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Rovercraft 2 Race A Space Car Mod APK Infinite v1.5.2

Rovercraft 2 Race a space car
App Name Rovercraft 2 Race a space car
Latest Version v.1.5.2
Last Updated
Publisher Mobirate
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Racing Racing
Size 128 MB
Mods infinite energy, unlimited money, unlimited gems
Google Playstore

4.2 Rating (618) Votes

4.2 Rating (618 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Build and Craft Your vehicle in epic car driving game! Race and climb uphill!
    •  infinite energy
    • unlimited money
    • unlimited gems
    • unlimited everything

Rovercraft 2 Race A Space Car – An Out-Of-This-World Racing Experience with Unlimited Modded Features

Rovercraft 2 Race A Space Car is one of the most immersive and fun racing games available on Android, taking players on an intergalactic racing adventure like no other. As a racer, you’ll get to pilot some of the sleekest and fastest space cars ever designed, customizing them to your liking and taking them on racing challenges across amazing planetary environments.

However, with the modded APK of Rovercraft 2, you can unlock the game’s true unlimited potential and experience a whole new level of racing bliss.

Infinite Energy for Unlimited Racing Fun

One of the main limitations regular players face in Rovercraft 2 is running out of energy, which is needed to start races. This forces them to either wait for natural energy replenishment or make in-app purchases. However, with the modded APK, you’ll never have to worry about energy again thanks to the “Infinite Energy” mod feature.

With infinite energy at your disposal, you can race to your heart’s content without any break. Race as many times as you want across all environments without worrying about energy depletion. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game’s addictive racing gameplay.

Unleash Your Rovercraft’s Power with Unlimited Money

Upgrading your rovercraft and customizing it with new parts is a huge aspect of the gameplay. However, these upgrades and customization items usually come at a big cost. The in-game currency in Rovercraft 2 is money, which is needed to buy new parts, skins, rockets, and more to make your car faster and more powerful.

Regular players will find themselves limited by the amount of money they have. This is where the “Unlimited Money” mod feature comes in extremely handy.

With unlimited money available, you’ll be able to fully upgrade your rovercraft to the maximum potential instantly. Buy every part, skin, and rocket available to build the ultimate racing machine. Focus only on racing and upgrading your car however you like without any money limitations holding you back.

Endless Crystal Gems with the Unlimited Gems Mod

Crystal gems are another important in-game currency needed in Rovercraft 2, required to open loot boxes for a chance to win rare items. Regular players will find themselves constrained by the finite amount of gems available. But with the “Unlimited Gems” mod feature, you’ll always have an infinite supply of gems at your disposal.

This allows you to open as many loot boxes as you want without ever running out. With unlimited gems, you’ll be able to get your hands on every rare and epic item available much faster. You can fully optimize your racer and complete your collections easily without the frustration of gem shortages.

Access Unlimited Everything with the Everything Mod

While the above individual mods – Infinite Energy, Unlimited Money, and Unlimited Gems are great, the “Unlimited Everything” mod takes convenience to a whole new level. As the name suggests, this mod unlocks unlimited access to everything in the game simultaneously.

So you get infinite energy, unlimited money, and endless gems all at the same time with a single mod. This is the ultimate experience booster pack for Rovercraft 2. With unlimited everything, you can dive straight into non-stop racing bliss and fully optimize your racer right from the start without any limitations.

Upgrade your overcraft, unlock skins, access loot boxes – you name it, with this mod, you’ll have unlimited access to do it all without the need to grind or make in-app purchases. It’s officially the best way to experience everything Rovercraft 2 has to offer instantly.

Racing Across Infinite Planets with Unlimited Fuel

In Rovercraft 2, players need fuel to travel between planets and embark on new races in different environments. Regular players will find themselves constrained in terms of the number of planets they can visit based on their available fuel. This is where the “Unlimited Fuel” mod comes into play. It provides infinite fuel, allowing players unrestricted interplanetary travel.

Now you can freely explore all planets available in Rovercraft 2 and take your racer anywhere without worrying about running out of fuel midway. With unlimited fuel at hand, no planetary location will be out of your reach. Feel free to race around to your heart’s content across the many beautiful procedurally generated planets in the vast game universe.

Challenge Levels Without Limits

Rovercraft 2 also features different challenge levels for each race that gets progressively harder. However, regular players will find themselves constrained from unlocking and participating in harder challenge levels since they require higher racer stats and upgrades.

This is where the “All Levels Unlocked” mod comes in handy. It immediately unlocks every challenge level right from the start, allowing you to participate in the toughest races without having to grind and upgrade your racer to meet requirements.

Now you can push your driving skills to the limit right from the beginning by participating in advanced challenge levels that would otherwise require a lot more playtime and grinding to unlock. This opens up the entire scope of racing action and challenges Rovercraft 2 has to offer right from the beginning.

Supercharge Your Racer to the Max

Besides unlocking all levels, the “Racer Booster Mod” takes rover upgrading convenience to the next level. It essentially fully upgrades your racer with max stats so you start with an absolute beast of a machine right from the get go. Your rover essentially becomes a fully customized supermachine capable of dominating every race.

With max stats assigned for top speed, acceleration, handling, and armor from the beginning, your racer will be an unbeatable force to reckon with on the track. Now you can focus entirely on enjoying non-stop racing at the highest challenge levels without grinding or upgrading hassles holding you back!

Style Your Racer Any Way You Like

Customizing your Rovercraft’s visual look with new skins, colors, accessories, etc is a fun aspect of Rovercraft 2. However, earning these cosmetic items takes a lot of grinding. The “Unlocked Cosmetics Mod” solves that by instantly unlocking every single cosmetic item available so you get full freedom of customizing your rovercraft’s look in any way you like.

Give your racer new skins, change colors, and add shiny wheel covers – you get infinite options to make your rover stand out on the track. Plus this lets you customize your racer to always match your mood and preferences. Now you have total freedom over your rover’s look without losing time grinding or making purchases.

Download Rovercraft 2 Race Mod APK Android

  • Improved parts damage logic. Improved performance. Support for new devices. Bugs fixed.

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