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Simple File Manager Pro
App Name Simple File Manager Pro
Latest Version v.6.16.1
Last Updated
Publisher Simple Mobile Tool
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Tools Tools
Size 20 MB
Mods Full Version
Google Playstore

4.5 Rating (753) Votes

4.5 Rating (753 Votes )
Price: $ 0
The main features of Simple File Manager Pro APK include file management capabilities, multiple customization options, and support for a wide range of file types. This powerful file manager allows you to easily view, organize, edit, share, and transfer files on your Android device. With its simple yet intuitive interface, Simple File Manager Pro is an excellent free alternative to stock file managers.

Simple File Manager Pro APK: A Comprehensive Android File Management Solution

Simple File Manager Pro APK is a robust and versatile file management solution for Android devices. It offers an extensive set of file management capabilities, including the ability to view, organize, edit, share, and transfer files across various storage locations. The app provides a high degree of customization, allowing users to personalize the interface, layouts, and themes to suit their preferences.

Simple File Manager Pro is a powerful and versatile file management app for Android devices. With its robust set of features, intuitive interface, and high degree of customizability, it offers an unparalleled experience in handling all your file-related tasks.

With support for a wide range of file types, secure multi-account features, and a variety of productivity-enhancing tools, Simple File Manager Pro APK is an excellent choice for users looking to streamline their file management tasks on Android. Its intuitive design and open-source development further contribute to its appeal as a comprehensive and trustworthy file management solution.

Extensive File Management Capabilities

At the core of Simple File Manager Pro lies its comprehensive file management functionality. You can seamlessly view file details like name, type, size, and date/time across various storage locations on your device. Swipe gestures enable quick multi-selection of files for batch actions. The app supports a wide range of file types, including documents, images, videos, audio, and archives. Perform common file operations such as creating, moving, copying, pasting, renaming, deleting, and sharing files all from a centralized interface. The powerful search functionality helps you locate specific files in no time.

Customization Options Galore

Simple File Manager Pro excels in providing users with abundant customization options. Choose from multiple home screen layouts, including list, grid, and folder views, to suit your preference. Adjust font size, colors, and other visual elements to personalize the app’s appearance. Set default app settings based on your frequently used options. Support for custom quick actions, shortcut buttons, and sorting methods make this file manager highly adaptable to your workflow.

Seamless Multi-Storage Access

This app offers seamless access to various storage locations on your Android device. Browse through internal and external storage, including SD cards, USB OTG drives, and network shares, all from a unified interface. Swipe between storage panes with ease, and transfer files between different locations with just a few taps.

Robust File Editing Capabilities

Simple File Manager Pro goes beyond basic file management by offering built-in file editing capabilities. You can edit text files directly within the app, without the need for additional editing apps. Supported file formats include text, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, and more. The app also features powerful photo viewers, allowing you to check image file properties and rotate pictures. Other editing features include file renaming, file properties editing, and support for ZIP/RAR archives.

Versatile Sharing Options

Sharing files has never been easier with Simple File Manager Pro. The app lets you share files or folders over a variety of channels, such as email, Bluetooth, messaging apps, cloud drives, and more. You can also directly open files with other third-party apps for viewing or editing. The app’s network streaming feature enables wireless file transfers to other devices on the local network.

Security and Multi-Account Features

Simple File Manager Pro incorporates robust security features to protect your private data. Enable screen lock with patterns, PINs, or passwords. Supported file encryption employs AES-256, safeguarding your sensitive files from unauthorized access. The app also allows you to switch between multiple user profiles, completely separating your work and personal files. Advanced parental controls and secret file/folder hiding provide additional layers of security.

Powerful Tools and Integrations

In addition to its core file management capabilities, Simple File Manager Pro offers a range of advanced tools. The integrated toolbox allows you to change file attributes, compress files, and perform format conversions. You can even uninstall apps directly from the file manager for easy app management. Other useful functions include an FTP server for sharing files over Wi-Fi, reading file metadata, and checking free storage space. The app also supports cloud drive integration, ensuring seamless file syncing across your devices.

