pools, and sports fields can be added. Facilities rival luxury resorts!

Security and Surveillance

Cutting-edge monitoring systems, armed guard towers, perimeter walls, armories, and dog units are installed across massive open prison grounds. Surveillance networks rival top-secret military bases. Riot squads and SWAT teams keep order.

With unlimited funds, no design or amenity is too lavish or expensive. Mega prisons spanning hundreds of acres can be Built. Prison towns rival real cities in scale. Truly limitless designs are now possible.

Run Massive Prison Networks with Ultimate Management

Inmate Intake

Players run their prisons at a maximum 50,000+ inmate capacity. Different blocks house minimum, maximum security, and supermax inmates. Recidivism programs rehabilitate inmates to reduce overcrowding.

Staff Recruitment

Players hire thousands of guards, wardens, doctors, teachers, etc. Staff amenities like housing and cafeterias are built to retain highly qualified staff to manage mega prisons.

Logistics Management

Players intricately plan food production, and material supply chains to efficiently meet the demands of their growing networks of prisons housing 10,000s of inmates and staff across expansive lands.

Finances and Budgeting

Running these giant prison networks requires massive multi-million dollar budgets. Players can now manage budgets of billions with unlimited money cheat enabling the construction of fully equipped prison complexes spread over hundreds of acres.

Players can lobby governments, alter inmate sentencing laws to take in more offenders, and keep prisons populated at maximum capacity. They can easily settle any lawsuits with infinite funds, keeping operations running smoothly.

With cheats enabling, players can now manage ultra-scaled-up prison empires with thousands working under them, housing vast inmate populations in luxurious mega prisons, all managed with ultimate strategies without stressing over in-game restrictions.

Say Goodbye to Microtransactions, Ads & Restrictions

Remove Ads

One of the best perks of this MOD APK is removing all intrusive advertisements that normally disrupt gameplay. Players can now enjoy ad-free sessions without ads for resources or IAPs popping up every few minutes.

Free Shopping

With unlimited gems and diamonds, players have infinite free shopping powers within Prison Empire Tycoon. Every resource, building, and upgrade can be freely obtained without spending a dime of real money on microtransactions ever again.

Unrestrict Gameplay

Normally the non-modded version puts restrictions like wait times after certain actions or caps on resources. But with this MOD APK, players face zero restrictions or timers on any action or build queues. They can blaze through developments freely for intensive gameplay sessions.

Save Mobile Data

By removing ads, this modded version helps mobile gamers save a lot of mobile data usage if playing Prison Empire Tycoon on mobile networks. Ads tend to consume a lot of background bandwidth.

Overall, this MOD APK completely removes the monetization aspects in Prison Empire Tycoon, thereby allowing players to truly experience unlimited, stress-free, and unrestricted gameplay in building their dream prison empires on a scale like never before through the vanilla version. Microtransactions and ads cease to be an annoyance ever again.

Download Prison Empire Tycoon Idle Game Mod APK Android

  • Minor bug fixes, and performance improvements

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