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Scanner - Scan PDF
App Name Scanner - Scan PDF
Latest Version v.1.4.2
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Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
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Size 92 MB
Mods Premium Unlocked
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4.6 Rating (719) Votes

4.6 Rating (719 Votes )
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Scanner MOD APK is a document scanning app that allows users to digitize physical documents like bills, notes, receipts, and more using their device's camera. The MOD version removes ads and unlocks additional premium features like batch scanning and file format selections.
    • Premium Unlocked

Scanner MOD APK – The All-In-One Scanning Solution

Scanner MOD APK is the top-rated scanning app on the Google Play Store with over 50 million downloads. As one of the most popular scanning apps available, Scanner MOD APK helps streamline workflows by allowing users to digitize physical documents easily and conveniently using just their smartphone or tablet’s camera.

One of the standout features of Scanner MOD APK is its capability to digitize documents on the fly, allowing both personal and professional users to conveniently scan physical records even while mobile. With just a smartphone camera, Scanner MOD APK transforms any place into a fully-functional scanning station. Users can snap high-quality scans of receipts at retail stores, contracts signed during meetings, or whiteboards captured at conferences – all without needing a traditional stationary scanner.

Whether scanning a single page memorandum or an entire meeting packet, Scanner MOD APK streamlines the process into a few simple taps. The mobility it provides saves time by eliminating the task of having to go back to the office or home just for document scanning purposes. Its responsive live previews further ensure cleanup and scans are flawless, even under different lighting conditions on the go. With Scanner MOD APK, digitizing paper records is as effortless as snapping a picture, turning any location into a portal for paper-free workflows.

Premium Unlocked Features

One of the key advantages of the MOD version of Scanner APK is that it removes all ads and unlocks additional premium features that are not available in the free version. With the MOD APK, users can enjoy batch scanning capability which allows scanning multiple pages at once instead of having to scan each page individually. Other premium features like file format selection are also unlocked, giving users more control over how scanned documents are saved. Format options include commonly used types like PDF, JPEG, PNG, and more.

Customizable Scan Settings

Scanner MOD APK gives users full control over the scanning process with customizable scan settings. Options like resolution, exposure, and flip/rotate pages can be adjusted according to individual needs or document types. The app also has smart scanning capabilities like auto-crop, deskew, and edge fill which help correct uneven edges or skew in scanned documents automatically for cleaner, optimized scans. With advanced scanning controls, users can get high-quality digitized copies of physical documents quickly and easily.

Seamless Sharing Functionality

Once documents have been scanned, Scanner MOD APK makes it simple to share, store, and manage digital files. Scans can be shared via common apps and services like Gmail, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and more with just a few taps. Scanned PDFs and images can also be saved directly to the device’s storage or Cloud services for access across devices. Documents stored within the app can be organized, annotated, and searched through simple built-in features as well. All these capabilities allow digitized files to be conveniently accessed, edited, and distributed from any mobile device or computer.

Secure Document Management

Security and privacy of sensitive data is a top priority for Scanner MOD APK. All scanned files are stored locally on the device by default with no Cloud backup or syncing activated. Additionally, the app supports password protection and lock features to safeguard access to stored documents. These security measures ensure digitized copies of private records like tax documents, invoices or contracts remain safely within the user’s control and out of reach of unauthorized access. With robust privacy and security controls, Scanner MOD APK gives peace of mind when digitizing confidential files and records.

Utilizing Computer Vision

The latest version of Scanner MOD APK leverages enhanced computer vision and machine learning technologies to deliver even more powerful scanning experiences. Intelligent features like automatic page detection and border removal help remove the need for manual cropping or pre-processing of physical pages before scanning. Text recognition has also been greatly improved, offering an editable layer in scanned PDFs for searching, copying, and editing recognized text. These advanced algorithms allow near-instant conversion of text-heavy pages into fully searchable and editable digital documents on the fly.

Real-time Preview and Editing

With its intuitive live preview interface, Scanner MOD APK makes it simple to frame pages properly before capturing them. Users can align pages, adjust lighting, and zoom in/out to get the optimal viewfinder in real time. Once scanned, images and PDFs can be directly previewed and edited within the app itself. Basic tools for cropping, rotating, and correcting perspectives are provided along with redo/undo controls. This on-device editing saves the hassle of having to switch between multiple apps just to refine a scan.

Batch Scan Organization and Management

The premium batch scanning feature provided by Scanner MOD APK unlocks even greater productivity. Multiple pages can now be captured in one go instead of sequentially. Scanned batches can then be neatly organized by naming folders, adding descriptions, and editing meta details from within the app. Convenient filter and search options further streamline document retrieval from stored batches. These potent batch management tools work seamlessly for the digital conversion of multi-page receipts, contracts, reports, and other multi-paged records.

Always Up-to-Date

As one of the most popular mobile scanning tools globally, Scanner MOD APK continues to release frequent updates that introduce new capabilities and improvements based on user feedback. Developers consistently work to refine features, optimize performance, squash bugs, and patch security vulnerabilities. Automatic update checks ensure users always have access to the latest innovations from the app. Advancements in computer vision powered by ever-growing datasets help Scanner MOD APK deliver even smarter, more powerful scanning experiences over time.

Extensive Support Resources

Even with its intuitive, highly usable interface, users are never left alone with Scanner MOD APK. An expansive knowledge base of helpful guides, tutorials, and FAQs are readily available within the app. Free unlimited email and chat support are also provided for any technical troubleshooting needs. These extensive support channels allow users to quickly resolve issues and get the most out of every scanning feature. With its robust documentation and friendly customer care, Scanner MOD APK remains one of the most user-friendly scanning tools around.

In Summary

Scanner MOD APK provides the complete package for all mobile document scanning and digitization needs. Premium features normally locked behind paywalls are now unlocked through its MOD version. Advanced computer vision and mobile optimization deliver highly capable scanning without compromising on quality or speed. Intuitive controls, flexible file-handling tools and security measures give full control over the digital conversion workflow. With its commitment to innovation through regular updates and expansive support, Scanner MOD APK solidifies its reputation as the smartest and most user-friendly scanning app on Android. Its convenient all-in-one solution makes on-the-go digitization of records seamless and effortless.

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  • Reduction in ads. Bug fixes.

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