Intuitive and Responsive Interface

Despite its robust functionality, Simple File Manager Pro maintains an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The app follows Material Design principles, with large, readable text, smart context menus, and minimalist navigation. Its well-organized toolbars put important actions at your fingertips. Thumbnails for files and folders provide quick visual previews, and the overall interface remains lightweight and highly responsive on all Android devices.

Customizable Themes

Taking personalization a step further, Simple File Manager Pro allows you to fully customize the app’s themes. Choose from a library of pre-built light and dark themes, each with unique color schemes and icon styles. You can further tweak individual theme elements to match your personal preferences. This helps keep the app’s appearance fresh and visually appealing, whether you’re using it during the day or at night.

Wide Device Compatibility

As one of the top file managers on the Google Play Store, Simple File Manager Pro ensures an excellent user experience across a wide range of Android devices. It works seamlessly on low-end to high-end smartphones and tablets, with intuitive scaling that adapts the interface for various screen sizes. The app also supports Android TV, providing a unified file management solution across all your Android devices.

Open Source Development

The developer behind Simple File Manager Pro has adopted an open-source approach in its development. You can view the source code, contribute improvements, and stay up-to-date with the latest features by following the app’s GitHub repository. Being open-source, Simple File Manager Pro upholds user privacy and data security as a top priority.

Key Takeaways

In summary, Simple File Manager Pro APK offers a premium-level file management experience for Android users. Its extensive functionality, high degree of customization, and intuitive simplicity make it one of the best free file managers available. Robust under-the-hood tools and open-source development further enhance its power-user appeal. With strong privacy controls and seamless cross-device compatibility, Simple File Manager Pro is the go-to app for comprehensive file management on Android devices.

Mod Features in Simple File Manager Pro

For users who want to take their file management experience to the next level, Simple File Manager Pro also offers a modded version with additional features and enhancements.

Enhanced Productivity Tools

The modded version of Simple File Manager Pro includes several productivity-focused tools. You can quickly launch other applications directly from files, enabling smooth integration with your preferred third-party apps. The app also allows you to search for files based on name, type, and content attributes, streamlining your workflows. Other productivity-enhancing features include a clipboard manager, text snippets, and note-taking capabilities, all of which help you better manage multiple files simultaneously.

Privacy and Security Upgrades

The modded Simple File Manager Pro takes security and privacy to the next level. In addition to basic authentication and screen lock options, the modded version includes full-disk encryption, allowing you to hide sensitive files and folders behind encrypted vaults with independent passwords. Removable storage auto-lock prevents unauthorized access to external drives, while the incognito mode clears all activity logs and caches for ultimate browsing privacy. Advanced parental controls further restrict app access for kid-friendly usage.

Expanded Customization Options

The modded version of Simple File Manager Pro offers even more customization options beyond the standard user-level settings. You can customize QuickTools, the shortcut panel, home screen layouts, drawers, action bars, and other UI elements to suit your preferences. Experimental UI features let you fine-tune colors, font styles, animations, and element positions, creating a truly personalized file management experience. The app also supports custom icon packs and adaptive app themes optimized for various situations, such as outdoor use.

Technical Tweaks and Enhancements

For power users, the modded Simple File Manager Pro unlocks additional technical tools and options. You can fine-tune performance parameters, such as RAM management, app optimizations, and memory usage, to ensure optimal stability and efficiency. The modded version also provides enhanced stability, bug fixes, and early access to bleeding-edge features through F-Droid builds. Direct ADB integration allows advanced users to perform actions directly from their PCs. Furthermore, you can tweak supported file systems, network protocols, and storage scanning for ultimate control over file management.

In summary, the modded version of Simple File Manager Pro takes the app’s already impressive capabilities to new heights. By offering a wealth of productivity, privacy, customization, and technical enhancements, it caters to power users who seek an even more tailored and feature-rich file management solution on their Android devices.

  • Added SD card to storage analysis Added some UI, translation and stability improvements

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